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Ve been full of the pretension and hypcrotical whining that writer Jhonen Vasuez potrays in his stereotypical goth characters see Johnny the Homicidal whining that writer Jhonen Vasuez potrays in his stereotypical goth characters see Johnny the Homicidal for details Instead it became a ight hearted and well intentioned guide for people with one foot in gothic subculture and another in the world of paganism and the occult The two often go hand in hand sometimes for the wrong reasons and sometimes for the right Raven himself a goth and a pagan has written a book to show how the two can go together very well He spends a part of the book expaining the gothic subculture in the way he sees it as many goths have slightly varying views and explaining some of the gothic styles types and attitudes But he also goes on to explain various pagan religions and beliefs which made a very interesting read for me as both a goth and as a person with agnostic but pagan eaningsI can t say I agree with all of his religious views as thats just how I am but it made for a delightful and enlightening read all the same And as for the sections that related to the slightly material gothic subculture well it was a real fresh of breath air to read someone encouraging goths to be happy and be their own person and that it doesn t matter if they wear colours and glitter as there is a place for that in the world of goth also It didn t make ight of the slightly soppy aspects of the subculture or bash emos and babybats It also had a good dollop of humour not taking oneself too seriously something all goths need to do I was excited to dig into this book and walked away uite disappointed It was a complete waste of money in my not so humble opinion As a pagan and a goth a rather old one as not so humble opinion As a pagan and a goth a rather old one as am pushing 46 years I was hoping to find something informative and useful in this book I found neither In fact I found his skewed views in this book off putting and judgmental Also his blurb on suicidal ideation is than condescending Suicidal ideation is a mental illness and he was patronizing about it Then he yaps about cuttersif he knew anything about cutting not for body modification it isn t just for seeking attention but a way for a person to ease their own emotionalmental painand he goes on to Damn near encourage cutters by saying If you are a cutter consider it an unconscious cry to reclaim your power through intensive magick as well as a need to release built up energy Piss off with the b s Raven As someone who has worked in the human services field for over 20 years cutters are often survivors of extreme trauma and are physically trying to ease their emotional painperhaps encourage someone who is a cutter to get professional help You can still seek spiritual pursuits while getting professional help That was a huge turn off then he went on encourage said cutter Carefully cutting yourself in moderation in ritual can be beneficial Wtf Raven Now if you are into body modification that is totally different but this paragraph on pg 140 is geared towards cutters not body modificators The goth social worker in me wanted to shake him and scream wtf Think before you publish shit ike this He knows nothing about mental health issues or mental illness and should obviously refrain from writing about it until he gets his facts straight There was The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse little discussion on magickal works His various definitions of the goth subculture sophistigoths etc etc etcand his views on gender and sexuality within the goth and pagan communities should be taken aarge grain of salt You may or may not ike this book I thought it was rubbish Go read Konstantinos or Michelle Belanger instea. Ten and carefully researched piece of work It covers the intersection of Gothic subculture and Pagan spirituality from every conceivable angle and manages to be both fun and eye catching along the way Michelle Belanger author of The Psychic Vampire Codex and editor of Vampires In Their Own Words An insightful honest and spiritual exploration of the intersection of Witchcraft and Goth Christopher Penczak author of the Temple of Witchcraft seri. Review Raven does talk about blood magic and how powerful it can be and there are a few instructions on witch bottle But this book does not discuss Sabbats or Esbat or even a Gothic way of going about it Who some of the Dark Deities that a Goth who does not shy away from death embraces Where are the Deities that a Goth who does not shy away from death embraces Where are rituals that can be usedIn a nutshell Raven should have written it as a guide to the Goth world There are techniues on how to apply make up and how to dress Great stuff for someone new to Goth Great Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: lesson on how to interact with people including outsiders and fellow gothersI took nothing out of this book There are great books that discuss the dark side of the craft I have mentioned them above Try working Ceremonial Magick or Goetics The book gives plenty ofead for further research and there is a good over view for those wanting to ook at different forms of magic But to me the book is very basic Nothing but the author s opinions on how certain types of Goth should dress act and what music they should isten to It s a handbook on how to be a poseur and tries to give counseling advice Ridiculous Met the author years ago and read his first two books as part of that acuaintance Interesting I wanted to The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved like this aside from my interest in the subject the graphic design was appealing However my primary turnoff was the author s tone the book readsike a stern step by step instruction manualRaven Digitalis proclaims the Goth subculture as an alternative to the mainstream whatever that really is but the presentation contradicts by instead defining another sort of conformity Also I m aware that this has been a The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small long standing issue within the community but I was not happy with the section on NotGoths wherein the author did than poke fun at those people not just teenagers who would pose as Goths because theyisten to Marilyn Manson Nine Inch Nails or shop at Hot Topic the store to which the author was ikely referring It was not really explained why these people would be considered inferior to or ess valid