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Ns and colors of William Cameron correlated w the rocks that she dealt w in her career Really thought the mystery of his family heirlooms would carry out longer and provide angst for the story though His hang up was a little off the wall but went w it because he believed it Bella of course is looking for the one as she would like to settle down and have a family but because of Will s hang up he can t be the oneThey uickly get involved but when she researches him and discovers that he won t be committing to she pulls back There is some game playing w other characters that added A Bit Of Amusement And Drama Moved The Story Along bit of amusement and drama moved the story along thing is that Will claims he doesn t play games et he does to get what he wants even KNOWING that Bella wants Okay he does feel some guilt for his playing w

"her butyou know "
butyou know ends justify the means He does confess and tries to pull back but he has already hooked her by now They embark on the no strings thing but slowly things become tied up Unstuck yet Will is still convinced on no commitment until he ponders things Ms King perfectly demonstrates how sometimes keepingour hands to ourself is not possible The heroine Bella discovers this fact when she meets her new client and no matter how much she strives to ignore the immediate urgent chemistry she meets her new client and no matter how much she strives to ignore the immediate urgent chemistry fights a losing battle But this story is than just about two people unable to keep their hands and mouths and other parts to themselves Although the interaction between the main characters is super hot the message Ms King conveys through the book is strong and well executed Giving in to temptation always has conseuences and to love someone and set ourself vulnerable to love s ministrations takes courageThe characters were well developed the plot logical and without holes and the writing style engaging and speckled with humor I would definitely recommend this read for lovers of modern romance Easy reading always nice to doA love story with a happy ending The Storytellers Muse you know that whenou start reading But the way to the end of the book was a nice one I like her work did added something extra to this story. N them is actually mutual Urgent And it catches them completely unawares in a black London taxiAll that glitters is not gold All that sparkles isn't diamond All men who turn ou on aren't the real thing But being cynical gets boring Maybe it's time for Bella to throw caution to the win. .
Clusive world However all that being said there were some really nice turns of phrase in this story that saved it from being merely an OK 2 stars Miniseries Just a FlingCategory Classic Romance wow almost a five stars book the hero was complex brooding and oh so sexy I usually have a problem with most heroines but this one hero was complex brooding and oh so sexy I usually have a problem with most heroines but this one pretty much flawless Strong determined and honest The sex scenes were hot and the only thing that bothered me was the lack of a future epilogue other than that it was one hell of a ride The hero Will has inherited his father s estate including a very large and well know jewellery collection He takes a few items to Bella the heroine for valuation and there is an immediate spark between them But his interest in Bella is put on hold when Bella informs him that some of the items have been tampered with Eventually though the attraction returns and when Bella admits it is mutual it results in a passionate albeit brief encounter But however much Bella enjoyed it she knows Will isn t looking for commitment and she is looking for Mr Right Will knows he shouldn t pursue Bella but he can t ignore the fierce desire he feels for her and asks for her help restoring t ignore the fierce desire he feels for her and asks for her help restoring of the jewellery and it s not long before they begin an affair Strictly temporary Bella soon realises her mistake as her feelings for Will turn to love something that he can never give herI was surprised by the darkness in the book Dark in comparison to Lucy King s The Crown Affair which I read recently which had a flirty and fun mood But this is a brilliant book and I really enjoyed it Bella is a fabulous heroine uirky fun and interesting She is the perfect balm to Will s brooding and damaged personality The sexual tension is so thick ou could almost cut it and that scene in the back on the limo is scorching The story itself is deep emotional and interesting and very well writtenFull of sass as well as emotion all in Lucy King s very uniue and utterly compelling style I loved itOriginally posted at Bella was an older experienced heroine which was a nice change I liked that the descriptio. Wellery business; with very interesting new client William Cameron aka the Duke of Hawksley no lessShe's expecting portly and chinless; but actually Will's tall dark and so distractingly good looking it's hard to concentrate on his jewels More of a surprise this weird attraction betwee. DNFSorry but I just couldn tFor starters I felt the tone like like a rom com than an HP I m not saying it can t be done but at least in this moment if my mercurial moods I didn t like itWith an older h I was expecting even resistance different reactions than the twenty ear olds I don t knowAnd the hero got on my wrong side too fast too Hot passion at the start then blowing hot and cold A little unbelievable Bella is expert in jewelryShe has successful business but no luck with relationship With her ages she dreams of having happily husband and child but no such luck And then She Met Willhandsome And Arrogant met Willhandsome and arrogant brought his jewelry to her for appraisalTheir chemistry spark but Bella knows Will doesn t do commitmentHow will she changes his mind or maybe she would change her mind to do fling instead of commitmentwhat I like1 their chemistry ROCK2 Bella isn t weak and need to rescue type of heroineshe has brain than that she knows what s wrong and what s right to doso why 4 stars instead of five what I don t like1 warning epilogue is no where to be seen sob2 How they are head over heel in love toward each otherWhile that could be good and romantic it seems to me that love or passion weaken two functional personsWhen they re apart they couldn t stop thinking of each other and when they re together they just can t apart they couldn t stop thinking of each other and when they re together they just can t their hands of each otherWHAT that isn t productive or good with their career at allanyway this is good and sweet novel to read ps I still want the epilogue Nice to see an older heroine but the hero s hang ups were pretty hard to believe although they are pretty standard hang ups with pretty standard reasons for them The pacing of the story is very fast in terms of establishing the relationship building the conflict and overcoming it for the resolution Other than the fact that he has a collection of jewellery that s been in the family for ears I also didn t really get why the hero had to be a duke particularly since almost nothing is done with it And nothing is done with showing how the heroine and her crappy background are going to fit into his ex. Mills Boon Sexy series delivers what ou love in contemporary romance glamour and scandal in exotic locationsAt thirty five Bella might be an expert on diamonds but she but she's still missing a big fat one on the third finger of her left hand However at least she has her successful je.

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