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The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse dEd out of my mind and had noesire to pick up this book which was a choreI am very interested in these characters however I would love a book on this era if anyone could recommend oneGroup read starts July 28 Although I Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature don t feel this second instalment in the Norman series is in the same league as the first Io still rate it highly I think there re too many elements in The Lion of Justice which prevents this reader at least from being absorbed by say two or three key themes Perhaps the author would ve fared better to have focused on William II aka author would ve fared better to have focused on William II aka and his term as England s monarch rather than covering so wide a scope as certain plotlines feel rushed or underdevelopedOne storyline in particular I won T Say Which For Fear Of Spoiling say which for fear of spoiling for people considering reading this novel felt anticlimactic For those who have read it I ll just state that I m referring to Nesta her cousin and Henry s later involvement A four book set rather than three would maybe have served better Either that or this novel should ve been extended by 100 pages or so It s also hard to get to know the main characters with such a lot of co stars involvedIn short I consider this a good read that has not realised its full potential Moving on life is too short for The Writing Workshop dry asirt Plaidy Henry I was the youngest son of William the Conueror and and third of the Norman line of kings He succeeded his brother William II in 1100 Henry helped unite the Normans and Saxons of EnglandFollowing the first in the Norman Trilogy by one of the most prolific authors on English history Jean Plaidy to the corrupt and egenerate successor to William the Conueror William Rufus II who was Killed In Suspicious Circumstances While in suspicious circumstances while in the forest almost certainly an assassinationWilliam II became King in 1087 Lustful for power and openly homosexual he ruled with violence rather than strength The clergy enounced his brutality and his infringement on church rightsWilliams reign was covered by a power struggle with the Roman Catholic churchCovers the struggle between the sons of the Conueror William Henry and Robert and the life of Princess Edith Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse daughter of the King of Scotland Malcolm and the Saxon Princess Margaret from her life in the abbey under the heel of her cruel aunt Abbot Christina her marriage to Henry after he became King and Henry s unfaithfulness with a host of mistresses his favourite being the sensual and well practiced Welsh princess NestaHenry loved the gentle and pious Edith in a way but had partly married her to gain the favour of his Saxon subjectsDuring his reign Henry worked to restrain the growing power of the barons He promoted the Norman system of centralized rule and gave the royal courts great autonomy His wars against rebellious subjects in France helped start a feeling of English nationalismAs usual Plaidy provides a rippling narrative teaching us much of English history along the way and comprehensive and intelligentialogue. Rverse sexuality and contempt for the churchAnd Henry cleverest of all awaited his chance to fulfill his father's prophecy and assume the mantle of The Lion of Justice. The Lion of Justice The Norman Series Volume 2This was a very good book It is the first Plaidy that I have read I love historical fiction but read recent novels I Liked Her Style And liked her style and read of her books I will How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture definitely read the other 2 books in this trilogy Plaidy made characters from the 1100s tangible though Iid not like the Lion HIMSELF HOWEVER SHE PROBABLY REPRESENTED HIM FAIRLY ACCURATELY OR However she probably represented him fairly accurately or accurately as an author can research represent a person who lived 900 years ago Obviously scrupulously researched for when it was written it nonetheless has a march of historical An Alien Heat doom uality to it where it is clear that Plaidy is wedging in every amusing anecdote and important historical fact she can find and just kind of stringing them together Henry is a charming jerk EdithMatilda is obnoxiously virtuous I m guessing that most of her characterization came from a literal hagiography Kind of fun but kind of a slog at the same time This is not the first time I read this book Something about it made me keep itI know what it is as I used to be very romantic in my younger years and I hoped Henry would love Edith Atheling as much as she loved him and abandon Nesta of Rys MarWell I m not as romantic nowThis is basically the story of Henry Beauclerc the youngest son of William the Conueror Henry was the one who should have been landless and without a title if fate hadn t worked in his favorOn hiseath bed the Conueror told him he would have all that his brothers had After the eath of his oldest son Richard The Conueror had made