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He book on its back u know how it was It s like there was no consensus ad idem what up latin legal term referenceI swear It was so deceiving It was supposed to be about a career oriented woman who didn t believe in relationships and therefore was involved in a no strings attached relationship but then she realizes how much she likes him when he is away and falls into love I am actually into such stuff sometimes but you know what I got 2 pages of what I mentioned and rest is ust desperation fake friends desperation bad best friend desperation bad ROMANCE and did I happen to mention the desperation Urghh Chavvi That s all there was to the book Chavvi the protagonist was supposed to be career oriented like on the synopsis not desperate It was on the whole a big SCAM They "cheated me the characters ahh where do i "me The Characters Ahh where do I I don t think they were characters they were evil creatures sent by God to punish me for not studying and reading this book instead I promise to u at this moment god I will never do that againso u too don t do that to me Ever I mean each and every single character I loathed like never before They were terrible Chavvi was a sex craving despo Her BFF Vatsala was a cheating whore and Chavvi s eye candy Tushar Oh god Its like when he proclaimed his love for her I was likeI swear I felt nothing god Its like when he proclaimed his love for her I was likeI swear I felt nothing s not A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, just because I am an ice ueen it was because it was all FAKEwhen Chavvi spoke I was likeWhen Tushar spoke I was likeWhen Vatsala spoke I was likeThen comes the style of writing It was okay not really something I would prefer exactly but wasn t bad eitherI was so upset with this book I read If it s not forever a colab by this author it was pretty good actually and so I fearlessly went on to read this but i guess i am scarred for life no. No strings attached open relationship However when she begins to miss him while he's away she knows it is something thanust passio.

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Even when she agreed on open relationshipand the break up in the middle
"was also not "
also not ust because Tushar found a project oversea This was complete waste of my time and there was nothing uniue about this read The younger me read it and liked it long time back Not sure what "i would have felt on this book now "would have felt on this book now plans to revisit it and find that out anytime soon So settling with the younger me decision No special story Just you can read it for the sake of reading If this s the first Work You Are Reading you are reading Nikita Singh you will completely be disappointed and u ll hesitate to get other books of her s A Bold Attempt by such a Young WriterI knew I was reading the book from a girl s point of view I was amazed with what I was reading Hats off to Nikita for choosing such a bold subject No It s not crap From the very beginning the reader is hooked The language is uite fresh and relatableA fast paced book which can be read in one sitting I enjoyed it thoroughly At times it is witty and at times the images which comes to the mind is uite intriguing which makes this an un put down able book Read it and you will come to know 1 Stars Accidentally in Love Rather Intentionally MURDERDSo here I am again I thought I was on a lucky streak with all the 5 star books I have been reading these days but no This book was there to remind me to get my ass back to the real worldActually I was so tempted to give this 5 stars owing to how ridiculous this book was It was so effing ridiculous It made me laugh at the pettiness of each character if this was classified into the humor genre well 5 stars for you But it wasn t humor it was supposed to be romance The Plot Looking for the plot to write the reviewNope still couldn t find itSo I read the synopsis of Tushar a successful photographer sparks fly between themBut Chhavi doesn't believe in love or commitment They decide to carry on ,

Accidentally in Love With Him? Again?