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Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou yAr books I have read over theears OF PHOTOS TOO INCLUDING PICTURES OF CURRENCY NEWSPAPERS photos too including pictures of currency advertisements newspapers drawings and mapsFull of interesting little tidbits In 1863 rent for a furnished house was 80 a month Irish hoist meant a kick in the pants Cotton cost than linen Doctors of the time recognized tobacco as a health threat and U S Grant died of throat cancer in 1885What did the average family eat What did they do for entertainment What did they read What did it cost to live from day to dayIt s all here Not uite what I expected A lot of statistics and repetitio. S and inflation on rationscivilian dress Military Dress And Technology Of dress and technology of timeThe book focuses on the era not just the events of the war Period illustrations and photos further illuminate the

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However it contains a lot of interesting facts and would be great for use in a classroom setting Skimmed through the parts that caught my interest It s not a book ou have to read cover to cover Interesting details some of which I shared with my family We didn t realize the Civil War went by so many names We had heard it called the War of Northern Aggression before but apparantly it was also called the War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance lol I happened to Northern Aggression before but apparantly it was also called the War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance lol I happened to this book on sale and am I glad I did Fascinating stuff in here I haven t found in all the novels and nonfiction Civil Ife in both the North and SouthTopics covered includesocial and economic realities of daily lifecommon slang and idiomsdiets of the era including recipes food preparation and the impact of shortage. .
An excellent sourcebook and broad overview of life during the American Civil War A great reference book to keep handy when ou need perspective on the mindset and living conditions of Americans in this time period I bought this book as a writer s reference and it is just perfect for that It spans a wide selection of information some areas not as deep As Others But Offers others but offers other resources to further our search as well I found it full of interesting tidbits and uite enjoyable This is of a reference book as opposed To Something That You something that ou want to read cover to cover. The Civil War is a fascinating time period in American history Life in Civil War America 2nd Edition provides readers with fast facts and statistics about the 1860s from military life to civilian .
Life in Civil War America