The Money Book for the Young FabulousBroke [Pdf/E–book]

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Sales commission when you sell if held for less than a certain amount of time usually 5 years High expense ratio3 No load No fee to buy or sell no matter when you sellBuy only no load mutual funds based on these criteria1 expenses2 performance over 3 10 years within its fund categoryFunds to use for 401k or Roth IRA 1st choice85% Total Market Index Fund15% Foreign market index fund15% foreign fund 2nd choice60% SP 500 fund15% mid cap10% small cap15% foreign 3rd choice30% large rowth30% large value15% mid cap15% foreign10% small capIf you wouldn t buy a stock that you hold today then sell itDon t invest money that you need in hold today then sell itDon t invest money that you need in than 5 years in stocks Use CDs or money markets insteadReview your 401k and Roth IRA funds twice a year to ensure that they re performing above average for their fund categoriesDon t buy bonds until you re 40 or 45Use index funds not ETFs for dollar cost averagingCar insuranceDeductibles 1000 Bodily injury 100000person 300000accidentProperty damage 50000It s better to pay off a 30 year mortgage early than starting with a 15 year mortgage because events in your life may prevent you from making the higher payments of a 15 yearPeople first Then money Then thingsUse a Living Revocable Trust and Durable Power of Attorney documents instead of a will. M did she just say use your credit card and may even seem counterintuitive pay into a retirement fund even though your credit card debt is killing you but it's her honesty understanding and uncanny ability to anticipate the needs of her readers that has made her the most trusted financial expert of her dayOver the course of ten chapters that can be consulted methodically step by step or on a strictly need to know basis Suze takes the reader past broke to a secure place where they'll never have to worry about revisiting broke again And she begins the journey with a bit of overwhelmingly Nine Ghosts good news yes there really isood news Young people have the reatest asset of all on their side tim. .
The Money Book for the Young FabulousBrokeD much prefer the financial advice of Dave Ramsey Suze is over focused on the FICO score and she talks in eneralities about how to manage money She laughs at the idea of a b I don t know anything about Suze Orman other than seeing her name mentioned occasionally in financial magazines and articles I found out that this was one of her most popular books so I thought I d ive it a tryThis book is meant as a financial handbook for twenty and thirty somethings who Orman calls the Young Fabulous And Broke Fabulous and Broke probably would have otten out of the book and rated it higher if I was broke and wasn t already somewhat familiar with the topics she covers Each of the 10 chapters focuses on some financial topic these are1 focuses on some financial topic These are1 score2 career3 credit4 student debt5 saving6 retirement7 investing8 car9 home10 money and relationshipsEach chapter opens with a few pages of explanation and advice followed by specific uestions and answers The advice is The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) good but nothingroundbreaking I much prefer I Will Teach You To Be RichNotesContribute to a 401k only if you Riding Hard get a company match If you don tet a match do a Roth IRA insteadSet up an emergency fund that covers 6 months of expensesMutual fund fee structures1 A share you pay sales commission when you buy2 emergency fund that covers 6 months of expensesMutual fund fee structures1 A share you pay sales commission when you buy2 share you pay. Ut they're also painfully aware of the urgent need to take matters into their own hands The Money Book was written to address the specific financial reality that faces young people today and offers a set of real not impossible solutions to the problems at hand and the problems ahead Concisely pragmatically and without a whiff of condescension Suze Orman tells her young fabulous broke readers precisely what actions to take and why Throughout these pages there are icons that direct readers to a special YFB domain on Suze's website that offers specialized information forms and interactive tools that further customize the information in the book Her advice at times bucks conventional wisdo.


I enjoyed this book we ve recently become devotes of suze ormond so when her book came out we bought it the money book for the young fabulous and broke is actually really damned helpful sure there were some stupid tips like put off Arabian Challenge getting your hair cut two weekset it cut every 8 weeks instead of 6 not helpful dude i cut my hair at home the part that i found most valuable was the section on retirement she explained what the hell an ira vs a roth ira vs a 401k vs a 403b is it was amazing sure i haven t yet actually reallocated my funds because the webbernet likes to fuck me when i m doing that but at least now i ll have a uide when i do decide to reallocate we also learned a ood tip about trying to pay down our credit card debt we ve tried other things that haven t worked so now we re oing to try her advice and see what happens of course the next few months will be hard if we do really next few months will be hard if we do really to move cash advance to pay our downpayment anyone but moving will be best for our finances in the medium run i digress anyway suze s awesome you should buy this book and watch her show on saturdays on whatever cnbcmoney channel it s on As a YFB er I found this book condescending and some of the advice to be uestionable I ve read a number of her books an. The Money Book for the Young Fabulous Broke is financial expert Suze Orman's answer to a generation's cry for help They're called Generation Debt and Generation Broke cry for help They're called Generation Debt and Generation Broke the media people in their twenties and thirties who raduate college with a mountain of student loan debt and are stuck with one of the weakest job markets in recent history The ILLERAMMA Kathalu goals of their parents'eneration buy a house support a family send kids to college retire in style seem absurdly depressingly out of reach They live off their credit cards may or may not have health insurance and come up so far short at the end of the month that the idea of saving money is a joke This American Literature Student Text generation has it tough without a doubt