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W He s fairly far removed from the beat of his own high powered career as a reporter for a major New York City paperHe has his reasons for that though Sean is sure Andrea has hers as well He intends to discover what those areas well as a myriad of other details about the amazing womanas he helps her in her investigation into a werewolf that he s not entirely sure he believes exists Though he doesn t exactly disbelieve it eitherThe grass is green The sky is blue Sean Hunter is even appealing than he used to be There is no such thing as werewolves These are some of Andrea s absolutes Until she comes face to fangs with something that threatens to rip one of those absolutes away from her forever And it ain t the grass the sky or the hot editor with the nice smileI loved the concept of this book I thought it was great the X Files esue investigation into the Woodbine Werewolf sightings the two reporters ferreting out evidence for and against the possibility the developing proof of something existing the certainty that it couldn t possibly be a werewolf the worry that it was Every element of that plotline worked uite nicely for me and the investigative aspects were cohesive logical believable and tightly woven than in many romantic suspense books I ve readUnfortunately the main characters gave me some trouble and I struggled mightily with the execution of the romance arc throughout the book I also had some issues with the style of writing in the narrative in places and got a little frustrated with the over telling that bogged down the flow of the story and muddied the watersAndrea troubled me throughout the book She was not light on backstory or defining characteristics tons of them were tossed out but they never seemed to be all that convincingly incorporated into the woman she has become She s got a dead brother dead best friend survived a horrible accident become the swan after a shy ugly duckling type youthand despite all of that there seemed to be little depth in Andrea s personality Like the facts didn t really touch her regardless of what readers are toldWhat depth there was especially when it came to her burgeoning relationship with Sean never really dipped beneath surface concerns and pedestrian conflicts that had nothing to do with those major traumas in her past and everything to do with one bitter conversation when they were in college That seemed sort of superficial to me in context Plus she was such a yo yo with her actions and emotions not to mention her determination to leave then stay then leave then stay that I couldn t help but feel the whole relationship with Sean was transientSean on the other hand struck me as a little too over eager in his thoughts and feelings for Andrea A little too uick to flare with ealousy a little too intent on wanting her to staynot telling her that of course ust thinking it because god forbid they have a mature conversation about their feelings and relationship intentions He s a little too regretful about the things he said to her in the past a little tooActually that sums up my issues with Sean right there He was usta little too everythingThere was also way too much telling in the narrative for my tastes especially things that didn t need to be told In one case after Andrea has spent significant time with Sean and it s clear that he s a good man there is a scene between Andrea and her deceitful aggressive ex boyfriend Following that scene I really didn t need a page of narration letting me know that Andrea has changed her mind about which one is the better man It bogs down the pace of the story and spoon feeds me information I d rather glean on my own through character action and dialogue That this particular example is also a total no brainer didn t help matters eitherAlong with that issue there were also some odd timeline umps in the narrative that didn t make much sense to me The story would be progressing along in real time then suddenly it would be the next morning or later that day That s all well and good I suppose but then there would be a recap of what the characters had Done In The Interim And What New in the interim and what new had occurred Sowhy not ust keep it in real time and show us instead of recapping Those little umps popped up throughout the book seemed random and struck me as a peculiar stylistic choiceI ended up feeling frustrated by this book I truly enjoyed the external conflict and the execution of the investigative elements surrounding it I even liked the secondary characters and thought the main characters were great when they weren t dealing with the emotional or romantic aspects of the story The romance was such a problem for me though and the execution of the book bothered me so much in places that I ust didn t feel good about the overall reading experience Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Carina Press via NetGalley This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my ownReviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another I really liked the mystery in this book It was a bit unexpected and a complete oy to read This book was interesting from the startAndrea Lockhart is a reporter from a tabloid called The Naked Truth She was once a touted and famed reporter for a mainstream newspaper Her latest Editing Manager Has Sent Her To sent her to South Carolina to do a story about werewolf sightings As she is out looking for information hunting for clues to the authenticity of the sightings she gets snapped in a werewolf trap and is left hangingliterally After she gets rescued and begins her hunt she runs into the one person she never thought she s see again Sean Hunter a former collegiate classmate and now a local paper editor She is initial Originally posted at Libri AgoSorry no rippling teen werewolf abs or sparklepire foes in this tale Just a good old fashioned story of a reporter out to debunk an urban legendI love that a modern story involving a werewolf can be categorized as a contemporary realistic book Realism FTW I m so ready for the paranormal phase to be over and get back to the good old fashioned ghost monster and urban legend stories I prefer to outrun scary creatures not date themBefore getting to the heart of the review I do have one confession to make I have a large weakness for