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Amy and Dominic s perspectives and natures which is always a bonus for me The chapters are uick which adds an urgent sense to the story and helps to build are uick which adds an urgent sense to the story and helps to build feeling for me The Chapters Are Uick Which Adds An Urgent are uick which adds an urgent to the story and helps to build the feeling disaster is waiting just around the corner Well defined secondary characters round out the story nicely and add a layer of depthI m never disappointed with a Helena Newbury story and I m adding Mount Mercy to my list of favorites And lordy did she have me I have always enjoyed a Helena Newbury novel but never have I enjoyed one as much as I have enjoyed this oneImagine this The heroine a skilled dedicated surgeon scared of her shadow most comfortable alone in her surgical theater with I loved this book Meet Dr Dominic Corrigan Dr Amy Beckett he is a brash Irish ER doctor that all the women swoon at and she is a meek and mild OR surgeon by fate their paths cross in the ER and there is an instant attraction although Amy never thought that Dominic would give her a second look Their paths didn t cross much till one fateful day and all chaos broke loosethis book is full of suspense romance and humour the way the story is written you feel like you are in the ER with them I think this is my favourite book by this authorCasualty meets Holby with suspense and drama you I just want to start by saying this book is my favorite of all of Helena Newbury s books This is a fantastic romantic suspense read that will suck you in from the very beginning Dr Dominic Corrigan comes to Mount Mercy as a last resort He s had to endure a very heartbreaking event and is doing whatever he can booze woman danger to handle his guilt Dr Amy Beckett loves staying in her operating room to avoid people and chaos of any ind Sparks fly from the moment they meet This book is full of sexy times and suspense and I can t recommend this book enough No spoilers so grab your copy and get ready to fall in love with Dominic I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this bookAmy Beckett is a skilled surgeon at Mount Mercy Hospital and very comfortable in an OR setting She likes the controlled order of the operating room compared to the utter chaos of the ER Amy avoids the ER like the plague right up until she meets Dominic Corrigan Dr Corrigan is ex military and well into his first day in the ER at Mount Mercy Dominic has seen it all life and death situations the destruction of war He thought nothing could throw him off his game but the shy sweet sexy surgeon from upstairs did An alte. One look one touch away from tearing each other's clothes off I start to see the pain he hides behind that cocky exterior What happened to this man and can I help him break free of his past And our problems are only just beginning A criminal gang means to take advantage of the chaosand the hospital and everyone I care about are right in their sights Standalone romantic suspense guaranteed HEA no cheating. .

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Mount MercyI absolutely loved this book The story is like watching a movie The characters are just fabulous and the pace of the story so fast you hardly get time to breathe From romance to hospital drama to gold robbery lol soo goodI highly recommend this book Thank you Very very much enjoyed this book the best I ve read in a whileAmy Beckett a surgeon at mount mercy has an attraction to new ER doctor She read in a whileAmy Beckett a surgeon at mount mercy has an attraction to new ER doctor She a recluse who stays up in her OR and doesn t come down to the ER When a snowstorm threatens to close the hospital her and a handful of other hospital staff volunteer to eep the ER department open The leader of a far to eep the ER department open The leader of a far wing group is making g himself Chasing the Red Queen known in town and soon there s mayhem everywhere gunfights carnage bombs It s fairly action packedThe only criticism I have is it got a bit far fetched when becket and corrigan ran to diffuse a bomb But hey it s didnt take anything away from the story for meThe story itself had a good amount of drama angst suspense and romance in it toeep me happy I liked the build up of the relationship of the characters It Algorithms of the Intelligent Web kept a good tempo and always had me interested There was enough characters that I couldeep up with who everyone wasWould thoroughly recommend this book If you like romantic suspense then this is the book for you Helena Newbury has delivered another great book with Mount Mercy From start to finish your attention is captivated by the characters Dominic and Amy and the intense attraction between the two of them the impending snowstorm the strange men that both Dominic and Amy encounter and fact that this story takes place in a hospital with doctors and nurses aboundI loved every minute of this book and the fact that Ms Newbury loves her Irish men because not fact that Ms Newbury loves her Irish men because not is Dominic a doctor but he is Irish with an accent One can only imagine what his voice sounds like while reading this book Well done Wow Helena Newbury really hit it out of the park with this intense action packed romantic suspense story Amy Beckett is the shy surgeon content to stay in her own little world of the OR until she butts heads with Irishman Dominic Corrigan This irresistible bold and brawny ER doc is about to turn her world upside down Together they will take on a gang of ruthless criminals to save their hospital and their town and fall in love in the processThis book is a great mix of drama and romance I love that the setting is a hospital These characters are medical professionals caring for patien. From the author of Alaska Wild comes a standalone romantic suspense that will leave you breathless Scorching romance edge of your seat tension and a hero and heroine you'll root for all the way Grab your copy statDoctor Dominic Corrigan He's tattooed cocky and gorgeous with bullet scars from working in war zones I'm a geeky surgeon who hides away in the uiet of her operating theater We couldn't be differ. Ts in life and death situations The supporting characters are just as wonderful as Amy and Dominic The plot is exciting and full of thrills and Amy and Dominic The plot is exciting and full of thrills and The story is riveting and I could not put this book down I loved it This is most definitely a story of how opposites attract Dr Amy a super shy surgeon that isolates self from others and Dr Dominic a ER doctor used to fast paced chaotic situations that is a larger than life character But what happens when two unlikely people need one another during harsh weather conditions in the mountains and criminal danger That s when you get to see the real people underneath and witness how the two form a friendship out of survival that leads to so much A brilliant fast paced book that has you completely gripped and guessing what on earth could happen next A fantastic love story and characters that you absolutely fall in love with Plenty of suspense and not one once of predictability Highly recommend I have read all this authors books and this is my second favorite after lying and issing New Dr starts in the er and amy Beckett surgeon is asked to consult on a case Instant attraction and the story unfoldsLots of drama Life And Death Scenarios and death scenarios very uickly pasted Definitely a page turner with good characters and dialogue I really enjoyed this My only negative comment would be the timescales Drs work hard but given the life and death and hazardous situations they both find themselves in I just wondered where they got all their energy from There was a few moments of rest but the story is that fast paced I m surprised anyone was left standing Operations take a long timeIt was very good and ept me engaged Far too short but that s simply because I wanted Well worth a look if you like a Dr romance with a lot of danger I love a Helena Newbury read and Mount Mercy was no exception Set in a hospital in a small mountain town Amy is a uiet surgeon content with her work and her eually uiet life until she ends up in the chaotic ER one day and meets Dominic the new hotshot bent on destructing his life emergency doctor Sparks uickly fly between the two and soon Amy s life is uiet no The heat between the two doctors is soon interrupted with an impending blizzard that threatens to cut off the town and a clandestine militant group planning something sinisterAs with most of Ms Newbury s books Mount Mercy is fast paced action packed and suspenseful It s told in dual POV so you get insight into both. Ent but from the second we meet he pursues meand when I look into those blue eyes I'm lost But I now his reputation and I'm determined not to be his next one night stand Then disaster strikes our small townand the two of us become our patients' only hopeSuddenly I'm thrown into the chaos of an ER stretched to breaking point We need to work together but the closer we get the harder it is to resist We're. ,