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Storms and StarsReviewed on Hearts on Fire Villam Elding is totally devoted to the Imperial Empress He s following the rules and uickly climbing Imperial Empress He s following the rules and uickly climbing chain totally devoted to the Imperial Empress He s following the rules and uickly climbing the chain command Ittuluke is a monk totally devoted to the harsh goddess Akuna Taught that emotions are frivolous he will take the occasional side job to send money back to his native desert world of Siglidunn When these two very different and idealistic men come head to head on a kidnapping mission gone wrong and being deserted on an empty lanet they can either kill each other or fall in love I enjoyed this debut novel and the huge disparity between these two owerful men so lost and Alone Together Villam Has Never Known Anything together Villam has never known anything the military and never really took the time to get into a serious relationship Luke has always relied on himself and lived under the repressive laws learned in the monastery that crippled him emotionally I found the slow build up of first trust then friendship and finally love to be wonderfully enned The story never lagged or got confusing and the sub Interior Designs: An Adult Coloring Book with Beautifully Decorated Houses, Inspirational Room Designs, and Relaxing Modern Architecture plot of Kardiell s ferreting out just who had Villam eliminated wounderfectly around the main story taking Gläsern place on thelanet The only real Detention of Doom problem that I found with this story was the total lack ofassion in the sex scenes even after Luke and Villam gave everything up for each other This may have been intentional on Ms Jaydon s Fromentin part or she may just need toolish up her sex scenes This is an author to watch for in the future as she matures as a writer I suggest that any fan of sci fi Punishing My Slutty Little Sister pick this book up and get lost in the universe The fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself than himChineseroverb The Blood+: Russian Rose, Volume 2 plotTwo enemies in an alien hostilelanet Commander Seventh Rank Villam EldingSevere roud of his mission in The Imperial Majesty spaceship fleet He is a man with no fears no regrets and endless courageIttuluke tyv scinik a Sigliuka monk a life to ray and in a mission to his Friedrich Barbarossa (Gestalten Des Mittelalters Und Der Renaissance) (German Edition) people salvation He despise all imperial goats as he call them for their blind love for the oppressive monarchyCan theroud imperial soldier find his weakness Can the confused and angry assassin find eaceThat s the lot Villam and Luke enemies join force to fight but to survive from what Fight for their lives or fight to avoid their desiresIt s a long story and it s NOT a instant romance Don t read it to see long and romantic scenes Both men can t and don t want to fall in love but their minds and hearts are not in accord The time in the lanet almost bored me I must be VERY honest here and say their long trip to find a lace to stay and build their home were almost boring yeah almost but i wasn t at all boring I m saying it because there is a long The Taste of Her Blood (A Lesbian Vampire Tale) part of the book describing just their walking they discovering of what thelanet their ship crash have It s in my view s a slow aced but ultimately rewarding reading experienceCan I add a uotation to show you all how amazing this book is I ll ut it in a spoiler No it s not a spoiler meaning it s not something that will ruin your reading but I think it s so amazing and maybe you can not believe a stern man as Villam could say it but he did it s the last aragraph or this book and I love it For its simplicity and straightforwardness view spoiler We lived like the only two eople on the Learn English: A Beginner's Guide for ESL Learners planet because we thought we were Villam said thickly I need you to know that It seemed to take him a moment to find the rest of his words That you are still the onlyerson in my world hide spoiler Enough stars in space so where can I get one to add a sixth star hereAdmittedly I had trouble getting into the story with all the gadgetsgizmos and many characters introduced but it turned out to be my first favorite book in 2012A SciFi novel of all things this is a contradiction if there ever was oneso not my Who Is Gloria Steinem? prefered genrePerhaps I will write a bit about the story and the two men I fell in love with laterbut for now I must come back from space and recover from the shock firstVery good and insightful review from MandyM here DNF 30%Maybe because I ve read so much science fiction in my days but the execution of it in this novel was not very engaging I also really don t like how the book switches between the MCs on thelanet and the other characters back on the ship Add that on top of the fact that I couldn t really feel drawn to Luke and Villam at all as individual charactersso I m just going to call it uits here A very well written sci fi mm romance adventure about a two enemies who crash on an uninhabited lanet and have to learn to get along to survive along with dealing with feelings of deeper intimacy especially when they find that they are not alone as they thoughtWhat I liked The world. It's lonely at the top for Commander Villam Elding who has always ranked loyalty to the empire and career ambition over romance He finds it easier to love ideas than eople; without military life he's lost Even so it's his close relationship with Kardiell a opular officer that tears him from his life Those with competing ambitions try to take Villam hostage to leverage Kardiell'. ,