stories involving reporters andor editors from small town newspapers or from big papers sent to small towns It has to do with some of my college hood dreams I majored in ournalism later working as a reporter and then an editor at a large metropolitan newspaper Honestly I m still a reporter at heart Even now I get all suiggly inside thinking about how much fun it d be to spend a few years working at a small town newspaper So when I saw that Cry Wolf incorporated a a big city reporter coming to a small town to investigate an b urban myth in the form of a werewolf with a c romance likely to develop I was a goner Absolutely perfectThat said it was a nice story on the merits of the writing and characters as well I ll admit I don t have many nitpicks but probably so because I got lost in the story Which honestly should be the goal of every writer It s a fun read with a romance that feels rather realistic including sexy bits if you re at all concerned about that and a kitten How could it not be good when there s a rescued kitten I don t think it s possible Joking aside I liked this book Four stars to the author for an enjoyable ride I d recommend it to anyone who enjoys light fun romances with a touch of mysteryI mention this now because there is a very good possibility that other books of this nature will cross the pages of this blog and fairly soon There are a couple of them winking at me from my TBR pile Those little minxesIt ll have to be a small one since most of the big ones are going kaput Or being handed over to untrained bloggers but I won t get into that tries not to grumbleThanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a review copy. Or leads on the werewolf Andrea becomes determined to break the story first—she can't let Sean beat her again As they each get closer to finding the source of the rumors the only thing surprising than the truth are the feelings Sean is able to stir in her feelings she thought she had left behind87000 words. One that laughed when someone spoke of the werewolf sighting in WoodbineOk now for Andrea Andrea doesn t have a big streak of luck It was suppose to be a simple story in and out instead she had been strung up in the woods by her ankle tied to a tree with her cell phone laying on the ground ust out of her reach She tried not to panic but with the sun starting to set she couldn t help herself That s when she meets Reed The older teenyoung man started to panic when he saw her stranded on the tree trying to help her down made Andrea panic a little He wasn t helping Fortunately for her he had his cell phone and knew ust who to call Sean HunterNo it couldn t be the same Sean Hunter it s a pretty common name no it s The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School just a coincidence right Only it wasn t when Sean Hunter walked up to Andrea and helped her down she knew right away it was the same guy she had a big crush on inournalism school Thank goodness he wouldn t recognize her She had been in an accident a few years ago She was no longer the short chubby woman with short stringy hair dressed in baggy eans and over sized sweatshirts He ll never recognize her nowAnd he didn t at least not until she left and he learned her name That s when Sean decided to write a story on Andi Lockhart s story he was going to become her shadow and follow her everywhere even help her out with her story Andrea knew who Sean was and remember the painful things he said to her back in college there was NO WAY she was going to stumble back into those feelings she had before he hurt her But Sean had a different idea we learned why he was so agitated back then and his reasons though as stupid as they were ustified in his remarks to her He had changed though a lot He really grew up and he regretted his mistakes he made in college and now he had a chance to make things right again Ok the book wasn t completely based on their getting together although those were the perks and had a lot of Awwww moments I loved it The book was really a great mystery What the Heck was that werewolf type thing Was it really a werewolf no one believes in werewolves well no one but those who had seen it in this little town of Woodbine But not everyone agreed what they saw was a werewolf some people did Andrea didn t know what to think She didn t believe werewolves were real but she did believe they saw something Sean had never seen it so he didn t speculate either way The story gets spooky when they go werewolf hunting Stake outs and roaming old abandoned farm houses Late night drives with huge corn stalks on both sides of the roads waiting for anything to The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School jump out of them The interviews she has with the local s who had seen this animal had some pretty convincing stories to tell This book keeps you in suspense clear until the very end WOW I was so impressed with the ending of this book If you re looking for something spooky to read this Halloween I really recommend this book Especially if you live out in the middle of no where in a small town surrounded by woods or cornstalks Happy Hunting Cry Wolf is fun and sweet romantic mystery with a paranormal ish twist Andrea Andi Lockhart is a reporter for a famous tabloid magazine who is sent to the small town of Woodbine SC to investigate the local werewolf sightings Unfortunately she finds that her old competitor and the man who beat her out for editor of the college newspaper is now living in Woodbine and runs the town paper As a young man Sean Hunter felt that Andi was too soft and said some cruel things to her for what he thought was her own good Now Sean s the last person Andi wants to see or work with but she has to if she s to crack the story and find out the truth about the Woodbine Werewolf I was pleasantly surprised by Cry Wolf I am a huge fan of paranormal books Give me a vampire or demon and I ll read it It was a nice change of pace to read a book that had was about werewolves but wasn t necessarily a paranormal story The plot was well written and well paced and I was totally sucked into the mystery I wanted to find out if the werewolf was realust as much as Andi did I loved the romance in this story Andi s got a big chip on her shoulder from what happened with Sean in college I don t really blame her at first Sean s words