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City courtesy of the protagonist suddenly erupted about halfway into the book Things began to fall into place and I remembered what I D Liked And What Left liked and what left feeling ambivalent about The Blue Place Aud is a noir superheroine and I m not too keen on superheroes Fortunately her ambiguous conflicting yes her noir ualities serve as sufficient reconciliation to sustain my interestEven though superheroes bore me I still enjoy characters that take charge in an intuitive self assured manner Aud Torvingen is full of self efeating flaws and compulsive eficits but she s probably The Protagonist Least Likely protagonist least likely allow herself to get side tracked by self oubt when there are things at stake And that may be the uality I relished most about both books at their core there are journeys of a guarantor for impulse movement and momentum She is a beast an avenging angel a force of natureshe is personified miraculous entropy reversing fateNicola Griffith writes unselfconscious lesbian fiction All her novels and I believe to have read all of them excluding her most recent Aud Torvingen opus Always published earlier this year feature female ueer protagonists None of them are preoccupied or stifled By Worlds That Are Prejudiced worlds that are prejudiced their sexual orientation whether that is a result of inexplicably tolerant worlds or protagonists that are somehow not affected by such prejudice is never entirely clear That earns her a predictable share of criticism from folks that would rather read about the struggles victories and The Alchemy of Color Knitting: The Art and Technique of Mastering Exquisite Palettes defeats arising from ueerness I however am glad that Griffithoesn t heed those calls to change her game to sophisticate lesbian fantasy literature euivalents of Chick tracts and I mean Chick as in Jack Chick not as in chicks This was a very good seuel to The Blue Place If you have not read The Blue Place yet Pathfinder Player Companion: Alchemy Manual do not read this one until youo For those who have know how heartbreaking The blue Place ended Stay is about Aud picking up the pieces and staying present in the world When she would much rather hide or AFRICAN AMERICAN URBAN destroy it allAnyone who reads Griffith knows how talented and beautifully she writes this book is no exception My heart absolutely breaks for Aud and while you can see her getting her life on track as the book progresses you know there is to beone I m looking forward to reading book 3 and hope Aud gets a happier endin. Lf up against both a sociopath so artful that the law can't touch him and the terrible specters of loss and guilt As stylish as this year's Prada and as arresting as a razor at the throat Stay places Nicola Griffith in the first rank of new wave crime write. Stay By Nicola GriffithGriffith has written a couple of excellent sci fi novels Ammonite and Slow River Stay is of a thrillercrime novel but since I had liked her other books so much I ecided to pick it upWhat I idn t realize is that it is also a seuel to The Blue Place It oes work as a stand alone but I wish I had read The Blue Place firstIn Stay we meet Aud Torvingen a Scandinavian ex policewoman private detective who is in the middle of reclusively renovating an Appalachian cabin and ealing with the emotional trauma and guilt of who is in the middle of reclusively renovating an Appalachian cabin and Computational Molecular Biology: An Algorithmic Approach (Computational Molecular Biology) dealing with the emotional trauma and guilt ofeath of her lover a woman who had hired her to protect her from assassinsHowever an old friend shows up at the cabin saying that his on again off again girlfriend has isappeared and he suspects she may be in serious trouble can Aud help find her Even though Aud had never liked this woman she feels obligated to help and soon is off to New York City to try to find out where she went uncovering a web of violence psychological torture and exploitation in the processuite a good thriller a bit of a slow but the writing and characterization really transcend genre fiction Although Aud s etecting skills ninja type abilities stretch believability just a tiny bitThe atmosphere of the novel reminded me just a little of Smilla s Sense of Snow which is one of my favorite books in this genre Arrgghhh I Clojure In Action didn t read the first part first With gritty writing that binds you to the sounds smells and sights of each scene s surrounding Griffith has her character struggling not only with grief but how to stay a real person after being smackedown the first time she tried see the previous bookLess a mystery than a revenge tale combined with a story of re connection I really liked it PROTAGONIST Aud TorvingenSETTING North CarolinaSERIES 2 of 3RATING 425WHY After the eath of her lover Julia for which she was partially responsible Aud Torvingen retreats into an isolated life in the mountains of North Carolina where she is building a cabin Although she like to she can t refuse when her oldest friend Dornan asks her to find his fianc e Tammy Aud finds that Tammy has gone to New York and is in a truly abominable situation She removes Tammy from the threat but only at great cost to herself when she suffers an incident involving white hot rage There are links to an immigration scam involving children which Aud tries. Aud it rhymes with shroud Torvingen is six feet tall with blond hair and blue eyes She can restore a log cabin with antiue tools or put a man in a coma with her bare hands As imagined by Nicola Griffith in this ferocious masterpiece of literary noir Aud is. .
To set right Beautifully written almost poetic I had a real problem with Aud talking with her former lover At times Julia appears on the scene as if she is still alive I couldn t buy it 45 stars I read the majority of this book in one sitting because any time I put it BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) down to eat or something I felt inexorably pulled like a magnet toive back inI love how the author took the pronunciation of Aud s name to a whole new level and made it a legit meaningful recurring theme rather than just inserting a one time this is how you pronounce it exampleThe character growth throughout the book not Just With Aud But With with Aud but with people around her is extraordinary The motif of Aud growing from larva into imago is beautifully painfully laboriously executed as she works through her grief breaks out of her protective armor and comes to an understanding with the world and people around herGriffith is in a league of her own Also her escriptions of nature are so exuisite I have the strongest esire to run off into a forest and never be seen desire to run off into a forest and never be seen The climax of the first book was absolutely heartbreaking In this novel you are left with the feeling Aud has managed to crawl out of the hole she found herself in There is trouble brewing on the horizon of course but she has made great strides towards finding her balance again Griffith African Literature: Overview and Bibliography does amazing things with this character who in the hands of a lesser writer could easily have turned into a clich badass former police officer Stay is a worthy seuel to The Blue Place I m looking forward to reading the third book It will be interesting to see if Aud can hang on to her New Found HumanityFul Random Comments found humanityFul Random Comments I am empathetic towards Aud in Slow River Aud Torvingen 4 and Always Aud Torvingen 3 less so with Aud in Stay Aud Torvingen 2 A compelling and ending Wow I ve never read anything by Nicola Griffith I Aliens Rogue Aliens didn t like and thisidn t break the streakAud is a noir hero and after the last book in the series just keeping her head above grief water When her friend tracks her Eşti cool şi dacă vorbeşti corect down and asks her to find his missing fiancee sheecides to help ta I Fall for You d read Nicola Griffith s previous book featuring the same protagonist Aud Torvingen about seven years ago and couldn t recall much in terms of plot or mood as I began to read this oneThat is until a scene of climactic violence by ways of superhuman fero. A hero who combines the tortured complexity with moral authority In the aftermath of her lover's murder the last thing a grieving Aud wants is another case Against her better judgment she agrees to trackown an old friend's runaway fiancée and finds herse. .