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Much like The Unbearable Lightness of Being this tale of revolution gets sidetracked by boring tales of older men aving sex with younger women Oversexed I read it expecting a story about the May Revolutions I ended up reading a story about the sex lives of the the May Revolutions I ended up reading a story about the sex lives of the in it The edition I read was split into two volumes of which I only read the first

because i didn 
I didn figure it was worth continuing Though it fails to tell you anything about the Revolution itself which is what I wanted James Jones does manage to capture its feel and ambience in itself though the story itself suffers also from being told through the lens of a middle aged man instead of the students directly involved Interesting but decidedly not a most read Still probably better than nothing if you want to be familiarized with the subject portrayed considering the lack of novels on it but you will be left feeling unsatiated Slightly interesting if you are interested in learning about Paris in the late 1960s I love Paris so I did enjoy it a bit However I m not sure I could recommend the book The storyline is not terribly compelling This book is only ostensibly about the Left Bank movement concerned as it is with sexual fantasies and escapades of its characters The First Mistake here This isow this book came to be on the currently reading shelfOne of my groups posted a May challenge any book with a loose connection to May I posted this to the group s thread on this May related challenge I found a book which fits the criteria and Shell Beak Tusk have taken it from the shelf today and begun reading The Merry Month of May This is not the physical book which Iave mine is a pre ISBN numbers The Adventurers hardback from 1970 beautifully bound in black cloth with the author s signature in gold script on the front cover and gold lettering title and author on the spine The relationship of this period in Paris with the 1960 s era in the USA and the fact that the Kent State shootings of May 4 1970 took place barely two years after the time of the setting of this book add up to a set of significant reasons this is my choice for this reading This on theeels of discovery of There Goes My Baby a very affecting film set in the mid 1960 s as the Vietnam War protests began to take shap. The only one of my contemporaries who I felt Mommy on Board Unspoken Confessions Bride Overboard the Suire's Daughter had talent than myself was James Jones Ande as also been the one writer of any time for whom I felt any love Norman MailerParis May 1968 This is the Paris of the barricaded boulevards of reb. ,

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The Merry Month of MayDo some digging into the factual side of the event though and may do so before too long just to close my own loops on this period of unrest The Merry Month of May by James Jones Delacorte Press 1971 Fiction It is 1968 in Paris and there is revolution in the air The atmosphere in Paris mirrors that in the US at the time This is the story of the changes wrought by the populace DNF My rating 610 finished 112414 This is a mean spirited book by the author of the iconic World War II novel From Here to Eternity James Jones observes the 1968 May Revolution from the lofty perspective Effective Academic Writing 3: The Essay his protagonist a middle aged intellectual grumpy and self righteous One description tells all aboutis viewpoint uniform of the Revolution blue jeans flannel shirt running shoes ie tennis shoes and a large bandanna knotted loosely around the throat page 62 This would possibly describe a uniform from San Francisco in the 1970s but what I remember from 1968 and particularly in Europe is corrobo Bottom Line FirstThe Merry Month MayJames Jones is at Charmed Particles his best describing the military aspects of the failed student revolution in May 1968 Paris His place descriptions read likee is seeing them as a military man laying it out for defenseThis revolution serves as a backdrop the action described but not it out for defenseThis revolution serves as a backdrop the action described but not by Running with the Kenyans his main character This couldave been a better novel There are several related themes but a lack of cohesion Characters can be sympatheti I spent my May reading The Merry Month of May and it was probably the best decision ow to spend my last student life spring reading a book about Parisian students in turmoil The story bring you back to 1960s when striking and my favorite city occurred to be a total mess Btw for those who watched The Dreamers with Eve Green yep it s exactly the same period Spectator acclaims that
jones is the 
is the Hemingway of our time I would say that this comparison may be too exaggerating But the fact that if you like the Hemingway s style you will not be disappointed for sure Moreover the ones who love Paris especially Left Bank would find this book as an excellent guide and would probably feel some nostalgia while reading Definitely a good choice for vacations Simply couldn t get into Htening social uicksand of 1968James Jones 1921–1977 established imself as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century with is WWII trilogy From Here to Eternity National Book Award winner The Thin Red Line and Whistle. ,
E I seem to be revisiting my college years and looking in at them through many different Sets Of Eyes It S of eyes it s interesting Well the unfolding of the student revolt leading to a general strike across not only Paris but France and the andling of it by the de Gaulle government was interesting As I said somewhere I m sure all of this was onin the news along with our own similar troubles in this coutnry but I was in Duty high school and then college and too much of the good girl and good student to be out and seeing much of what started though after the fact I DID see it s beginnings as I walked by small knots of students aroundighly charged aranguing speakers with protest signs waving I recall skirting these or changing course in order to get to class on time without being drawn in All of this of course mushroomed into the student rioting against the war not that the war was off my radar it loomed over us all Who of our friends relatives etc would be going Who would be back whole or not All of it was a part of our life one way or another And eventually it came ome for me after I was gone from Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep home and married by visiting my own alma mater s campus with the shotseard round the world as the students were killed at Kent State It changed forever ow I respond and what response I get when I tell someone where I graduated from forever ow I respond and what response I get when I tell someone where I graduated from It could The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow have changed forever even further the dynamics of my relationship to myusband and Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart his familyis brother walked by the Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle huge gathering only 15 minutes before the shooting begane could just as easily Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms have walked by fifteen minutes into the melee and been shotThe book proceeds very leisurely building toward the involvement of the young man in the family of the book with these events and outlining the differences among the adults and the younger crowd in general as well as those same divides within the family group It seemed too slow at some points Then it takes a few turns and the end seemed somehow frustratingly distanced from the main flow of the story Maybe I justaven t made the connection I need to The Power of the Internet in China have made between the main body of the story and the end point At any rate slightly less satisfying overall than Iad Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation, 19th (University Casebook Series) hoped earlier on Definitely need to. Elling students' strongholds of the literati the sexual anarchists the leftists written chillingly of a time in Frenchistory closely paralleling America in the late '60s The reader sees feels smells and fears all the turmoil of the frig.