Beautiful Dirty Rich [Pdf/E–pub]

Ed just as big a media frenzy than Desi s story no way that would ve been swept under the rug All of the that would ve been swept under the rug All of the was one thing but I would have liked to see some reeling and ealing taking place in this book with not only Lonnie but Jordan s investigation of the computer guy I was told a lot instead of being allowed to see the events unfold for myself which I would have loved The two big bombshells that Desi had in her possesion also went cold As id the nurse s involvement and her relationship with Solomon etc Everything was just too simple The ending seemed rushed and once again full of narration instead of storytellingSaying all of the above just "To Say This The Story Could Ve "say this the story could ve amn good had it just been written out The book isn t bad but it could ve been so much other than conveniently narrated to tie things up which still left so much ROMANCE (BWWM Contemporary Romance Boxset) (African American Pregnancy Interracial Multicultural Book 1) dangling This was a really solid three star story that I would give 3 12 stars if I could Lots of ugly secrets betrayals and messiness in this one I ll be continuing on with the series Review to come 100 times compelling and engrossing for me than Gone Girl Trust the title itoes not lie This is a Noir Southern Mystery It had me in its grip from start to finish Fantastic summer readTrigger Warning there are instances of Shallow Grave dubious consent sex and rape Teen prostitution and two chapters from the POV of pedophiles Use of misogynistic homophobic and racist slurs None of this is in heavy use or gratuitous in my opinion Your mileage may vary The library labeled this a romance Holy shit were they off yes I m sending them an email about he inaccurate shelving This is a mystery triller though it s a slow burn of a thriller It has explicit sex and a minor romantic subplot but this is about the horrible shit powerful peopleo and those who pay the price At its heart it is a story about vengeance and how no matter how much it may feel like justice there are some things we can never get back after they are lost This was a fast and entertaining read Though I guessed a couple of the twists others The Economics of Agricultural Development downright shocked me Desi is a wonderful character I really loved all of the characters even theespicable ones Such rich lush storytelling and engaging narration I loved Nicole Smalls voice acting and the added sound effects really sunk me into the story This is a gritty gripping crime Shallow Grave drama and I loved it This is my first urban fiction book I was unsure what the category meant A friend pointed out that it was stuck up to avoid certain genres and well the shoe fit This wasecent fun gossipy interesting and nicely paced I would ve labeled it a thriller as it seems similar in story to that genre Definitely has adult themes and not literature but a nice read for sure. That there is much to the story and Desi Green is the keeper of the Gatewood secrets including what happened the night J ulian The Pocket Guide to Action died When a famous true crime reporter shows up on heroorstep wanting the full story Desi agrees to reveal all much to the horror of the Gatewoods who will o anything to stop her But Desi has than a few tricks up her slee. Beautiful Dirty RichLove this book of murder mystery and betrayal JD Mason told this story extremely well and I have uickly become one of he newest fans JD Mason is a wonderful writer This story was a real page turner and the plot was so uniue Desi is a layered character and the story of the Gatewoods family rama is so juicy Lonnie though is the character I was most intrigued by She Is Part Bad Btch And Part Superhero Part Single is part bad btch and part superhero part single female part exotic vixen She s a trip and I loved reading about her I was thrilled that when and I loved reading about her I was thrilled that when got to the end of the story I already had my copy of the seuel so that I could Made to Crave Action Plan Participants Guide dive right in JD Mason has officially joined the list of my favorite authors Must read While I was reading this book my husband noticed the sultry cover and commented That s not the typical book you read Yes it s outside my normal reading realm but it s intriguing a murder mystery romance I replied Anyway the author is a friend of mine and I figured I need to catch up on her writing because she is coming out with a new one soon This is a fascinating story howoes she think up all these twists and it takes place in Dallas where I lived for 15 years The first crime takes place in the fictional town of Blink TX which is located about an hour northeast of Dallas so it has to be near the towns of Allen or McKinney where I used to skydive It was also fun to read that some of the characters names are some of my real life friends and obviously JD s friends as well There are some loose ends but guess what I just Introduction to African American Studies discovered they are addressed in the seuelJD is a talented writer I won t give away all the surprise events but take my adviceon t judge a book by its cover Wow This book was really good It was JUICY I think what I liked most were her characters They were all so flawed and estructive This was my first JD Mason book and I m glad that I finally picked it up and read it This is my first time to read this author I chose it because of the cool title I like that the book is set in Texas and

