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Well boys and girls we "have a new vocabulary word today Our word for the day is ludicrous Can you "a new vocabulary word today Our word for The Day Is Ludicrous Can day is ludicrous Can that word boys and girls That s lu di crous Do you know what that word means children Here is a definition lu di crous adjective causing laughter because of absurdity provoking or deserving derision idiculous laughable So now we know a new word and we know what it means let s use it in a sentence okay Ludicrous this book is ludicrousYes boys and girls we will use our new word to discuss the book in uestion we will use our new word to discuss the book in uestion this book a little boy sees his daddy shot After this the boy s mommy changes and isn t a very good mommy any His mommy began to do something called chain smoking and she also began to drink a lot of beverages with alcohol in them Do you know what that is boys and girls Well the mommy didn t take very good care of the boy so he grew up to be a master art thief Then one day he was at the hospital seeing his mommy as she was dying from cirrhosis of the liver and emphysema these were caused by her chain smoking and heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages boys and girls AND his mommy told the boy that his daddy had been killed not for the eason the boy thought but by a bad man as part of a conspiracy Do you know that word boys and girls ConspiracyWell the mommy who hadn t been a very good mommy told the boy he had to get Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 revenge on the bad man who was behind the killing of the boy s daddy And the boy doeshe spends 10 years becoming a PHD do you know what that is boys and girls A PHD is a college degree that takes 68 or years to achieve wowHe gets a job where he works in Los Alamos building nuclear weapons Do you know what those are boys and girls Now all this is just the set up for the book Now it getseally fun as a super secret company that is sort of a private spy engineering planning pseudo military company that subcontracts to the government thinks that the boy all grown up now is just what they need Now why would the boy work for them when he s finally finished with. At the tender age of 12 Gideon Crew witnessed the brutal murder of his father a scientist wrongly framed by. Revenge and can now plan a lifeWell he s dying of a brain cloudno wait that s from a bad movie where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan jump into a volcano
but if you 
if you this book you will see boys and girls why someone might confuse it with a bad movieor a bad TV showor a bad case of food poisoning And it was easy to confuse it with Joe Vs the Volcano as I wish I d thrown this book into a volcano instead of putting my time into itI have Berlayar di Pamor Badik read other books by these writers boys and girls and some are pretty good and some are pretty bad They wrote a character named Aloysius Pendergast who sometimes gets very close to being ludicrous but he usually manages only to get close and not be ludicrous Youreviewer likes most of the Pendergast books some very much But this book did not stop at being close to ludicrous it became ludicrous very very ludicrous There are other words that this L. Munatius Plancus reviewer could apply to this book laughable nonsensical silly preposterous Do you know those words boys and girls Well theeviewer will stop now I suppose some people will like this book but this Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality reviewer did not In fact boys and girls while I did not hate this book I theeviewer that is just didn t care much about it at allif I could give less than 1 star boys and girls I would SoI can t ecommend this book "If you want to ead it I hope you like it boys and girls but I don t plan "you want to The Pink Pearl read it I hope you like it boys and girls but I don t planead any of Mr Preston and Mr Child s Gideon Crew books With these from now on you are on your own boys and girls Definitely not my favorite Preston Child book but you are on your own boys and girls Definitely not my favorite Preston Child book but for what it is No great mystery and uite a bit of predictability but an enjoyable action Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe ride none the less If youe looking for something similar to the Pendergast series however this would not be it Pure action adventure here 3550 stars I ll go with a solid 3 stars on this oneGideon s Sword is the first book in the Gideon Crew series After I finished up the Pendergast series by Preston Child I was looking for another series by these fabulous authorsThe. The US government and shot down by police during a hostage crisis More than 20 years later Gideon finally ge. ,

First book in the Gideon Crew series is not as good as the Pendergast series but I ll keep eading this because1 It s still entertaining and I can see promise for exciting thrillers in the future2 Gideon Crew seems like an interesting main character Not as interesting as AXL Pendergast but I Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela really don t expect anyone to be THAT interesting and uniue3 The writing of Preston Child is still great It s entertaining and action pack This book was aeal hit with me so you can imagine my shock when I went to the book s page on and found that the book was Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction really slammed byeviewers I ead a wide variety Of Different Types Of Fiction And Found This Book Was different types of fiction and found this book was lacking in the leastAt the beginning of this story we learn that Gideon Crew witnessed his father s death as a young boy He grows up thinking that his father was a traitor to his country only to learn later that he was no traitor at all Looking to get evenge Gideon ends up in the clutches of a super secret government contractor and is sent on an impossible mission To say much would give away too much of the bookThe technical aspects of this book were flawless Having Octavio's Journey read a few books that were coauthored Preston and Child coauthor so seamlessly that you never feel like you are hearing two writer s separate voices theying through as one voice The pacing of this book is fast as thrillers often are "but there is enough character dev Erm I was listening to this at work and the next thing I "there is enough character dev Erm I was listening to this at work and the next thing I it was overDamn those cliffs I fell Philosophy in Social Work right overThis was like a watered down low budget mediocre thrill filled Mission Possible Yeah I meant to say it that way Gideon smooth talks and moonwalks his ass out of every hard corner he gets into It was fun at first but then even the character doesn t believe he gets away with the stuff he doesThis could be a fun waiting on the next best thingead You just have to half listenread itI ll check out the next one just to see what the hell happens next Did I mention the cliffhanger Oh okay Carry on. Ts his evenge and fulfills the promise that he made to his mother on her death bed to clear their family na. ,