Building was really well done Jaydon added a lot OF LAYERS TO THE SOCIETIES THAT THE MCS COME layers to the societies that the MCs come but did the reader the favor of not spelling everything out in big dumps of exposition Her writing is also very clean and clear and very easy to icture and as Villam and Luke are surviving in the wild the setting really resonated and you can just feel the chill of winter seep in or the brush of rain when the Corazones solitarios planet s first storm of the season startedThis book also has a lot of nicelot and story Napříč nekonečnem progression For those who complain of books with all sex and no story this is not that book There is intimacy but basically there are three encounters in the whole book The focus here is on relationship character and story development If you re looking to sink into a good sci fi story that also has mm romance in it this willrobably hit all your buttons The writing and creativity made this four stars for me even though I had some issues with the story The acing felt very slow and the relationship building and growth is also very slowly developed That s fine especially for these characters No insta love here folks This book is a good addition to the Good Sexual Tension listopia list I think the first encounter is around 50% in But the overall slowness made this a read that I had to ush through as opposed to a fevered need to find out what happens next For the first 30 40% of the book Villam and Luke s trial of survival on the lanet is interrupted with cuts to back to Villam s ship and to some military officials trying to figure out the olitical conspiracy that caused the ship s crash in the first Now Pitching, Bob Feller: A Baseball Memoir place I understand why these cuts are there to fill in the mystery and that action is happening even while Villam and Luke are living in their own separate world but it hurt theacing for me and every time I started to feel momentum build up with Villam and Luke s story it broke off to cut back to the military investigation These cuts lowered at around the 50% mark and didn t Variance (Raise Your Weapon, pop up again until much later but I felt like it hurt theacing for me and made Mermaid pushing through of a drag The writer has a very specific style choice that keptushing me out The majority of the story is told through limited 3rd Hochzeit mit Hindernissen perspective Depending on the scene you re locked in to one character s POV But inside of that you ll also get the thoughts of that POV in firsterson speak I ve read this before and it usually works for me but this time I kept getting ushed out every time the switch happened It happens within aragraphs too Sentences in third After Effects Expressions person Then some in first Back to third Aaragraph of first erson thoughts etc The first few times I kept wondering if I ran into an editing error like some dialogue was happening but someone forgot to add the uotation marksI wondered if the author had used italics for these first erson POV shifts if it would have been easier But then again I understand why the author didn t use italics since sometimes the first erson POV shift was a whole aragraph and whole Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities, Volume I paragraphs of italics isn t always fun to read It took me a while to get used to the style and it kicked me out over and over which also made this of aush to read There was one time late in the book that I had to reread a section to better understand who the narrator was at that moment so I could better connect the sudden insertion of first Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Ancient Egypt person POVI m not sure if it was theacing or the style choices but I didn t feel as emotionally connected to the MCs as I wished I liked the world building but I didn t feel as deeply connected to their trials or outcomes This might be linked also to Luke s very intense societal and religious conditioning to distance himself from emotions which meant he angsted a lot when he was feeling anything but when the wall finally came down I didn t feel a lot of catharsis I m happy that the MCs got a nice and satisfying HEA but didn t have that deep feeling of satisfaction when finishing the bookBut in the end it s a very creative well written sci fi book with a nice romance about two opposites eventually realizing their attraction and deeper love for each other It already has a lot of good reviews so my Twisted Pathways points above may not bother you at all These were just the things that struck me and your mileage may vary If you like sci fi in your mm romance this may be up your alley DNF at 33%i really need to stop DNFing netgalleys but i just sighi didn t connect with the writing or characters at all and the other POV of the soldier back at the empire or wherever he is was just distracting and offutting and made me want to read those bits as fast as Die Powenzbande. Zoologie einer Familie possible to get back to what was happening with ittuluke and villam they kind. S soft spot for him In the struggle Villam crashes the small spacecraft he's riding All handserish except he and Luke his kidnapperLuke Sicinik travels the galaxy erforming dirty missions for money to send home Born on a desert colony abandoned by the empire he has no love for imperial soldiers He spent his childhood in a monastery which taught the evils of anything impractica. ,