than a FaerieGoth a SophistiGoth or any other category of Goth the author outlined The Gothic Lolitas draw their inspiration from the fashion scene in Japan and they are not discredited by this Why should someone then be abeled NotGoth for identifying through a certain band or fashion storeI find it interesting that although the author alienates these NotGothss for their music he continues to assign musical proclivities to each category Some are ucky enough to have their musical tastes depend entirely on the person but others are given choices granted ending in etc Perhaps this was meant to convey that these are the bands these types of people usually prefer but I find it all on very touchy ground when considering the subject s overall problems with nonconformity yet mass alienation and the author s continuous apsing into an attitude of whimsical elitism The politics of the Goth subculture are interesting There is a history to this alternative but who really can be upheld as an authority a voice who could expose a person to the right influences and give accurate advice on the reality of dark cultureshould their effort be from the heart The book s approach does not match its own standards openness uniue perspective richness of spirit It is so hard being a goth On one hand you have people telling you what is goth and on the other people tell you what isn tif a rule book could be made it would become obsolete as the subculture really shouldn t be about rules either This book could have been something dreadful it could ha. Goth Craft is a sexy and serious A Z of dark culture's collective tribal identity More than just a demented 'Preppy Handbook' for a different era Goth Craft goes beyond mere fashion taking readers deep into the magical currents of this emerging subculture Fascinating Richard Metzger host of Disinformation and editor of Book of Lies The Disinformation Guide To Magick The Occult Don't et your assumptions fool you Goth Craft is a ovingly writ. ,

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Obviously not all Goths are pagans and not all pagans are Goths Yet the two universes can easily overlap and many Goths indeed can all pagans are Goths Yet the two universes can easily overlap and many Goths indeed can attracted by modern esoteric movements Asatru Wicca Thelema Satanism Why is that Raven Digitalis is a Goth He also defines himself as a witch and a neo pagan priest Being part of both world I thought it would be interesting to get his view WellHe brushes a vast overview of the Goth movement showing why it s would be interesting to get his view WellHe brushes a vast overview of the Goth movement showing why it s surprising some of its most common features use of pseudonyms body arts sexuality fascination with the dark and gloom can fit in really well with some spiritual New Age cults Was that interesting Yes Was that instructive Well I ove dark and extreme music yet I can t care The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 less about occultism which I personally consider mumbo jumbo So the author being way into it I was interested by the connections he made but his attempts to sell me his doolali or so I felt annoyed me uite frankly Now what about the music Well I had aaugh about how he sees the Goth scene Here s your typical trendy teenage boy putting as much emphasis on hair styles and clothing than music Whatever I don t want to be negative though so at کاروان امید least I will give him credit for throwingists of bands worth a کاروان امید: سرگذشت تری فاکس listen If you re a pagan and a Goth with an open mind Upon beginning the book we are instructed on what is Goth We are shown the types of people who are considered Goth and what type of apparel they wear and music theyisten to After that we venture into the Craft Some basics are mentioned here The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Cat Who... like what is a It was hard to take aot of the information in this book seriously Most everything about it was generally annoying and very kindergoth read Hot TopicThe things that pissed me off most were the author s definitionsexplanations of sex gender and orientationThis book reads ike a Wikipedia entry and by that I mean it probably has gone through no sort of decent content editing whatsoeverI m going to go cut myself now No no that s a GOOD thing I guess I will take the position
as the odd 
the odd out Raven has gotten well iterally rave reviews from some pretty big people in the craft world Such ike would include Raven Grimassi Lon Milo Duguette Aaron Leitch and Christopher Penczak The book has gotten a ot of 5 star rating with a smattering of 1 s 2 s and 3 s I will be another three I have read book on the darker side of magic and the craft and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading such authors as Konstantinos John Coughlin and a few others THey gave me something that I could use This book has nothing that a newcomer to the craft can use If you are new to magick and witchcraft The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way let me steer you in the direction of Donald Michael Kraig s Modern Magic or Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham these authors will have something you can use Really Goth CraftI found the beginning of the book rather interesting I enjoyed reading about how the term Gothic came about Anyone with a slight knowledge of history will know that it refers to Germanic cultural concepts The Goths were Germanic Inater times Goth became associated with horror I found reading about the different types of Goths to be very interesting and intriguing But then is this magic or witchcraft I found this book very suitable for a teenager who is contemplating on entering the craft or Goth scene I ike the fashion tips and the inside view on the philosophy of Goth Maybe he should have written a book on just GothThere is talk about Vampyrism both sanguinary and psychic which is all good and well but if you have done your reading then this is just a candy coated. When Paganism and Goth culture collide prepare for a powerful blend of independent thought and magickal tranformation Learn how to channel dark emotions express yourself magickally through the dark arts of clothing hair makeup body modifications and choose appropriate Goth music for ritual Try some spellcasting on the dance floor Discover the workings of shadow magick death energy and blood magick Find out what draws us to the dark sidePRAISE. Goth Craft The Magickal Side of Dark Culture