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Ng does however necessitate that the average book browser will find the book in uestion outside of a Christian bookstore Hate on me all you like but I firmly believe that Christian bookstores ven so than non religiously affiliated bookstores have created a self policing atmosphere that represses original thinking and promotes formulaic or insubstantial writing I remember being told multiple times in college by close friends that my faith was in uestion This was news to me given that of all the things I ve lost or failed at in my life my assurance of God s sovereignty has never been one of them I have discovered that it is acceptable within the world of American cultural Christianity to be confessional to pour out one s deepest and darkest struggles but only if framed as ither Part One of a beautiful recovery story or if framed as I need help right now There is little room but perhaps a growing niche for the Christian writer to reflect on so called dark subject matter outside of this formula Too many of us play and pray it safe We allow our aspirations to stay in our heads our goals to remain barely outside our grasp Life becomes This book spoke to me on many levels The chapter on prayer was specially meaningful and I am going to try her three word prayers this Lenten season I am hoping to get some members of my Bible study to join me in this this Lenten season I am hoping to get some members of my Bible study to join me in this of giving up prayer for Lent What a different life we could all lead if we just stop and wonder at the beauty in both the Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between everyday and spectacular things that surround us in any moment Having survived a horrific automobile accident 9 years ago I had committed myself to trying to do this with thextra time God graced me with on this planet I am very "cognizant of moments and beauty that I should appreciate most days as " of moments and beauty that I should appreciate most days as result Being a believer in the value of this mindset I The Day Christ Was Born expected to appreciate Margaret s work with this book I neverxpected to be so newly inspired to be 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set even aware of the wonder we canxperience if we are just grateful in The Seventh Witch every moment Love this book I love the word Wonderstruck and I love the idea of living wonderstruck to the workings of God In fact I made it my word for the year This book was nice and it had some nice ideas and suggestions to it In fact that is the word that describes how it was for me Nice I always appreciate someone who is willing to open their life to mespecially in writing But nothing rang the bell of awakening in me or left me wonderstruck Love Margaret s heart for God Identified with the notion that we as Christians are often slumbering in the presence of the Divine In other words lazy It was an And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake easy read and fun to learn about Margaret after she had recently spoken at our church s women s conference Loved the story about her grandfather a Bible believing man who led people to Christ over gaming tables in Vegas. Erhero of anyra supermom superdad super grand super great grand or don't feel particularly super at allNo matter who you are or where you've been if you've lived a life where you've seen it all done it all or feel like you're past it all God still longs to take your breath awayIsaiah 294 records God's desire for you Therefore once I will astound these people with wonder upon wonderDo you see itGod is busting at the seams to display His glory power and might in your life And He wants to give you the greatest gift of all HimselfYet why do we pass by the wonder of God unaware. 45 starsGod shows himself in myriad ways Beauty Serendipity Shock Awe Conversation Even In serendipity shock awe conversation ven in contrast shock awe conversation ven in the contrast His own holiness and our tendency toward sin But are we awake Do we notice Should weThrough plumbing the depths of The Pocket Wife experiences from her own life Margaret Fe Our bookclubnjoyed this book that led to discussion about the Wonder of God I The Color of Our Sky especiallynjoyed hearing ach members take on the various chapters and where ach of us find that wonder I think we assume and forget how individual Obsession each of us really are There is a 30 day reflection portion of the book I am still working on that part it can be overwhelming to accomplishach activityresponse daily The author created playlists to go with Cabaret: A Roman Riddle each chapter which I realize is kind of the hip thing to do Her tastes are veryclectic ranging from Sarah McLaughlin Sting One Republic to Sidewalk Prophets and Casting CrownsI used some of her selections and added my own to create a playlist for a situation I am going through right now That playlist has allowed some moments of reflection as well Margaret Feinberg is a phenomenal writer and I ve loved ach of her books that I ve read Her writings draw me closer to knowing God in a intimate way Wonderstruck does just that My senses are heightened to recognizing God s glory and soaking in moments that in the past I woul There were a few good insights but some of the stories were just too drawn out Still a good alternative to a traditional devotional I feel a certain affinity for Feinberg as an author because she is one of the few Christian authors out