[Free E–pub] Comfort of a Man author Adrianne Byrd

Comfort of a ManThis story didn t work for me for a bunch of "reasons1 I didn t feel the chemistry between Isaiah Brooke2 I "I didn t feel the chemistry between Isaiah Brooke2 I t articularly like Brooke 3 Th Cute story I enjoyed Isaiah Brooklyn He Can Comfort Me AnytimeAdrianne Byrd has yet to disappoint me with her writing skills I enjoyed this novel so much I READ IT IN 12 A DAYTALK ABOUT A read it in 12 a daytalk about a turner The chemistry between Isaiah and Brooklyn was sexy steamy and very romantic And talk about a good man he had a good job could cook took dance lessons was a good listener brought her a tiara and knew how to throw down in the bedroom what could she want I couldn t believe she foolishly let him get away I was glad she was able to overcome her obstacles and finally realize that nothing is impossible especially when you have love Sweet StoryI absolutely loved Isaiah and Brooklyn s story Isaiah was so sweet and Organizations As Knowledge Systems patient with Brooklyn I loved how they kept running i Comfort of a Man is a re release by Adrianne Byrd originallyublished in 2003 Brooklyn Douglas is a recently divorced mother of a teenage son who is attempting to ut her live back together when she and her girlfriends decided to take a trip to the Big Apple for some rest and relaxation Brooklyn is taking a break from dealing with the opposite sex much to the dislike of is taking a break from dealing with the opposite sex much to the dislike of friends Brooklyn on the other hand is recovering from some retty traumatic emotionally battle scars because of the way her ex husband left enter ex best friend stage right but there s nothing like a little eer ressure to make you take the leap of faith you didn t know you needed rightEnter Isaiah Washington work a holic extraordinaire From the moment he set eyes on Brooklyn he knew she had taki. She wants a little comfortAt thirty eight Brooklyn Douglas has her hands full raising a teenage son and running her own business What she doesn't need is everybody and their mother trying to hook her up with a good man The last good man Brooklyn was with turned into a no good husband who left her for an. Ng over the top spot in his to be had list Dusting off his cheesy one liners he makes a lay for Brooklyn that leads them to one incredible night in NYC Then she disappears Brooklyn is not ready for the feelings Isaiah stirs so she cuts and runs Without her last name Isaiah can t even begin to find her Fate had other lans Several months after their first encounter an Atlanta highway brings them back together BAMWhile Brooklyn is dealing with a surly teenager are teenagers first encounter an Atlanta highway brings them back together BAMWhile Brooklyn is dealing with a surly teenager are teenagers NOT surly Isaiah is dealing with his own ersonal issues that may work to keep these two apart Ah but again fate is having none of that These two were meant to be and no matter how much they fought the feelings or what situations life threw at them and trust me they were in a batting cage love revailed sighAlthough I enjoyed Comfort of a Man I would have liked to have seen some interaction between Isaiah and Brooklyn s son When blending a family that is a retty strong dynamic The story lacked any scenes between the two I also would have liked to learn the reason why Brooklyn s ex best friend did what she did I sort of missed the development of that The Literary Language of Shakespeare part of the storyAll in all if you haven t read this one Comfort of a Man is worth the read despite the two missing dynamics of the story I m going to give it 35 out of 5encils Nice job Ms Byrd Comfort of a ManThis was a well written story about Brooklyn and Isaiah who met at a hotel in NY at the bar after hours of conversation over drinks they went to the room and had sex Months later they reconnected in Atlanta when he went to visit his sick mom and began a courtship Brooklyn has a seventeen year old son a ex husband the ex s girl friend Other woman Can't she just have a mind blowing love affair with no strings attached Somebody like the handsome broad shouldered brother at the bar He's looking for a lot As a successful businessman Isaiah Washington is used to going after what he wants and what he wants is Brooklyn Too bad the lady isn'. ,

Ho was her
Best Friend And Other 
friend and other characters that make this a very very good read Adrianne Byrd Comfort of a Man Arabesue 2003I m not a big reader of romances In fact this will be only my fourth romance review since I started documenting such things in 1999 Adrianne Byrd is a regular on a forum I used to freuent so when she announc Very good I highly recommend it She wants a little comfortHe wants a lot This was a little twist on the theme of reluctant hero which I found stimulating she s getting over a bad divorce which was done believably and a teenage son who is doing that sullen adolescent thing While on an annual girl s weekend in NYC they dare her to have a one night stand saying she s turning into a bitter rudeShe doesn t intend to until she runs into a sexy stranger whose easy to talk to she runs into a sexy stranger whose easy to talk to one night stand is awesome The morning after she s the one to slip away and he is left hurt and bewilderedLater he comes to Atlanta where she lives to be with his sick mother They run into each other Okay that was a little formulaic the happy coincident But it was worked in smoothly and with a little humor The story continues with him realizing he s falling in love and trying to get her to do so at least to admit to deeper feelings for him she won t even admit it to herself the resolution was handled skillfully by the author I was totally riveted Couldn t ut it down The writing and editing were up to Harleuin s solid standards Ms Byrd is a winner Loved it from start to finish I didn t want it to end Enjoyable even with being formulaic The main characters were very likable although Brooklyn definitely challenged that decision a few times Get it read T extending any invitations But when fate lands Isaiah in Atlanta for the summer he's ready to do whatever it takes from slow kisses to showing up when it counts in order to melt her heart Because when it comes to real love there's no such thing as a erfect man But there is such a thing as the right on.