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Hotos in line of Xerox copies almost 35 YEARS AGO THAT ACCEPTABLE INTERESTING TOPICS DISCUSSED AND ago that is acceptable Interesting topics discussed and writes clearly and concisely Any Chicagoan with ven the faintest interest in architecture will be fascinated by the history of buildings in the city prior to the fire the rebuilding the fairs and most of all the unfortunate loss hence the title of magnificent structures The book has just nough text to give background and. Ham William Holabird and Frank Lloyd Wright But this remarkable book is much than a portfolio of now vanished buildings; within its pages are vocative sketches of scores of Chicago Personalities From The World Famous Abraham Lincoln Theodore Dreiser personalities from the world famous Abraham Lincoln Theodore Dreiser Darrow Ben Hecht Jane Addams Cyrus McCormick George Pullman and Gustavus Swift to name just a few to the locally notorio. Talents and how the author downplayed verything daniel burnham was a part downplayed verything Daniel Burnham was a part Apparently someone isn t cool Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey enough to worship Mr Burnham as he should but it was an interesting and new perspective I will admit that I did not read all the text Pictures and captions werenough to kick my nostalgia into high gear and mourn for lost architecture Excellent book for its publication date I read the original dition which had black white Craper Here too are the famous convention halls parks and racetracks of a great American city whose architectural treasures have been and continue to be recklessly suanderedRare photographs and prints many of them published here for the first time document the transformative architectural achievements of such giants as Dankmar Adler Louis Sullivan John Wellburn Root Daniel Burn.

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If you are a native you Must Own This Book Excellent Definitely own book Excellent book Definitely the read but one sad about how many really amazing old buildings with HUGE significance have been torn down specially during the 1950s to 1970s Richard Nickel lived through some of the worst of it Lots of cool photos are included which is fun and ЯED educational One interesting note is the author s focus and promotion of John Wellborn Root and his. 30th AnniversaryThese dazzling poignant pages recreate the magical builtnvironment that thrilled generations of Chicago residents and visitors alike before falling victim to the wrecking ball of “progress”Here are the grand residences and hotels opulent theaters legendary trains and state of the art office buildings and department stores including the world’s first skys. ,
Lost Chicago
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