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With the back blurb giving a sort of mishmash of well known books forced into one YA book I was happily surprised books forced into one YA book I was happily surprised relived how well Hieber weaved the stories of Dorian Gray and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde into Darker Still taking well known stories and giving it her own twist on these tales and making it new New York City 1882 Natalie Stewart a smart and clever seventeen year old life has been trouble since after a traumatic accident that killed her mother and left her without the ability to speak With nightmares "And Visions That Haunt Her "visions that haunt her nightly This doesn t stop Natalie from seeking out the world through books and trying to break from her shelter living Her life changes when she happens across a painting of Jonathon Whitby Lord Denbury with his startling blue eyes that seem to see deep into her soul almost like he s aliveshocking of all trapped in the painting and it s only up to Natalie to set him free and face her nightmares and the devil that trapped Denbury in the painting Natalie is the type of heroine I love no pity party for this girl Losing her voice and being mute hasn t stopped her from living and expanding her world while sheltered she takes everything with a grain of salt and while what happens to her is on the border of crazy fantastic she takes the role she s given and runs with it and still dealing with her building emotions There was a few instances where I thought she travel down the road of borderline TSTL she surprises me when going into danger not risking her neck out to far but being able to protect those in danger Much of the story is told from her POV in presentpast tense through her dairy and police reports While it s nice to think she could write down all these small details even in a time of crisis I didn t really buy into the format While the idea is great and the author still pulled off an amazing tale I would have liked it better with ust her POV I felt a lot of emotions scenes felt a little lacking in punch especially when faced with the demon that locked Denbury in the painting Denbury was charming and sweet the scenes where very he and Natalie are together were at times sweet hot and sad Natalie brings the life back into Denbury s life and the hope all will be well Denbury becomes the anchor in the storm for Natalie she s been afloat and alone forced into silence by the event that killed her mother It was kinda cute of Denbury taking the role of the princess in distress and Natalie being the knight in shining armor Denbury doesn t have to much of a hand in his release he supports Natalie with calming of her mind and facing down her nightmares that haunt her Both Denbury and Natalie have gifts that makes them targets and there s still those who would love to get their hands on both of them there s also those like who Mrs Evelyn Northe who wants to protect of them there s also those like who Mrs Evelyn Northe who wants to protect help them There was a lot of loose threads left in the end and some hints but I fell in love with how Hieber made this story that I ll be looking forward tonext book in this series Seventeen year old Natalie Stewart has been unable to speak since her mother died when she was a little girl and so she has lived a rather isolated life After graduating from a school for the deaf and mute and returning home to New York City she begins writing a diary to pass the time Her father works for the Metropolitan Museum of Art which in 1880 when the story is set had only been opened for a few years Natalie becomes interested in a painting of Lord Denbury a young English nobleman who was recently presumed deadFrom the start Natalie is fascinated by the lifelike portrait and she soon learns why Lord Denbury is not dead but has been trapped in the painting by an evil demon who has possessed his body Only Natalie can visit him in the painting and in her dreams which have always been dark and disturbing Natalie and Lord Denbury soon begin to fall in love but can Natalie save him by defeating the demon and breaking the curse that traps him in the paintingDarker Still is a book that really stands out from the sea of young adult paranormal romances out there Both the setting New York City in 1880 and the story a demon who trapped someone in a painting are very uniue as is the format since the story is told through Natalie s diary If you are like me and love young adul. A lush gothic tale that begs for readingI couldn't put it down New York Times bestselling author Sarah Maclean I was obssessed It was as if he called to me demanding I reach out and touch the brushstrokes of color swirled onto the canvas It was the most exuisite portrait. T paranormal romance but are sick and tired "of the endless modern vampire and werewolf books "the endless modern vampire and werewolf books highly recommend this book and I think fans of historical fiction would enjoy it as wellDisclosure Review copy provided by publisher Darker StillA copy of this book was kindly provided by Sourcebooks Fire Publishing via NetgalleyFor Natalie Stewart destiny is scrawled across the morning paper s headlines A story and a photo of a painting capture her attention It is the handsome portrait of a Lord Denbury who is reported to have committed suicide in England Rumors swirl thick around the picture some believe that it is haunted and that the essence of the young man is trapped inside Our mute heroine Natalie is immediately drawn to the painting She endeavors to gently prod her father a museum curator into purchasing the work for the Metropolitan Museum in New York City A few furiously scribbled notes later he is convinced but it seems there are others interested in the mysterious painting With the aid of a wealthy widow Mrs Northe the masterpiece is procured and Natalie soon finds herself plunged into a strange supernatural mystery There is foul magic afoot Natalie inexplicably is able to enter into the painting and indeed trapped inside is the soul of the striking Jonathan Denbury while his corporal body is possessed by the very demon that ensnared him Natalie is absorbed in a race against time to shatter the curse to free Denbury and halt the horrific murders that are committed by the demonic possessor of Lord Denbury s body Each time she plunges into the painting she leaves a bigger piece of her heart behind She has fallen hopelessly in love with the cursed Jonathon Denbury Will she be able to break the evil spell and save the man she has lost her heart toWhat I LikedI enjoyed the setting of New York in 1880 the description of the novel at the time of this review states the story takes place in 1882 this is an error for the book starts in June of 1880 it is in the years when the United States is coming out from under the dark bloody years of the Civil War New York is bustling with activity and with an ever growing fascination with the mystical and spiritualism I was intrigued by the ideas put forth in this novel regarding the occult It was a time when individuals