were cruel and to the insecure young woman that Andi was I can see how much it would have hurt Even though it s been years and Andi is a successful The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense journalist now she still feels like she has something to prove to Sean and perhaps to herself Sean on the other hand isn t the big time editor he set out to be Seeing Andi makes him realize that aerk he was in college The years have changed Sean and he s no longer the selfish ambitious man he used to be Actions speak louder than words and Sean does everything he can to help Andi and keep her from becoming werewolf bait during the investigation As rivals Sean and Andi have that great antagonistic chemistry that I love to read While Sean and Andi have great chemistry the loves scenes themselves are pretty mild Don t get me wrong they did get hot and heavy a few times but ust as things were really heating upit would fast forward to the next morning Personally I prefer a little smut in upit would fast forward to the next morning Personally I prefer a little smut in romance books but those who like their hanky panky on the lighter side will enjoy this I had a great time reading this The small town setting was perfect for the mysterious werewolf sightings It was fun following Andi and Sean on their investigation and meeting all of the uirky townspeople And the story definitely keeps you guessing right up to the very end A fun debut novel from Angela Campbell I am excited to see WHAT SHE COMES UP WITH NEXTAN E ARC OF she comes up with nextAn e ARC of book was provided free of charge by NetGalleycom This in no way affected my opinion or review of this book The Devil s in the DetailsThe grass is green The sky is blue There is no such thing as werewolves Those are ust some of the absolutes in tabloid reporter Andrea Lockhart s world regardless of the stories covered in The Naked Truth the rag she works for Then the photo of some mysterious creature in some backwards town on the other side of the country came across her editor s desk and next thing Andrea knows she s traipsing through the woods of Woodbine South Carolina looking for a creature that most assuredly does not existThe investigation into the local legend of the werewolf doesn t start off as she expected She gets caught in a hunter s snare trussed up like a wild boar and comes face to face with the most painful memory from her college days Sean Hunter The ratfink she d gone to college with took ournalism courses with and who had beat her out for the ob of with took ournalism courses with and who had beat her out for the ob of of the school s paper She had been overweight and mousy back then and she had a huge crush on him Right up until he d verbally shredded her after he got her obNow Sean is living in Woodbine and is editor of the town s weekly circulation To make matters worse not only is he intent on accompanying her on her assignment but he s doing one of his own on her investigation into the werewolf that she is still uite positive does not exist This Halloween nightmare of an assignment ust keeps getting better and betterThe conversation a kind word for an ugly truth that Sean had with the incredibly intelligent if socially awkward Andrea Lockhart back in college is still one of his greatest regrets He d been cruel if well intentioned and he knew it Now she s come to Woodbine lookingwowconsiderably different than she did back in the old days She s gorgeous Poised Cool as a cucumber And she obviously wants nothing to do with himHe thought they d been friends once if very very casual ones He certainly wouldn t mind becoming much closer than friends now Her The Cake House job doesn t make sense though She d been on the fast track of a majorournalism career at one time Working for an exploitative tabloid is about as far removed from that as she could get and still be in the business He should kno. Nt will be her last Until she meets Sean Hunter The last time she saw Sean he had ust beat her out for the position of editor of their college newspaper and told her she'd never make it as a reporter Given his grand ambitions she's shocked to find him editing the Woodbine Weekly Once they start competing .
Genre mostly romance but there were some suspense elements and paranormal elementsStandaloneseries yesCliffhanger view spoiler No hide spoiler Andrea Lockhart is a tabloid reporter doing a story on a werewolf in the town of Woodbine South Carolina the oddest little town she s ever come across when she is literally caught upside down and completely off guard by her college crush Sean Hunter He once broke her heart in a cruel and cold way and he s literally the last person she wants to see But as the editor and ack of all trades for the Woodbine Dispatch Andrea Andrea Lockhart went from being an award winning The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success journalist for the Chicago Tribune to hunting werewolves for a tabloid in Podunk South Carolina If that wasn t ego deflating enough she runs into her one time college crush turned arch nemesis while she is hanging upside down after being caught in a snare trap Determined to keep the upper hand this time Andrea doesn t acknowledge the fact that she remembers Sean Hunter and he sure doesn t seem to connect the sophisticated together professional woman with the chubby introvert he used to torment in college Sean Hunter is the first to admit he was a bastard in college but he had his own issues he was working through He is fascinated by the changes in Andrea and makes no secret of the fact that he wants to renew old friendships If only that pesky werewolf would uit showing up he might be able to work his own brand of magicWell this turned into a very traumatic and heartbreaking book for me Ugh My chest still hurts but I cant tell you why without giving spoilers Just remember I live with wolves everyday and they are very near and dear to my heart The fact that Ms Campbell can pull that much emotion from a reader is a true testament of her skill as a writer and while extremely painful for me it bodes well for the rest of her audience who may not share my overdeveloped empathy for wild animals Overall this was a very entertaining story and had a relatively cheerful tone Yes it was about a scary creature stalking the unwary citizens of a