there who is successfully writing nonfiction and I mean literary nonfiction in America right now No doubt I am also motionally attached because she spoke at my alma mater several times I think and at my parents church in Colorado and both times she broke the formula that so often turns me off of religious assemblies Years ago my parents sent me a copy of Scouting the Divine a book which features wine and walking and sheep all of which I am fond of When I heard Feinberg was coming out with another book a fact which was hard to miss since my Twitter Pinterest and other feeds were completely swamped with promotional articles reviews uotes mentions and so on I felt compelled to pick up a copy I was ven interested after a gchat conversation with a friend of mine abroad a friend who happens to struggle with cultural Christianity as much or than I do When I mentioned the book she wrote back with a uote from a book blurb Wonderstruck is a personal invitation for you to toss back the covers climb out of bed and drink in the fullness of life citing such upbeat language as a guaranteed turn off I was and remain curious as to why it is so unusual perhaps ven unacceptable to be honest about suffering in the Church I m talking about style and voice as much as content I hav. Let's be honest it's far too content I hav. Let's be honest it's far too to go through day to day life without a sense of the mystery the marvel or the awe of God's presence Have you All Roads Lead Home ever felt your relationship with God isn't as vibrant as you want it to be Have youver felt like God seemed far away ven in the midst of devotions prayer and churchWe Were Created for WonderYou were created and designed to xperience wonder Woven into the fabric of our humanity is an innate ability and desire for the wonder of God It's felt in the moments when you watch the sun melt behind the horizon when you reach out to cradle. E now read Wonderstruck I ven bought a copy because I have developed a bad habit of writing in the margins of books And yes I can confirm that Feinberg falls into many of the same ruts though I wince at the word that

I Find A Lot 
find a lot inspirational speakers do and many if not most Christian word that I find a lot of inspirational speakers do and many if not most Christian writers do This book describes a moment of Feinberg s life that was unmitigatedly painful So far so good But it nds with a thirty day challenge and The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis each challenge is spelled out for the reader on how to re ignite one s ability toxperience wonder and joy in life You can imagine that this is xactly the sort of thing that some people want out of their books Aha At last A foolproof way to be happy And I applaud those people on finding their perfect match or what seems like a perfect match until reality hits home Darnit Life doesn t fit into a formula I can t be happy all the time and that s okay Here is the real sad fact as far as I m concerned Wonderstruck is a how to book with memoiristic overtones It is not literary nonfiction I recognize and honor the painful nature of the vents Feinberg shares in Wonderstruck I do not in any way wish to discount the validity of her suffering In many ways this book is the flipside of a coin or another facet of the prism that has inspired books like Terry Tempest Williams Refuge The products are completely different and it just so happens I m drawn towards the reflective and less towards the didactic Which book would I pick to give to a friend facing cancer If I didn t feel like the offering would be offensive ie You obviously need help This book will help fix you and if I could offer it in the right spirit ie I speak book and I love you I would pick Refuge very time This book marks a departure from Feinberg s arlier Scouting the Divine a book which now I feel I ought to revisit in order to remember the ualities which I first Just Cause enjoyed about her writing I do not dislike Wonderstruck and perhaps one day I ll find that having a formula to fall back on will be helpful but for now I m still hunting for that somethinglse that rare voice that is unafraid and unapologetic about all facets of life that old soul who avoids the saccharine siren call of the artificially upbeat that Christian underground that loves God and suffers all at the same time and produces beautiful and lyrical literary nonfiction in the processNOTES This is not to say that other American Christians aren t writing nonfiction or that memoir isn t nonfiction or ven that American Christians who are writing literary nonfiction and aren t household names aren t successful in some way or shape or form My conception of literary nonfiction does not xclude memoir from the pantheon of great writing but is simply one way of describing the nature and content of some books I tend to like My conception of success in writi. A baby and smell the sweet scent of new life when you can't help but smile as you witness two wrinkled souls renew their vows to ach other Such moments remind us we were made for something than deadlines and debt carpools and coffee breaks Yet despite such wondrous moments we can still find ourselves going through the motions of faithWhether you'reA long time follower of Jesus or still figuring Him outUnemployed overly mployed or an ntrepreneurA creator innovator or conformistGrumpy bullient grey haired or bed headAn average Joe or have a gym membership but never goA sup.

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