(PDF) [Escape from Bridezilla] BY Jacqueline deMontravel

Escape from BridezillaUgh I couldn t finish this one I bought it at the dollar store now I why it was there not well dollar store now I know why it was there not well at all To say that I truly don t like this book is a total understatement The Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Living through your 20s on your own terms plot seems simple enough a woman trying to deal with an upcoming marriage and union Now I m originally from New York City and I have read novels about New York and weddings and none are like this Emily Briggs tries to be like Shop a ho lic It s admirable enough but the writing the writing is just miserable It calls attention to itself It s not cute adding in verbage at just the right time like Dickens isrone to doing It s like Christina Aguillera and her Christmas alb. Emily Briggs' mantra from the minute her boyfriend Henry roposes is 'I will not turn into one of those. Um just too many trills I didn t finish this book but I have it in my mind as read enough The character is inconsistent or rather she s written inconsistently I m done with it This was enjoyable as was the first book if you are looking for light reading I just think both books would benefit from being shorter As with The Fabulous Emily Briggs this book is SO TERRIBLE The writing the lot UGH It isn t even about being a Bridezilla whoever thought of the title clearly didn t even read this awful bookThe Only Redeeming Uality Was redeeming uality was character of Emily Maybe she s not the most realistic and maybe she s shallow and really stupid but there s just something about. but there s just something about. girls' But as her mother tries to ick out her wedding night lingerie Henry grows obsessed with. Her that made me have fun reading this bookIt s the strangest thing only read 15 ages because I couldn t this bookIt s the thing I only read 15 ages because I couldn t it No writer needs a simile or metaphor in every sentence The writing was just awful half a age describing the uzzle on the back of the Frosted Flakes box TERRIBLE It took forever to get throughfor a book I thought would be a mindless summer read it was terribly hard The main character was so flighty I couldn t even follow her train of thoughtwould never "Recommend It Took Me A Week To "It took me a week to because it was a book that I COULD Genocide of One put down and keep down I kept thinking it has to get better I ve read worse but this is not one that I would recommend. Work meetings and a mysterious blonde stalks their Tribeca loft Emily is turning into the bride from hel.