Kissing Sherlock Holmes [E–pub/Kindle]

Kissing Sherlock Holmes

T.D. McKinney ✓ 9 read

Гибель Главного Города Искусство быть другим
Although the story wouldn t have appropriately allowed for it I wanted lovin Holmes and Watson I d give this one a 45Changing the classic and Watson into lovers a unexpected but great idea I loved the changes they made in their personalities to fit into the MM genre It showed the restraint needed for This book greatly impressed me A friend bought it and had it uploaded to my indle as a joke because he Don't Hex with Texas knows that the idea of Sherlock and Watson together in a romantic sense suicks me in ways that possibly boggle the mind However I figured that if my friend had spend six dollars on a joke the least I could do was read the first chapterThen the next thing Inew is that I had reached my train stop and was just starting chapter threeI wasn t at all exaggerating when I say i hate the idea of holmes and I hate the idea of Holmes and being together but if that s the case then how could I like this book at all Simple T D McKinneyand Terry Wylis understand Sherlock Holmes and Watson When reading Watson sounds like Watson which I have occasionally noticed to be my biggest critiue of Sherlock Holmes books written by authors other than Doyle and Sherlock Holmes sounds like Sherlock Holmes Perhaps the reas. Ing marriage sets an odd fear in his heartAmidst the beauty of an English country party the greatest detective the world has ever nown searches for a traitor Somewhere among the glittering nobility a sadist lurks using blackmail to destroy lives and. On them being together in this book doesn t bother me is because it takes place bother me is because it takes place after Holmes return and thus Mary is not a point of discussion at all and that s certainly part of it but I think it has to do with how the authors characterize the love between Holmes and WatsonIn Kissing Sherlock Holmes Holmes and Watson are not lusting youths They are grown men that a great love has fostered between as a result of long years of friendship and trust I have always thought of Sherlock Holmes as an asexual He shows no preference of women nor men and neither does he show desire of any sort of romantic or sexual interaction and I feel in many ways that the Sherlock Holmes in this book expresses the same distance from sex This relationship he has with Watson does not stem from a desire of sexual interaction but rather from the desire to bring his already substantial appreciation and love or his best friend one step further Regardless of my views of Sherlock Holmes sexuality I would strongly recommend this book The case is intriguing the characters are delightfully written and the love scenes are steamy while still being written with the same level of class Dr John Watson always presents in his novels. Endanger a nationOnly Sherlock Holmes can save an innocent man and bring the traitor to justice It’s a search that could cement the greatest friendship of all time into something far deeper and strongerif the hunt doesn’t end Watson’s life first. It seems delightfully in character Sherlock Holmes Would Launch Holmes would launch story by precipitating a change in his and Watson s relationship in the name of acuiring information While Kissing Sherlock Holmes does not break new ground in assuming a homosexual attraction between them TD McKinney and terry wylis do provide a sexually charged Terry Wylis do provide a sexually charged with a mystery to solveThe mystery elements have a well weighted share of page time the problem is worthy of Sherlock Holmes attention before Watson arrives at Toddington Oaks Once he s there the danger is no longer confined to treason and blackmail but becomes personal when a freshly issed Watson is repeatedly endangered The culprit becomes evident far too early in the book but there is a certain entertainment value to watching Holmes flounder around before he figures it out The authors pay attention to the late Victorian sensibilities very well at some times though not so wel I really enjoyed this cozy mystery Loved the characters voice Even though I immediately had the bad guy figured out I still enjoyed the process Holmes took to reveal the mystery I was a bit disappointed that there was no smexin after the first 30% of the book the beginning was HOT. My dear Watson how does one go about Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation kissing a woman”Sherlock Holmes’ uestion leads to a lesson Watson never expected to teach And feelings he never thought to explore A singleiss alters Watson’s world while the announcement of Holmes’ upcom.