were open minded and willing to accept the possibility of supernatural explanations An era when people openly dabbled in the world of spirits and tried to open lines of communication through seances and ouija boards This time provides the perfect backdrop for the novelThe characters in this book are uniue Natalie the lead heroine is notable by the loss of her voice As a young child she witnessed a traumatic accident that stole her mother and her ability to speak She has spent thirteen years trapped as a mute This is the first time that I encountered a voiceless protagonist Don t let the lack of speech fool you Natalie is determined headstrong a uick scribe and adept in sign language I was delighted in the way she finds her voice This novel provides a candid look at the many obstacles someone with disabilities faced in the past My favorite character was Mrs Northe she immediately becomes Natalie s fast friend She is intelligent open minded a spiritualist and willing to acknowledge the whisperings of the supernatural A forward thinking and capable woman in a male dominated society Jonathon Denbury he is a gentlemen dashingly handsome charming noble and a caring healer It is easy to see why he holds such sway over the and a caring healer It is easy to see why he holds such sway over the even as a painting I am certain he will set many hearts a flutterThe premise of the book a haunted painting one that entraps a man s soul This was a novel and creative story I liked the idea of Natalie being able to dive into the painting I also appreciated that the book was told through the writings in Natalie s Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies journal letters and newspaper clippings This concept married well with Natalie s handicap the diary is Natalie s voiceAnd The Not So MuchI was so excited to read this book the idea of a painting coming to life As I delved into the pages I found that at times the pacing of the story ambled along It took a long time before the pace moved to aog and it isn t until the last couple of chapters that it speeds to a running finish Due to the slow unfurling I had a hard. I'd ever seen everything about Lord Denbury was unbelievableutterly breathtaking and eerily lifelike There was a reason for that Because despite what everyone said Denbury never had committed suicide He was alive Trapped within his golden frame I've crossed over into his. ,

Darker StillTime staying engaged in the plot Perhaps it was ust meI was left confused about two characters The conniving Crenfall who underhandedly helped entrap Denbury I was unclear over his ultimate role was he possessed by the same demon or was he under a compulsion spell I was also unsure of Mrs Northe s niece Maggie Upon first meeting there is some foreshadowing whirling around her and Mrs Northe s disapproving looks and annoyance indicated that she was headed towards something problematic or a possibly dark enterprise but alas it did not come to fruition She does make headed towards something problematic or a possibly dark enterprise but alas it did not come to fruition She does make bumbling attempt at a seance during an inopportune climatic moment in the story but her role is left unfinished I have a feeling that perhaps her involvement has not ended I certainly hope so because her thread is left hanging I did not like the participation of the police detective I am not sure what the purpose of his voice was in the plot but it felt out of place to meThis is labeled as a young adult title but due to the graphic murder scenes and mature themes I think this is a novel better suited for mature young adult readersDarker Still is a captivating glance into a bygone era A world of spiritualism and supernatural possibility Grab Lord Denbury s hand and dip into his painting Follow Natalie as she navigates the streets of New York chasing a demon This is an intriguing adventure that immerses you into the world of the occult The door is left ajar to continue the tales of Natalie and Jonathan who knows what trouble lurks ahead for the two lovebirdsFavorite uotationsI was lost in the music of himPerhaps the Devil knows when a man could do great things and stops him from them Wreaking havoc in his path insteadIt would take a very wise young woman to know that she shouldn t always trust a fairy taleA soul without purpose withersGreat things may not change the world but they will change the lives around youFor reviews visit This started out kind of insta lovish and cheesy but the puzzle of the curse and the haunted painting were really interesting and I ended up liking it mainly because of that and the Gothic atmosphere I was happy enough with the ending that I m probably not going to pick up the rest of the series though I don t really need to see where else this goesI do enjoy this author s writing Everything I ve read by her has had great atmosphere But I liked her adult series better and I think I ll wait until she goes back to writing for adults again This was too YA for me The writing was decent I loved the era and the setting I thought the author did it ustice but the plot is still poorly done When you really think about it we all know books have to have high stakes There was no real stake for our heroine at all She got drawn in by the painting the only reason she helps is because she feels a certain pull to the ridiculously attractive lord and thus must help him Honestly what if he was butt ugly Different situation entirely If our MC chose not to act she could have easily walked away "With No Conseuence I "no conseuence I her motivation aside from her attraction to oh so gorgeous guy is also because she s lonely as she s a mute It s nice for her to be involved and feel appreciated Although it does become ridiculous how she s the only person able to go into the painting and converse with Jonathan and it s also too far fetched that in the painting she can miraculous talk again which helps her in real lifeAlso the book is written in the diary style which puts a distance from the actual conflict You won t actually be worried for the MC because you know she ll be fine I mean she can t give us the end if she s dead right Someone has to write the thingThere are many accounts of our MC s nightmares which is probably supposed to be the scariest and most exciting bit But too bad I found it inane along with the subplot of her mother I guess we re supposed to worry about the bad guys in this case right But you ll be surprised how easily the MC manages to deal with the problem and get the body back view spoilerIn the end all it took was a simple sentence when the actual ritual took so bloody long Goes like this let s ask the guy what he remembers oh and look at the symbols at the back of the painting Then let s hit some books and do some research and voila We have a solution hide spoiler. World within the painting and I've seen what dreams haunt him They haunt me too He and I are inextricably linked bound together to watch the darkness seeping through the gas lit cobblestone strets of Manhattan And unless I can free him soon things will only get Darker Stil.