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Els would be appropriate only for those middle and high school students who are reading well below grade level As for literary merit the writing is engaging and vivid are reading well below grade level As for literary merit the writing is engaging and vivid the illustrations are well crafted dynamic and colorful This book fills both personal and instructional needs and its addition to a library s collection would bolster a typically nderstocked but valuable genre in high school and middle school libraries the picture book for teen readers4 Review source Philbrook J 1992 Book review Preschool primary School Library Journal 3811 86 5 SOL connection WHI10 The student will demonstrate knowledge of civilizations and empires of the Eastern Hemisphere and their interactions through regional trade patterns byc describing Japan with emphasis on the impact of Shinto and Buddhist traditions and the influence of Chinese culture94 English The student will read comprehend and analyze a variety of literary texts including narratives narrative nonfiction poetry and drama andg analyze the cultural or social function of a text Published 1992This book is a tale from the Japanese culture about a girl names Tokoyo who grows p with her father who is a noble sent on a mission she encounters various troubles but that does not stop her from being back with her father again This book is a beautiful blend of a young woman finding her inner strength and also there hero "Overcoming A Great Beast "a great beast save her society This book is a beautiful story but it s in the water color pictures that this book assumes the ality that it does Absolutely beautiful I love a book about a strong female character and this book had the perfect one The Samurai s Daughter by Robert D San Souci shows s that girls can do anything anyone else can do This book has tons of lessons you can take with you as you finish the book about loyalty bravery and standing p for others We are not as selfless in our lives as we should be We spend so much of our lives thinking about ourself and not enough about people around Die Pharaonin us In this book she givesp her life for a stranger How many of Something Radiates us could do that This is the story of a brave daughter Tokoyo taught the ways of the Samurai by her father When her father is banished by the mind sick ruler of the land Tokoyo vows to follow and join him in banishment She sets o I love the strong female character in this story Way to go Tokoyo When a samurai s daughter loses her father she s determined to be reunited no matter what the risk This tale of her bravery shows the able girl confronting danger at every turn with no assistance from anyone around her She sails into thenknown accompanied by nothing but a cricket and her trusty knife and wins her father s freedom and the return to sanity of his lord It is a true adventure story filled with robbers ghosts demons and curses The illustrations are also fantastic ably starting with the titular character on the cover boldly looking at the viewer with arms akimbo and a dangerous serpent coiled about her body This lets the reader know right from. Ourney fraught with both natural and supernatural dangers a ship of ghosts fierce bandits and an evil sea demon Johnson's lush This book did not have a memorable story mostly because it kept changing directions multiple times throughout It also had some grammar errors that were very distracting to the story The ending of the story seemed to be an afterthought because it failed to tie everything together The pictures were beautiful and gave a good image of the story This is a dramatic tale of bravery honor and familial loyalty not to mention the samurai virtues of courage discipline and endurance I love that Tokoyo is the lead character and she displays these character traits so well The narrative is not too long and
is fun to 
fun to aloud The full color painting illustrations were created with pastels and then scanner separated and reproduced as red blue yellow and black halftones Overall it s an engaging story that helps to depict a part of medieval Japanese culture during the Kamakura Period 1185 1333 We really enjoyed reading it together We d never heard of the Oki islands before but we looked it Viking Slave (The Beast Kings Slave, up online These islands are not close to Okinawa where wesed to live but it was interesting to learn about them Pairing and overview I am pairing the picture book The "Samurai s Daughter by Robert D San Souci illustrations by Stephen T Johnson with my manga pick A Bride s Story "s Daughter by Robert D San Souci illustrations by Stephen T Johnson with my manga pick A Bride s Story texts focus on strong female Asian protagonists who defy stereotypes This book conveys the story of Tokoyo a samurai s daughter who journeys to save her Bonsai from the Wild unfairly exiled father She risks her life to save her father and his honor as she battles bandits ghostly warriors and a deadly white serpent The beautiful