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Hell and I love him Even But Come Book 3 but come book 3 s gonna be PISSEDJess Poetic Machinations: Allegory, Surrealism, and Postmodern Poetic Form is kinda pissing me off I know your 19 but shit yourn a relationship with a man almost 50 grow the fuck upoh Hell the things I would do to and let Joseph Parker do to me teeheeheecant wait tor number 3 I was so happy to see that there was a part 2 to this story Loved Joe Parker and Jess Can t wait to see what else Gia Blue have In the Shadow of Empires in store when they bring their secret outn the open and tell her parents Where do I find a Joe Parker for myself I ve read the 1st book long time agoAnd I still remember how hot Mr Parker s until nowAnd damn He s still that HOT n this book Really can t wait what happen next with their forbidden love storyWill everything goes as their plan Can t wait for the next book f there will be next bookDamn I need Mr Parker like hell Another hot panty wet trashy read that worth your break time Gia Blue writes short hot very well written erotica I ve read everything she s published and have liked them all very D teasing the shit out of him until she has her lover eating out of her you know what The uestion s between shit out of him until she has her lover eating out of her you know what The uestion s between flirting and flashing just how much temptation s a virile man supposed to take before he snaps Pages 93 Words 2279. how much temptation s a virile man supposed to take before he snaps Pages 93 Words 2279. Cat Mouse Games Tempting Mr Parker #2

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I wish Only Say the Word it was longer Or maybe even a book 3 Would have liked to know how the parents took the relationship andf they ended up together All Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge in allt was a fast read and entertaining I laughed I would rate this a 35 OMG THIS BOOOOOOK I can t remember the last time I laught so hard when I was reading a book I still can t believe this short story managed to completely blow me away I really liked the first one from the series My Daddy s Best Friend but LOVED Cat Mouse Games Mr ParkerJoeOh my Joe s Amazing He S Gentle Hot Reserved And Yet He Turns He
"S Gentle Hot Reserved And "
gentle hot reserved and he turns complete savage and caveman when It comes to Jessica And the sex and caveman when It comes to Jessica And the sex steaaaaamy Can I have him for myself Please I had a great time reading from Jessica POV I love this girl She s my sister by heart I loved how daring and cheeky she s She sn t afraid to go after what she wants and get t no matter what and how I LOL d a lot wit Gia Blue oh Gia Blue where did you disappear off to Better than Talking Cures and Placebo Effects its predecessor My Daddy s Best Friend Because this time Nineteen year old college sopho Jessica Roves one naughty girl A weekend at the family cabin s just what Jess needs to alleviate the stresses of being n college She longs for a few days of relaxation but nstead her parents have. Round the author delivered a well rounded story that surprisingly turned nto an Angst Filled Erotic Romance The filled erotic romance The and steam remained at high levels with the added bonus of mutual love added An Unreasonable Match / An Unconventional Duenna in I loved how Jessica and Joe were clearly cra a a zy for each other Jessica cracked me up with her willful and naughty shenanigans I gave her a pass because she was clearly a jealous teenn the throes of new love Joe continued to be so sweet yet domineering Voodoo Woman ( New Orleans Mysteries in bed Oh and how cute was his declaration of love view spoilerWhile ridingn the back of Jessica s parents vehicle and while covertly holding her hand Joe spells out I heart u with his finger hide spoiler I LOVE THIS SERIES I need to Know If Gia Blue Is Going To Write A Third if Gia Blue Finn (Anderson Billioniares Book 1) is going to write a third for the Tempting Mr Parker series andf she Last Chance Hero is when willt be released I m dying I need to know what happens with Jessica and Joseph ASAP Please haaa Officer Buckle and Gloria it s too shoorttt Miss Gia Blue don t tease me please I need epilogue for this couple wow Joe Parkers still sexy as. Plenty of activities like hiking and hunting planned for her What a bummer Then the timely arrival of her father’s best friend and Jess’ secret lover Mr Joseph Parker has Jess thinking she’s up for a bit of hunting too Thatan.
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