A just seemed thrown in there like a spanner in machinery and it helped me lose the last thread of concentration i actually had i guess this just isn t for me i didn t find this engaging at all Boy did I ever have a difficult time making up my mind Which seems fitting enough in this case because Storms and Stars seems to suffer from a similar roblem There s no oint in beating around the bush this book was a bit of a challenge for me At the same time there was something about this science fiction meets Robinson Crusoe story that managed to capture me enough to make a mental note to keep an eye on this author s future work But I ll get to the good and the in a secondFirstly the story itself Villam ll get to good and "the bad in a secondfirstly the story itself "bad in a secondFirstly the story itself a loyal servant of the empire and works as a commander on one of the many star ships in its fleet Then one day he finds himself in the wrong lace at the wrong time in a transfer vehicle that has been taken over by rebellions who have somehow managed to enetrate the empire s security The commander senses the danger and launches an attack but can t avoid getting shot with a tranuilizer gun And the last thing you want is ending up unconscious and injured in a craft of which you have just taken out the ilot The space vessel spins out of control in the blackness and is then sucked into the gravitational ull of an uninhabited lanet where it crashes Much much later Villam wakes up and finds that only one of the aggressors has survived the Sigliuk monk Luke This The Family-Centered Library Handbook provides him with a shiny new mission taking out the young man If any of you have seen the film Cast Away you know that this isrobably not the smartest move to make when you re stranded on an uncolonized lanet with only one other human being Before you know it you start talking to a volleyball And who to have sex with indeed Luckily Villam follows a similar train of thought Meaning that we get to read about two sworn enemies who are suddenly dependent on each other for survival I know I was rubbing my hands in sweet anticipation realizing that starting oints seldom get much better than this He noticed that Luke was watching him The young man s expression had returned to its default neutral state He blinked slowly his green eyes measuring something in Villam It was a boyish face with a mature expression built of handsomely curved cheekbones and a rounded jaw line accented by eyebrows that moved in a firm line to a sharp turn downwards It was the only face he would see for the rest of his life Villam scratched at his chin blinking You re not going to tell me that no one ever gets The Magic Flute physically intimate on SiglidunnTo have children Anything else is just frivolous wasteful The last word was spoken like a curse Luke Villam saidatiently it s only the two of us There will be no childrenBut although you could consider this to be the main storyline of Storms and Stars and uite frankly the only truly interesting one the author also has inserted numerous chapters that cove I love a good claustrophobic romance by that I mean the kind of stuck with you relationship that develops from the close Not For Mothers Only proximity of the characters especially when there s a good long build up and raging sexual tension I also love believable sci fi I also love all things military Hey would you look at that this is book is cover to virtual cover full of things that I love It s a great story about a galactic military officer who ends up stranded on an uninhabitedlanet with his would be kidnapper and well stuff happens I found some of the side Shanghai Performance plot a bit distracting but there isn t very much of it so that s okay The glimpses we get of the fictional universe are interesting and I honestly wouldn t mind reading about it If this is indeed the author s first novel that sretty impressive This book is a very nice surprise More about two men from very different backgrounds surviving the wilderness learning to trust each other and falling in love than anything else Very Robinson Crusoe like with a war going on in the background45 stars rounding up to 5 45 stars Really absorbing ScifiAdventure Romance of the MM variety The story is about Villam a newly Life of Pi promoted Commander in the Imperial Forces Villam is strong idealistic and very loyal to his Imperial rulers He has lived the military lifestyle since childhood and his whole sense of self stems from his training and his responsibilities Unbeknownst to Villam he has an enemy who is envious of his advancement and islotting to bring him and his superior officer downLuke has been brought up by a rebel order of monks who live an ascetic repressed existence They are a small group making money through terrorist acts to support the Simon Carne, Gentleman Burglar: The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds / An Imperial Finale people of their homelanet Si. L or sentimental Yet when he crawls from the destroyed spacecraft his first instinct is compassionate he drags Villam's unconscious body free of the wreckage Stranded together on a wild lanet Villam and Luke know that survival means cooperation A truce becomes trust and trust turns to assion as they struggle to find a new life together just the two of them against an entire wor. ,