lush illustrations convey medieval Japanese culture as well as Tokoyo s emotionalest1 Audience I can see placing this book in the hands of teachers who are teaching Asian literature for example folktales or this particular time period in history It might serve as a discussion starter about stereotypes or paired with a manga text it might be interesting to have students recreate The Samurai s Daughter as a manga story Struggling readers who are interested in Japanese culture might also enjoy the book with its simpler vocabulary and action 3 Selection Criteria This tale appears to be accurate the opening page of the book acknowledges the primary and collateral sources about the myth on which the book is based Although the book is based on a centuries old story and was published in the last "Decade It Is Timely In "it is timely in students continue to study and be fascinated by folktales Its authority is established by the fact that it is published by a division of Penguin Books a well respected and familiar publisher The book has won a number of awards including Kirkus Book Review Stars and the United States Outstanding Books by Wisconsin Authors and Illustrators The Samurai s Daughter is relevant to the curriculum and can be tied to a number of history and English SOLs see examples below and it may be sed to spark reading interest in struggling readers Emotional and interest levels are appropriate but the book s reading and intellectual lev. Tokoyo vows to join her father a samurai nobleman after he is exiled to a lonely island But between daughter and father lies a
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The beginning just what kind of story and heroine she will be reading It s a fine book for girls and boys alike a reminder that courage in women is always to be prized no matter what culture or level in society in which it exists I had read many Japanese folktales over the years but I had never read a "folktale ite like this before The Samurai s Daughter is a Japanese folktale that is retold by master storyteller "uite like this before The Samurai s Daughter is a Japanese folktale that is retold by master storyteller D San Souci along with illustrations by Stephen T Johnson and with these two elements combined this Is Definitely One Story That definitely one story that worth readingOnce GameMaker Studio Book - RPG Design and Coding upon a time on the east coast of Japan there lived a loyal samurai who lived with his beautiful daughter Tokoyo When Tokoyo was young her fathersed to teach her everything about being a samurai and Tokoyo would learn how to defend herself in battle However when Tokoyo got older her father decided to teach However when Tokoyo got older her father decided to teach to be ladylike which Tokoyo did not enjoy doing One tragic day however the ruler of Japan decided to banish Tokoyo s father to the Oki Islands due to suffering from a mental illness and Tokoyo is forced to separate from her father After this incident Tokoyo decided to journey to the Oki Islands by herself in order to reunite with her father Will Tokoyo be able to reunite with her father while facing all kinds of danger on her journeyRead this book to find out Wow I cannot believe that I have never read this book before I have always loved Robert D San Souci s retellings of many folktales and fairy tales as Robert D San Souci s narrations were always intriguing to read and this book was definitely no exception I loved the way that Robert D San Souci wrote Tokoyo s character as Tokoyo is shown as being a strong and independent woman who was willing to go through any kind of danger in order to reunite with her father and I really loved the fact that Tokoyo learned how to fight like a samurai as it made her into a truly The Diary of Jack the Ripper uniue and strong character I love the way that this story compares strongly to Mulan as both stories take place in an Asian setting Mulan in China and The Samurai s Daughter in Japan and both have strong female protagonists who are willing to go through so much danger in order to protect their loved ones Mulan enters the army to save her father and Tokoyo travels to the Oki Islands to reunite with her father Stephen T Johnson s artwork is truly beautiful as the artwork is done in pastel paintings and they really give an authentic Japanese feel to the story that made me feel like I am actually visiting ancient Japan through these illustrations I loved the way that Stephen T Johnson drew the ocean and the characters themselves as they look truly gorgeous and really complement greatly to the storyOverall The Samurai s Daughter is a truly fantastic book for anyone who loves strong female protagonists and loves reading about ancient Japan I would recommend this book to children ages five andp since the length of this book might be a bit tiresome for smaller childrenReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog. Aintings illuminate this tale of courage and endurance retold from a medieval Japanese legend Full color Size D 32 pp 8000 print. .