(The First Day) [Free] Ä Barbara McMahon

Fantastic Four oIt was the first day the restf her lifeâ ¦ Susannah Chapman is Finally Free After Eight Years In Prison "Eight Years In Prison A free after spending eight years in prison for a she didn't commit But circumstances have the most unlikely person attempting to right the past wrong Jare. The First Day


Person she wants helping her coming Clean About His In Her Conviction his role in her conviction and his young son Eric penetrate defenses and Susannah sees him in a new light Trouble is how can Susannah ever know if Jared's feelings are rea. ,

D Walker the assistant district attorney WHO HELPED PUT SUSANNAH AWAY NOW helped put Susannah away Now Susannah is scared With little money fewer friends and the grief f giving up her baby while in prison she needs support Understandably Jared is the last.