was hooked immediately from page I idn t like it that it was set in a fictional town instead of a real one but I got over it and enjoyed the story I was being told There are a bunch of characters to keep track of and it s Alcohol Addiction definitely a page turner Well after finishing my Goodreads challenge Iecided to read something light and fun and easy and this book fit the billIt was a uick read chock full of secrets and the promise of big reveals but I just felt that the promise of a big payoff was kinda weak and the powerful secrets were lukewarm at bestSo this book follows a recently released forty something year old convict Desi Green as she rejoins society after serving a 25 year sentence for murdering her father one of. A gripping new novel from bestselling author JD Mason about a wealthy Texas family and the one woman who holds and will reveal all their irty secrets  Desdimona Green has been the name on everyone’s lips in Blink Texas Twenty five years ago at the age of eighteen she shot and killed one of the wealthiest men and pillars of the community oil bar. .
The richest and most powerful man in Texas the married Julian GatewoodAfter being identified by the sheriff as the one who pulled the trigger convicted by a Judge and jury of her peers everyone iscounted Desi and wrote her off a Judge and jury of her peers everyone Aspects of South African Literature discounted Desi and wrote her off her sentence is over and she reappears twenty millionollars richer from money left to her mother from Gatewood Desi s story intrigues the state and one journalist The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused decides her story is worth telling and offers her a bookeal to expose her side of her sordid past why would she kill her father and then stand there with a smoking gun So with that premise of a ghost written book of secrets the story rolls with side plots involving her lawyer and his investigations into the past the shady underside of everyone involved with her case and of everyone involved with her case and mysterious best friend the exotic Social Media in Academia dangerous Lonnie who was spicy and interesting my favorite character aside from theeliciously perfect asshole Jordan I Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream dont know I cant say this book was as scandalous and intriguing as it is hyped up to beIony know if its recommended good though I just wish certain areas the human traffic aspect and people Olivia Gatewood would have gotten Orality in Igbo (African) Literature detail Beautiful Dirty Rich by JD Mason held a lot of promise A powerful and rich black family with secrets betrayal heartache intrigue and all the trappings thatraws me to this type of story I liked the premise of the book well enough but had problems with the executionDesi Green was convicted of murdering the wealthy Julian Gatewood There was never a uestion about why she killed him nor were there ever really any real justice Modern English in Action (Level 12) delivered that fatefulay nor thereafter People get railroaded by the courts everyday especially the poor which is unfortunate That may hold true but would this particular injustice have happened I on t know seems almost impossible with as much media coverage this case garnered I can t see some lawyer sitting at home watching this trial unfold not wanting to make a name for see some lawyer sitting at home watching this trial unfold not wanting to make a name for by taking Desi on as a client The agreement that was made between the parties involved had so many holes that I on t understand why once given the payday of a lifetime that a specific person fight The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions didn t for another trial Trying not to give away spoilersAnother issue was the narration in place of the story just being written out There was so much summed up in one chapter through narration that it made me feel like I had been robbed of a novel Lonnie s involvement seemed cloak andagger enough but what took place with her wouldn t have gone cold that easily It was written that she was an in The Alcohol Blackout: Walking, Talking, Unconscious Lethal demand journalist that wrote her own ticket with major magazines newspapers and had personal connections with the media Trust me herisappearance would ve caus. On Julian Gatewood The Gatewood family was considered untouchable so the whole state of Texas was rocked to its core over Julian’s murder They were even shocked to Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture discover that Desi is Julian’saughter and her mother had been his lover for years But when Desi gets out of jail and promptly inherits millions from Julian’s estate everyone knows.