of William Rufus his heir to the throne of England and his other son Robert Mathilda of Flanders favorite the heir to the Duchy of NormandyRufus a pederast wasn t well liked by his subjects as he kept taxing them and flaunting to them his lifestyle As for Robert he had none of the good sense of the conueror to rule properly over normandy let Conueror to rule properly over Normandy let EnglandWhen Rufus ied in a hunting accident Robert was at the Crusades and Henry hurried to claim the throne of EnglandIn spite of having had numerous bastards with Nesta of Rys Mar princess of Wales and of even having strong feelings for her he idn t find her worthy enough to become his ueenHe had already met Edith Atheling at an abbey when his nephew William Warren Earl of Surrey went to court her Henry found her fair pretty and although not as passionately taken by her he made her his ueenHe made her change her name to that of Mathilda and they had 2 children the fierce and strong willed Mathilda who at the age of 12 became empress of Germany and William who would rown along with 2 of Henry s illegitimate children with NestaHenry fought with his brother Robert for Normandy which he also wanted to rid of Henry of Bell mes a monster who would torture his subjectWhile away fighting for Normandy Henry lost Mathilda who at the age of 40 Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings died Soon after 3 of his children the first one William his heir to the throne and his 2 illegitimate children Mathilda Countess of Perce and Richard alsorow. The eath of the Conueror left three sons to inherit his power and his wealth Normandy for Robert England for Rufus and for Henry the youngest five thousand pounds of. NedWhen the book ended Henry was thinking of remarrying and getting sons and aughtersThis time I m not holding on to this book If I m going to judge this novel based on the first in the trilogy The Bastard King then it judge this novel based on the first in the trilogy The Bastard King then it short of my expectations If I m going to judge this novel as a standalone Disappointing at best I love Plaidy but I was bored bored bored by this Nature s takin over my one track mindBelieve it or not you re in my heart all the timeAll the girls are sayin that you ll end up a foolFor the time being baby live by my rules The Lion of Justice focuses on three of William the Conueror s sons William Rufus William II Robert Gramatica de baza a limbii romane duke of Normandy and Henry Henry I It tells the story of William II s brief reign his mysteriouseath in the forest and Henry I s reign In part the story is told through his ueen We meet the future ueen as a young woman named Edith She is royal the Suggestive Inuiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature daughter of the king and ueen of Scotland She is also among the last of the Saxon royalynasty The novel opens with Edith and her sister Mary going to a convent for safekeeping They have an aunt there who is convinced that Edith should take vows and become a nun Edith finds the idea repugnant Eually repugnant to her is marrying an old man of the William II s choosing There are two close calls before she is married to King Henry Readers efinitely II s choosing There are two close calls before she is married to King Henry Readers efinitely of Henry than she oes One other thing that you should know he makes her change her name to Matilda Matilda was his mother s nameThere is a good reason why I uoted LOU CHRISTIE S LIGHTIN STRIKES AT THE START OF Christie s Lightin Strikes at the start of review Henry I is epicted as arrogant and lusty and selfish He s repugnant And he s able to fool Matilda for several years at least She actually believes all his lines She actually trusts him He seems a bit surprised that there is any woman so gullible and naive to buy what he s saying He almost seems relieved when she confronts him to see if it is the truth In my opinion the back of the book LIED Its escription A DAZZLING PORTRAIT OF A MAN FOR WHOM COUNTLESS MISTRESSES WEREN T ENOUGH AND ONE GIRL WAS EVERYTHING Henry married Matilda because she was Saxon royalty It was a politically advantageous match for the kingdom s good He idn t Grassroots Leviathan dislike her But she was never his everything I get the impression that women were completely interchangeable to him One being very much like another Did I like it It wasn t so much a matter of liking or not liking I found it uite readable I often found Henry infuriating and I suppose I thought a lot of conversations to Matilda not that she could hear me I am glad I read on in the series An excellent recounting of Henry I and Matilda I enjoyed their story and loved learning about their lives A great historical fiction book 25 stars took me almost 2 weeks to read It was a fairly short book and should have been easy to read because the tone of the writing was very middle grade or young adult in nature Because of this style of writing I was bor. SilverThe three were natural rivals The feckless Robert lost his Normanukedom in an orgy of impulsive extravagance Red haired Rufus scandalized the court with his pe. ,