small rural South Carolina town but it wasn t overly dark It was mostly a fun book with laudable interesting characters It captured my interest from the very first and held it until the very endWhat I found most striking about Cry Wolf was that it was the talent of the author that made it such a excellent book and not the graphic content Some books hold readers attention merely by shock factor like a car wreck Cry Wolf was not graphically explicit in either the sexual content or the gore factor yet I was totally enthralled The heroine Andrea exceeded my reuirements in all areas something that almost never happens Her character really impressed me to no end I had not one eye twitch moment with Andrea in fact most of the time I was actively cheering her on The snark uotient in the dialogue was than gracious and the hero was than smexy Would it have hurt my feelings to have added a bit smut to the story Nooo but then I m a perv like that It still didn t take away from the story which still contained a very strong romantic thread I am completely confident of my recommendation of this book and know with 100% certainty that fans of a good story will enjoy this You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading Romance Cry Wolf is Angela Campbell s debut novel and it s a cute sweet contemporary romance with a little werewolf tossed in to mix things up I was hoping that this was the beginning to a series given the ending on that later but after checking out her webpage I think it s a stand alone novel Either way you ll definitely enjoy this book outust in time for HalloweenAndrea Lockheart is a reporter for the tabloid The Naked Truth and her editor has sent her to investigate rumors of werewolf sightings in Woodbine South Carolina She certainly isn t expecting to run into Sean Hunter former senior editor of her university paper He s the Woodbine paper s editor now and Andrea isn t thrilled that she has to work with him since he said some cruel remarks to her when they parted ways in college She d always hoped that their next meeting would involve some sort of acknowledgement of her stellar career rather than his discovering her hanging upside down from a makeshift werewolf trap Sean doesn t
"immediately recognize andi "
recognize Andi from college This new Andi is stunning and clearly not interested in his help but he owes her an apology after being such a erk in college Sean s move to Woodbine to be with his sister and her kids is a far cry from writing for the New York Times but he s definitely enjoying the slower pace of his new life especially since it allows him to spend time helping Andrea with her investigation When Andrea experiences her own werewolf sighting she and Sean begin to take the rumors seriously and the two find themselves spending and time together Can the two find a future together searching for the truth about the local werewolfI really enjoyed the romance in this novel The majority of the book focuses on the relationship between Sean and Andrea rather than the werewolf of the title and that s part of its appeal Andrea is a compelling heroine with a difficult past She s a very talented and hardworking writer despite writing about celebrities for a tabloid and her shared past with Sean is an awkward one that threatens to undermine her hard won self confidence when the two meet again Sean is one sexy editor and he manages to redeem himself from his being a total erk in college one sexy editor and he manages to redeem himself from his being a total erk in college focus on his family and concern for Andrea demonstrate that his changes are sincere The werewolf aspect of the novel was interesting as well I like that Andrea starts out doubting the veracity of the claims and gradually begins to believe in the sightings as her investigation continues I think making the romance the central focus of the novel was particularly effective and the werewolf mystery starts to pick up about halfway into the book which causes the pace to pick up Unfortunately the werewolf mystery wasn t completely resolved to my satisfaction leaving us with a bit of a cliffhanger I liked that the romance between Andrea and Sean was tied up nicely but I wanted explanation about the actual werewolf Initially I assumed that this was the first book in a series and we would learn in subseuent books but as I mentioned earlier Ms Campbell s webpage indicates that this is a stand alone novel and her next book will be in a series set in a different world Cry Wolf is only 87000 words long so there s definitely room for background about the werewolf and the open ending definitely detracted from my enjoyment of the book Overall however this was a really sweet romance and I very much enjoyed it I liked Ms Campbell s insights into the world of ournalism and her experience writing in that world has translated well into fiction writing I ll definitely be looking for of her work in the futureI received this book for review from Carina Press through NetGalley You know what makes this book even fun to read It s actual release date is Oct 31st I got an e arc copy from net galley WOW I m glad I did I m so excited to tell you about this book Here I thought it would be a typical romance book My first thoughts after reading the blurb was that the reporter guy that s following her around was the werewolf But NO WAY This is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT type of werewolf story I was at the edge of my seat for the whole thing I couldn t put it down I finally caved and fell asleep at 1 am the other night only to be woken up by the image of this very werewolf standing in front of my car ust looking at me and it was as freaky in my dream as it was in this book HAOk the book starts off with lol Ok first of all we meet Andrea Lockhart and she s a reporter for the Naked Truth tabloids a nationwide magazine They sent her to this little town because when they were going over ideas at her office she was the only. Andrea Lockhart's ob as a reporter for cheesy tabloid The Naked Truth isn't exactly where she thought her ournalism career would end up She's determined to make the best of it but when her editor sends her to Woodbine South Carolina to investigate a werewolf sighting Andrea decides the ridiculous assignme. .
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