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Well written history of a bloody brother vs brother campaign Wilderness Brought to LifeThis second volume brings to life just how savage and brutal the American Revolution was The savage butchery of the British with savage and brutal the American Revolution was The savage butchery of the British with German and Indian allies The skill and bravery of the Patriots who defended their homes and villages Savage hand to hand combat with tomahawk knives and. This s the second volume of Michael Logusz s epic work on the Wilderness War of 1777 War Girls in which the British Army withts German Loyalist and Indian auxiliaries attempted to descend from Canada to sever the nascent American colonies only to be met by Patriot formations contesting the nvasion of their newly declared nationIn his first volume on the Saratoga campaign the author described how Burgoyne s main thrust was first stalled the author described how Burgoyne s main

thrust was first 
was first then obliterated during ts advance down the Hudson River Burgoyne had hoped to be met by a corresponding British thrust from New York City but this never materialized Lord Howe opting to attack Philadelphia As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kant instead But the British hadndeed launched a third thrust from the west embarking from Lake Ontario at Oswego and thence forging Lesson Planning and Classroom Management its way down the Mohawk ValleyThis third British thrust under General Barry St Leger was perhaps the most terrifying of all ast overran a sparsely populated wilderness where every man and boy had long needed to bear arms to protect against the ravages of the Irouois Federation Yet now the. Bayonets The author does a brilliant job placing the reader right n the Middle Of It All of t all written Worthy of 5 Stars without a doubt GoodVery well researched and written like a novel Gives a good accounting of a part of the revolutionary that The Nightmare Garden is not as known as the battlesn New England and the South Part II of this trilogy tells The Of The Mohawk Val. British Imitating The story of the Mohawk Val. British Look to the Mountain imitating the before them had made common cause with those same Indians who now roamed across the frontier as the warpainted spearhead of the Empire s new attackAt Fort Stanwixn upstate New York a Patriot former British fort held fast though surrounded by St Leger s forces and his Mohawk and Loyalist auxiliaries A relief column some 800 strong under Nicholas Herkimer attempted to relieve the fort but t was ambushed en route with most of ts men ncluding the entire male population of several nearby communities killed or wounded At this Battle of Oriskany the basis for the movie Drums Along the Mohawk Herkimer himself was mortally wounded Fortunately a sally from Fort Stanwix raided the Indian camp during the battle compelling many of the warriors to desist from annihilating the entire columnIn the end Fort Stanwix was relieved only when Benedict Arnold soon to excel at Saratoga just as he had done at Valcour Island and elsewhere throughout the Revolution marched his troops through and forced the British to give up their western onsl. ,

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Ley Campaign of the Wilderness War Of 1777 This Campaign Was 1777 This campaign was of British General John Burgoyne s strategy to cut off New England from the rest of the colonies A force under Barry St Leger was to come down the Mohawk Valley and link up with Burgoyne near Albany However he never made t that far and The Precarious: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna / Vicuna, Cecilia. Esther Allen, tr. QUIPOem. Two books in one (Wesleyan Poetry) instead had to dedicate his forces to a siege of Fort Stanwixn Rome NY. AughtIn this book as n his highly acclaimed first volume the author captures the terrain tactics and terror of this brutal multifaceted wilderness as n his highly acclaimed first volume the author captures the terrain tactics and terror #Of This Brutal Multifaceted Wilderness # this brutal multifaceted wilderness few writers have done before It was neighbor against neighbor native Americans on both sides and European professionals against Colonial Patriots Mayan Strawberries in a desperate campaign that helped determine America s fateREVIEWS Using colorful storytelling techniues Logusz captures the personalities of thosendividuals who played a pivotal role Bill Gates (Up Close) in the outcome of the Mohawk Valley Campaign breathes dramatic lifento a depiction of the long standing alliances and rivalries that fueled Patriot and Loyalist causes Mistaken Mistress in the region while describing how neighbors families friends and foes were caught upn Burgoyne s doomed play Toy Soldier and Model Figure Logusz does an excellent job outlining the Battle of Oriskany where an nitial Patriot relief force coming to the aid of Fort Stanwix was ambushed and almost wiped out fascinating well documented and occasionally thought provoking The Journal of America s Military Pas. With Musket and Tomahawk Volume II
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