(The Casanova Code) [E–pub] ¾ Donna MacMeans

Ying story that lingers in your mind when you shut the book readers looking for a shut the book readers looking for a written story with an innovative plot should open The Casanova Code and fall into itA young lady with a gift for cracking codes finds her skills have use than playing games with family or decoding titillating messages in the personal columns A war hero finds that a reputation built up in his younger days lingers in society like a bad odor hindering any chance he has of a meaningful life Add family secrets political intrigue and some scandalous Japanese prints and you have a recipe for an njoyable afternoon read on your deck or at the beachMacMeans characters modern women living in an Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential era when riding a bicycle constituted a defiant act of independence promise usnjoyable romps in her Rake Patrol Series The First Book In Patrol series The first book in Rake Patrol series Edwina Hargrove sees an ad advertising for a wife but she knows its really a ruse to attract decent women and bundle them off for scandalous purposes She also sees patterns and codes in the advertisements Anyway she and her fellow Rake Patrol are determine to stop Ashton Trewelyn from his dastardly deedsA fun witty little romp in the world of codes and secrets Not a lot of action may have lagged slightly at times but overall I found it njoyable. Sage that has implications to the Crown and his family His only hope to unravel the mystery lies in the nigmatic Edwina's ability to recognize patterns Even as he leads her on the mystery lies in the Humanism enigmatic Edwina's ability to recognize patterns Even as he leads her on path of secret societies and risué temptations he discovers she arouses his jaded soul with temptations of her own Must they riskverything to decipher Casanova's cod. A fun start to a new series by Donna MacMeans Edwina has always had a head for figuring out puzzles decoding secret messages and under Originally posted at s the saying a TIGER CAN T CHANGE HIS STRIPES can t change his stripes what if he doesI hadn t taken the time to open a book by Donna MacMeans until I nabbed a copy of The Casanova Code Let me say here and now I was so wrong to wait this long I snickered cheered and at times wanted to toss the book across the room Why Because I got so wrapped up in the characters I did I sat down to read this book planning to take in two maybe three chapters then get some other things done Before I knew it than an hour had gone by along with over half the tale the writing flowed so well i was stuck writing flowed so well I was stuck in my seat needing to know what would happen next I felt like I was right there with them and couldn t get Smokin' Hot enoughWhy would I want to throw the book if I liked it so much Invery great book this being no xception there are times when the characters do things that seem odd As much as I wasn t sure I d like Ashton the hero I did I loved how he volved through the I d like Ashton the hero I did I loved how he volved through the and grew into his own That said there were a few moments when he made choices I didn t agree with That s a good thing He kept the story lively Then there was Edwina There s a line Ashton A refined gentleman age 25 of wealth and ducation seeks the acuaintance with a view to matrimony of a high minded kind hearted lady who prefers an vening of uiet conversation to the lively demands of society Edwina Hargrove knows that this gentleman was in fact Ashton Trewelyn a rake notorious for seducing the young and naive In fact five dece. The Casanova CodeFather says whatever happened to good old fashioned names like Mary or Rose That line really fit She wasn t an average girl She kept reminding veryone she was a modern woman I give her credit riding the bicycle free thinking in a time when women were xpected to wed and produce children she had it all Yes there were a couple of times neither I ll go into detail on as to not ruin the story where I wanted to shout why are you doing that and yet

I Understood I Got 
understood I got insight into the times they lived inThere was one detail threaded through the story that gave a new twist on the historical The Japanese Pillow Books Again I won t go into a lot of detail as to not ruin the story but these books were white hot A reader not xpecting a sexual topic within the story might be taken aback by the theme of sexual object but be assured Ms MacMeans handled the story arc with flair It s a great addition and I liked itIf you want a book that will stick with you long after the last page then this might be the book you re looking for I recommend it highly Loved this book not put downable from start to finish it had me Ashton and Edwinda are so good for While My Soldier Serves each other So well written the story flows and all the characters add so much to it can t wait for the next one Anmotionally satisf. Nt women have already been tricked and bundled off to the continent for scandalous purposes There was a way to have already been tricked and bundled off to the continent for scandalous purposes There was a way to his scheme though by shadowing this devilishly handsome Casanova and warning his prey If only it were that simpleWounded and weary Ashton Trewelyn returns home to London from the King's Royal Rifles but soon discovers a coded mes. .