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Terfeit cheues using stolen identities then immediately withdrawing the cash No bank is going to deposit a cheue for thousands of dollars then cash out before the cheue clears even if it is supposedly drawn on the account of a major companyA few other things ust appeared to be off in this book Yummy read it in one bite For me these books provide the pleasure of recognition as I lived near Eagle River for a time Houston is a pleasant gracious person and this is reflected in her work She does a decent ob of portraying the flavor of the Wisconsin person and this is reflected in her work She does a decent ob of portraying the flavor of the Wisconsin an area she obviously loves Her characters are likeable and the stories "Are FunThis Book Had The "funThis book had the tone of the other books There is a pleasant sameness to this series The characters personalities are always pretty much the same There s always some fishing involved Jealousy or greed always drive people to kill The murderers in this story were satisfingly nasty people These are light fun reads but in all of these books there is a bit of darkness too The Northwoods is constantly under pressure from development Summer brings a tourist horde that often rubs roughly against local sensibilities Million dollar lakeshore cabins sit in uncomfortable proximity to poverty and endemic unemployment There s enough of this in Houston s books to give them a bit of edge While I enjoyed this book it wasn t my favorite It had all the familiar elements but kept going over old ground I felt like she was spending too much time re introducing each of her recurring characters This is Houston s first book with a new publisher and perhaps she felt the need to introduce the characters to new readers As someone who has read the other books I found it repetitiveStill this was an enjoyable book I look forward to further entries to the series. Bank officials soon discover that both victims' accounts have been looted along with a dozen others One grisly development after another further links the two murders even though the victims did not know each other Wealthy Chicagoans visiting entrepreneurs and the young denizens of Party Cove complicate the scene Whoever thought life in the Northwoods could be this dangerou.

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Dead Madonna A Loon Lake MysteryTwo brutal murders in a small Wisconsin town are clearly linked Police Chief Lew Ferris and her retired dentist boyfriend Doc Osborne set out to solve the double crime before anyone else gets killed and along the way solve a bank fraud scheme and The identity of the murderer was plain as a pikestaff fairly early on so much "that I spent most of the novel wondering how on earth the principals could be so stupid as "I spent most of the novel wondering how on earth the principals could be so stupid as not notice the evidence staring them in the faces That in itself mightn t have been too much of a worry had itself mightn t have been too much of a worry had writing been less laboured the characters interesting or the tale charmingI ve read a lot of good crime novels recently I ve been incredibly lucky in my selections these past few weeks so I guess maybe I ve become spoilt but this one alas ust didn t do it for me Hook Line and KillerThe bucolic Wisconsin fishing resort town of Look Lake awakens one morning to a double homicide Party girl DeeDee Kurlander is found dead beneath an affluent tourist s houseboat Across town a prominent widow lies savagely murdered in her elegant living room And police chief Lew Ferris is shorthanded enough to deputize her own romantic interest Paul Osborne to assist as investigator and coronerFishing being one of their shared passions Lew accepts her new deputy s opinion that the victims were mutilated by an old muskie gaff but that s the only apparent connection between the dead women Soon reports of looted bank accounts slick entrepreneurs wealthy Chicagoans and a hip Party cove scene all add up to a deeper mystery and spilled blood before a twisted killer can be baited and caughtback coverClever mystery good plot nice setting nice romance etc Not compelling enough for me to get the rest of the series but uietly enjoyable scams abound financial shenanigans Bad When the body of a lovely young woman is found floating beneath a party pontoon on a popular lake in northern Wisconsin on the same morning that a prominent widow is found bludgeoned in her gracious home Loon Lake Police Chief Lew Ferris is caught short handed This is not a problem for Doc Osborne whom she deputizes to act as coroner and to assist with the investigation Fis. ,

Uys not local for a change some implausible plot situations esp with bank and credit card details but can be explained by the difference in today s banking rules compared to those at the time this was written Dead Madonna by Victoria Houston is a light mystery set in a small town by a lake in Wisconsin Two women are brutally murdered Chief Lew Ferris along with her sidekick Doc Osborne are up to the task of catching the bad guys I like Lew she is a competent kind woman with a sense of humor it is nice to see a woman like Lew she is a competent kind woman with a sense of humor it is nice to see a woman as a real person Lew and Doc share a passion for fishing and each other The mystery is light the characters likable the setting interesting especially if you like fishing I always enjoy hanging out in Loon Lake Satisfying listenKindle Unlimited Read Listen I am always looking for new mystery authors This book looked interesting but I was very disappointed in both the story and the characters It takes place in Wisconsin This was the most interesting part It must be uite beautiful there around the lakes and streams The main character is a female chief of police whom I ust didn t feel any reality about Her sometimes deputy and medical examiner is her lover and the town s dentist I was married to a dentist for 49 years and the description of the dentist s personality didn t sit right with me His demeanor was usually descibed as the way he would look at a patient that hadn t flossed enough or a patient that had waited too long between visits The mystery wasn t too interesting either and the perpertrator was easy to decide upon I on t "Read Any Of Her "any of her books A most excellent 5 star read I enjoy the Loon Lake series but found some of the details in this book to be implausibleFor example someone was opening bank accounts in four states with coun. Hing aside there's nothing Osborne likes better than helping Lew a world class fly fisherman in her own right delve into Loon Lake's criminal underworld They're The Happiest Baby on the Block joined in their efforts to untangle two seemingly unrelated murders by walleye expert talented tracker and teller of really badokes Ray Pradt A charming resort town on the surface life in Loon Lake turns murky as.