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My daughter Zoe went to school with Jo A woman moves to the country for six months in order to write a book but misses her boyfriend and ends up meeting his supermodel twin brotherThe plot is pretty trashy but the story is engaging and entertainingNot a great book of a guilty pleasure like too many chocolates Loved this one the storylines were great Noce to see H happy with her new boyfriend ZackWin comes across as a real characterDidn t really like Saffron s personaility in this book poor Tom and she is so mean to her mum Babs who has taken her in to her home after they had been separated for so longLiked Ambrose and Clementine in this one wonder how the new puppy will go and will Ambrose s wife Harriet s mum cope with the gokart track going over her precious flower beds when she returns from her African sabatical Ha haHave already started to read Horse Play the last in the series will be a little put out once I have read the last book in the series will def miss reading about them all Hope Jo writes some in this series Well well wellit seems Jo Carnegie is the new Jackie Collins Wow talk about a bonk buster of a book I have read all of Jo s books and enjoyed them all This latest one was the best yet in my opinion Her previous books introduce us to all different This latest one was the best yet in my opinion Her previous books introduce

to all different living in village and I must say that each book gives you another look into the lives of the villagersAlthough the books are set in and around the people that live or have lived in Churchminster you could read each one on their own and it wouldn t make any difference I like having a bit of background on all the various people we have seen in previous books especially when they pop up again in the current oneThis latest release takes us into the lives of Harriet and Saffy Harriett is uite happy living in London but with her mother having disappeared off to do charity work on the other side of the world she realises she is missing something Her mad idea of volunteering for a charity becomes a reality and before long she is signed up to help out at the Gatsby Community CentreThe Community Centre introduces us to Zack the very sexy but mysterious man who runs the place and Win the loud and lovable lady that everybody seems to go to for help Win SEX IN THE CITY OR SEX IN THE COUNTRYSaffron loves the London party and fashion scenes So she's extra nervous about abandoning it all for six months in the country to Write Her Novel Of course she'll miss gor.

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Dirty TricksK can transport me to an idyllic village full of naughty goings on then I love it I thought it was a nice easy read The storyline wasn t as good as the rest in the Churchminster series I don t think but I m not knocking it It was still a feel book for t think but m not knocking it It was still a feel good book for and I liked the way the characters seem to connect with the reader somehow One thing I will knock however is the number of typos I think I found at least one in each chapter Never mind ey Im really into my Kindle at the minute and getting a bit bored of all the cheap indy stuff ive been reading so I decided to try a good old fashioned trashy girly bestseller and Dirty Tricks didnt let me downSaffron the author do you think leaves nice guy Tom behind to write her sexy novel in the country but ends up sleeping with his hotter brother whos sort of in rehab while Harriet does the opposite and swaps country life for the big city and a romance with an ex con The books looks at them both as they sweat over what to do and I really didnt expect it to turn out the way it did I raced through the last half of this yesterday afternoon I ust couldnt put it down once it got goingBrilliant bonkbusting chick lit ust what I needed Fun frivolous full of content relatively fast paced and with some lovely charactersLight and fuzzy easy escapism This is my first book by Jo Carnegie but it won t be my last I had before reading this being put off books set in the countryside but then I downloaded a sample of dirty tricks for my kindle app and really liked it so decided to try the whole book and I m really pleased I did This book had a great mix of Characters and I found it to be a very funny but heartfelt book My favourite character was Harriet because although she grew up in upper class surroundings that didn t stop her volunteering for a community centre in a rough part of town I think Harriet volunteering here let the reader see she was warm and kind and wanting to give something back despite her upbringing My only niggles with the book was at times I found Saffron to have a negative attitude towards her relationship with Tom and I didn t always agree with things she got up to This book was action packed most of the way but a bit slow towards the end but I highly recommend it. Time ob at a community centre desperately in need of saving Here she meets Zack but what secrets lurk behind those sexy blue eyes of hisNew lives new temptations Have both girls bitten off than they can che. S a fabulous character and I could almost picture her in my head chatting to Harriet Zack was also interesting although it took me longer to work out why he didn t come across as well however by the end of the book it all made senseSaffy meanwhile is set up in the country in her Mum s house and is writing her first book She is determined to make a go of it but didn t bank on Tom s supermodel twin brother Rex popping up and becoming a temporary resident in the village Zack and Tom may be twins and be identical in looks but as men they are polar opposites Saffy finds herself drawn in to Rex and his world and before long HER RELATIONSHIP WITH TOM IS ON relationship with Tom is on groundAs ever the other village characters pop up and one on my absolute favourites is Harriet s Dad Sir Ambrose He made me laugh at his antics while Harriet s mother was out of the country We also see fleeting glimpses of Jed Benedict and Caro as well as ClementineAs usual Jo Carnegie has done a cracking ob of bringing to life these weird and wonderful people of Churchminster The book was so easy to read and had a brilliant ending that wrapped up things nicely Don t get me wrong this is not a book that is challenging but myself personally I don t read chick lit books for the challenge In particular the one thing that stood out a mile for me with this book is the amount of sex in it Now I love a good bonk buster with ackie collins being a favourite but was Jackie Collins being a favourite but was to see the change in JC s books I don t recall Jo Carnegie writing like that before although she certainly pulled the hat out of the bag with this book In my eyes the perfect beach read forget reality and get your teeth stuck into this glamorous funny and trashy novel Perfect I absolutely love this author as I always know that when a read one of Jo s books I know that I m in for a treat Pure indulgence on so many levels it s got everything I loved getting to know all of the different characters and there own individual stories which you get to discover as you progress through the book If you haven t read a her books before then I highly recommend that you do Back to being based in Churchminster ust as I like it I got a little disheartened reading the second book when it was based in London If any boo. Geous boyfriend Tom but at least his supermodel twin brother will be there to keep her companySo when does keeping her company cross the lineHarriet has swapped her country life for a London career and a part. ,