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Parks has used the JapaneseChinese mythology of the shape shifting fox spirit in several of his Yamada stories and here He Decides To Write A decides to write a both about and from the point of view of the fox herself In this one the fox discovers immortality may not be all there is to life and that the Goddess of Mercy might be something to fear after all A cute story entertaining and readable This was a fun little story that felt like a Japanese folklore tale It tells the story of a Heavenly Fox Springshadow who has just achieved immortal status by aining her 1000 year of living Springshadow had to take a human mortal essence each year to achieve this status This tale tells how Springshadow comes to immortality and if its everything she thought it would be and if she must pay any type of debt because of her ascendan Much shorter than I thought it would be For all of that. The fox vixen Springshadow has reached the age of nine hundred and ninety nine by taking the form of a beautiful irl and stealing the chi the life force of mortal men She prides herself on having done so without permanently harming any of them but when just before her one birthday her mortal lover Zou Xiaofan inadvertently forces her to choose between his life her mortal lover Zou Xiaofan inadvertently forces her to choose between his life her immortality she chooses immortality without a moment?.

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The Heavenly FoxRn don t worry I bought my own copy I love his short stories This one like several others left me pondering it
For Long After I Had 
long after I had it I even catch myself recommending his stories to friends just to see what they make of them I always have the feeling that there is to his stories than I understand on the first second or sometimes even third read Parks makes use of oriental mythologyreligion in this slight tale of a fox who attaining the life of a thousand years becomes a heavenly fox But at first heaven is not all its cracked up to be at least for a fox Our fox Springwater also learns to regret her actions on earth athering mortal essence each year which develops in the book into the beginnings of A Conscience And A Desire To Make conscience and a desire to make The book having made its point ends rather abruptly without a resolution of the full story but with Springwater on her pat. To prevent this When the Goddess of Mercy Guan Shi Yin brings her a message from the shade of her former lover Springshadow believes she’s found her answer Accompanied by a reprobate Daoist immortal named Wildeye the Heavenly Fox undertakes a uest through the courts of Heaven and the terrors of Hell to redeem the soul of Zou Xiaofan Maybe then she can et on with the rest of eternity without regret Or that pesky conscience thing. can et on with the rest of eternity without regret Or that pesky conscience thing. I liked it This was a lovely little story
The Depictions Of The Fox 
depictions of the fox and the celestial bureaucracy were inspiring The author didn t shy away from the PHILOSOPHICAL NATURE OF SUCH A STORY nature of such a story they espoused it in a way that I found to my surprise enlightening Not for everyone but it was definitely for me Another fine Parks story I suspect I was in the wrong mood for this when I read it as I didnt love it as much as others of his despite it feeling of similar caliber This was a charming story played out in the sandbox of Chinese Taoist Immortals My first story by Parks but I plan on trying This is a charming little story about a fox and her desire for immortality It s uite lovely Richard Parks remains one OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS THE FIRST BOOK OF HIS my favorite authors The first book of his read was On the Banks of the River of Heaven which I checked out from the library and never wanted to retu. ??s hesitation As a fox and thus completely devoid of a conscience for Springshadow this was no choice at allOr so she thought Springshadow soon discovers what a trap immortality can be Even serious and very annoying is her discovery that her new state of being includes a new emotion one that feels very much like regret She knows from there it is only one small step to developing an actual conscience Intolerable Yet what can she do. ,