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How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture dPoint in the story 98egrees in SF would be #a fucking miracle and all any of the would talk about for the next three chapters If it s #fucking miracle and any of the characters would talk about for the next three chapters If it s you could be serial killing people in the middle of Pier 39 with a live internet feed and the next ay the papers would still all be about the record breaking temperature There s also a scene that takes place in a thunderstorm in SF which is statistically real unlikely but technically possible And then there sAlthough it was still warm outside the fog made the air ampLook I know we re veering towards pedantic here but if you re going to take liberties with a city s geography and climate say that up front or better yet make up your own city The third member of the etective agency Katie is an Irish national from Dublin who "S Been In The Country For 8 Years So Of "been in the country for 8 years So of she sounds like a leprechaun on Prozac Of course she oes She says things like Da used to say It s better to live in the forest with a carpet of leaves for a bed and wee critters for companions than to choose a cold castle build on a hill of silence and loneliness We must come to some sort of understanding or the grand love we share will surely be lostTender Jesus in a flaky crust WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE She uotes her Da every third utterance and I Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance don t know I guess they could ve been close except then she says Top of the morning and good luckAUTHORS DON T DO THIS If you want to include a character who speaks inialect have someone who is a native speaker of that Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings dialect proof read your work Realize that the United Kingdom has multiple languages andialects than you can shake a Curly Wurly at and in basically none of them Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) do people sound like they re magicallyeliriousAll in all my whelm could not have been greatly undered. K and up to her evil tricks again This edgy fast paced whodunit set in picturesue San Francisco will keep you guessin. No EscapeThis book wasn t fancy terrible #JUST PLAIN OL TERRIBLE I STEPPED #plain ol terrible I stepped from the book for a few Gramatica de baza a limbii romane days to gain a little perspective because some of my uibbles with it are I think personal to me but the vast majority are objectively critical issues So from the topThings That Were Not Good In This Book Tally McGinnis the protagonist was uninteresting unpleasant andumb as a bag of rocks She s hired to investigate a murder and automatically assumes it s someone she had antagonism with in the last book Marsha Cox From then on every third thought is that Marsha Cox is guilty and evil and possibly behind that tree over there To be fair sometimes she is behind a tree but mainly not The other protagonist Cid is just uninteresting although marginally smarter than the first one which is the only reason I can see that their etective agency is still open She too believes Marsha Cox is guilty evil and behind that tree over there Spoiler Marsha Cox is never behind Cid s trees Overall though the book then reads like There were POV bobbles for the gods including Tally s inability to refrain from commenting on her strawberry hair or her strawberry bangs or her straight and beautiful teeth or gazing at someone with a pleasant Expression Which expression Which she apparently see because she s in front of an invisible mirror or out of her head one or the other I on t know what city the author was trying to write about but it wasn t San Francisco To wit1 Ostensibly this is San Francisco General on a Monday night two nights after July 4thThe emergency room was relatively uiet as Tally silently strolled through the glass College University Budgeting: College And University Budgeting door entrance She observed aoctor in surgical greens standing off to one side uietly speaking with an older man and woman Then the elevator ac. Lesbian PI Tally McGinnis is called into action when Dr Rececca Toliver is charger with the murder of her lover Melin.

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Ross the hall opened and a janitor exited noisily pushing a yellow plastic bucket and mop own the hall So much for peace and uiet Tally thoughtFirst of all if I m looking for peace and uiet the emergency room of SF s largest hospital is not on the top 100 places I The Modern Drunkard's Adventures with Alcohol d look Second of all there is no way NO WAY SF General s ER iseserted the Monday after July 4th None I have been to SF General in the middle of a weekday and it was packed with people I have been to SF General in the evening of a weekday and it was packed with people I may have had to give the book a little experimental toss in the air at this point because WHAT DRUGS AUTHOR2 Tally eased the BMW smoothly out of the garage and into traffic and hands placed high on the wheel sped own Montgomery and then over to Market Street Commuter traffic had cleared out early Mondays were like that There s only one way you "can speed own Montgomery Street at 605pm on a Monday as the chapter heading helpfully lets us know and that "speed Voices and Veils down Montgomery Street at 605pm on a Monday as the chapter heading helpfully lets us know and that if you ve been personally fired out of a cannon 3 The county jail was a straight shot up Portrero and a few blocksown Bryant As they rove Katie rang #up Rita Cruz and passed the cellular phone to Tally Tally idn t mince words I need your help I #Rita Cruz and passed the cellular phone to Tally Tally 57 Ways to Screw Up in Grad School didn t mince words I need your help I en route to the Hall of Justice nowThe county jail s over on 7th because it s not actually at the Hall of Justice They re two separate places4 The time and temperature sign on the front of the Bank of America building read a suffocating ninety eightegrees The average Love in Bloom daily temperature for SF in July is 68F 98egrees is a record breaking temperature for SF anywhere in SF let alone on the eastern side of the city that for huge weather nerd reasons gets the hot air sucked out of it and spat into the ocean so at that. Da Is the red rose left at the sdene of the crime the signature of a copycat killer or is the infamous Marsha Cox bac.