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Olivia Donovan has resigned herself to a life without love and a husband uite depressing when you think about it But after suffering an illnes If depressing when you

*think about it *
about it after suffering an illnes If did not succumb to my charms Halsley then rest assured there s no way in hell she ll succumb to yours Fenwicke s voice was mild but the cords in his neck bulged above his cravat Max shook his head unable to prevent a sneer from forming on his lips You re wrong Fenwicke Fenwicke s brows rose his eyes glinted and a sly expression came over his face He leaned forward greedily licking his lips Would you care to place a wager on thatTwo men rivals for yearsHe thought she should be honored by his indecent proposal He was just after the chaseOne woman who wasn t looking to get involvedShe was bent on never marrying nor trifling with men She had come to the conclusion marriage just wasn t in the cards and she d long ago given up on that dreamOne small wager That would lead to nothing but TROUBLE Will men never learn Have your eyes ever connected with those of another individual s across a crowded room and you became instantly aware of them Like some magnetic force caught you in it s grip and you just couldn t look away That is how it happened with Olivia and Max No introductions were made No words were exchanged but each was instantly made aware of the other and would not soon forget Olivia had been afflicted with Malaria many years ago While nobody could contract th. With her pale hair and slim figure Olivia Donovan looks as fragile as fine china and has been treated as such by her sisters ever since a childhood bout with malaria But beneath her delicate facade Olivia guards a bold independent spirit .
Of drama The relationship between Max and Olivia was fun to watch as it grew and shifted into something neither expected Plus the strong relationship among the sisters was nice to see I must confess I ve grown pretty fo You can also read this on Anachronist s blog This is the first time I ve heard of Jennifer Hay and had I nown what to expect I most likely would have passed the opportunity to read her work This isn t going to be a positive reviewThe title is misleading There really weren t that many secrets this accidental duchess had and the ones were Were Revealed Uite Uickly And Without In revealed uite uickly and in timely fashion His secrets tooThere really should be a series warning for all unsuspecting readers Not that I was one of them I new I was jumping in in the middle of a series but that wasn t the problem The problem was the extensive character This the second book int he Donovan Sisters series I still think the title is a bit misleading however the story was nice and I enjoyed it very much The Hh were very likeable people especially the Hso understanding and patient The story did have its moments of predictability however the enemy made for the twists and turns in the storyI love stories where there is a gradual relationship to Love and it did have its share of intimate moments This second book was a change from books 1 and 3 for me It didn t hurt that Kate Reading did the narrationlove her narrations4 Stars. Love with this innocent beauty Nor could he have guessed that a dangerously unpredictable rival would set out to destroy them both Now Max must beat a Madman at his own twisted game or forever lose the only woman to have ever won his hear.
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E disease from her it had driven many potential suitors away She d decided to give up any thoughts of marrying and decided to be satisfied with being the doting spinster aunt to her sisters children She is smart sweet strong willed and the type to tell it like it is in a gentle fashion She may have a life threatening illness but tell it like it is in a gentle fashion She may have a life threatening illness but doesn t let it eep her down and attempts to live her life as normally as she canMax had a reputation for being a unrepentant rake and had decided never to marry His father had a temper that Max had SEEN FIRST HAND HE HIMSELF OCCASIONALLY first hand He himself occasionally a fury building up inside himself and feared it would one day be unleashed He decided long ago he would never subject another individual to it especially a wife Fenwicke was a married man who thought himself above the rules of society Being a Maruis with the possibility of one day becoming a Duke he did as he pleased This time however he was about to take that attitude a bit too farWhen Max and Olivia Max finally met he soon forgot all the wager he d made with Fenwicke as he did with so many of their other wagers The problem was Fenwicke wasn t the type to forget or for that matter forgive Max would soon regret ever having made that wagerThis was a slightly dark story with a sinister villain The characters were easy to empathize with and like that is with the exception of one character namely Fenwicke There were many tense moments and a lot. Nd the ind of passionate desires proper young ladies must never confess It was a reckless wager and one Max couldn't resist seduce the alluring Olivia or forfeit part of his fortune Yet the wild soon to be Duke never imagined he'd fall in.

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Secrets of an Accidental Duchess