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DThis book was so ridiculously cheesy I hated Kate s personality throughout the *Entire Story She Was Boring *story She was boring complained about the dumbest things Her boyfriend Julian gives her a credit card to buy new things with while being held captive WHAT NERVE I mean who gets fired from a job regardless f the circumstances and is just like Oh well I guess I ll hang Ultimate Memory Book out at my super rich boyfriend s house who I ve barely talked to for as long as I can Too bad that same super rich boyfriend is actually keeping you there against your will This book brought back memoriesf myself reading the Twilight series in that sense Julian Doesn T Want Kate doesn t want Kate be harmed by reading the Twilight series in that sense Julian doesn t want Kate to be harmed by enemies so he basically kidnaps her and holds her in his expensive cottage for months but she falls deeply in love with him so she becomes blinded by love in that respectThe romance was so cheesy and rushed though I realized why at the end Pelnrušķis un trollis of the novel I had to roll my eyes every time Julian said little minx I felt like Julian and Kate s relationship was just fight make up fight make up lather rinse repeat DO SOMETHING ELSE The book was a bit long too I don t know many people who like to read about the everyday lifef people from getting up in the morning running errands and going to bedI also felt the major conflict in the story was really stupid The Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) only reason the antagonist hated Kate was because he cared for Julian way too much and wanted him to marry Florence in hiswn time so desperately You mean THAT S the major conflict that people died O Mistério do Infante Santo over Give me a breakThenly character I actually liked was Charlie although I don t know why his character was written where he says the f word four times in Disgrace (Department Q, one sentence I didn t know investment bankers talked like thatI couldn t wait to finish this novel and now I m glad it sver This is a time that I wish Goodreads would let you give a book than a five To say this book deserves a 10 plus plus is an understatement Do you remember the movie Kate Leopold Or The Time Traveler s Wife Overseas is similar to both but SO much better First Monsoon of all throughut the book I was craving for my wn Julian I think it was a bigger craving than I usually have for chocolate Yes this means it s REALLY big Ms Williams really knows how to paint a man goddess with her writing It was almost like I could touch Julian s hair his features his scar and I just kept wanting It s not just Julian who the reader can almost touch Ms William s writes so beautifully with such vivid imagery Most people know that I tend to read books uickly however this wasn t the case here I had to stop myself from reading fast because then the story would end that much sooner and I just couldn t have thatI must warn you The minute you pick up this book you will be swept away into a beautiful historical fairy tale where true love wins Is there a certain food that is extra delicious to you r Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) one that you can t get enoughf One that you want to eat and Ice Maiden of but then at the same time you eat it slowly because it s extra delicious Well that s exactly what this book is like I can t wait for book number two I didn t have a clue what to expect when I started listening to this as an audio book but the narration was so good and the story so compelling I really didn t care what it was about I was GLUED and I wanted to know Overseas is a time travel story told through the POVf the heroine Kate Wilson It moves back and forth between modern day and 1916 France and unravels the mystery Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of just how and why Captain Julian Ashford is now living in today s world The story unfolds bit by bit and for the first halff the book it begs uestions than it answers But about halfway I started to see the bigger picture and could begin I found this Seducing the Heiress on NPR s Lesser Known Lit Seeking Summer s Hidden Gems list That summer modifier is crucial Overseas is a fun uick read but the romance isn t very well written and the plot is basically nonexistent I love a good historical fictiontime travel I truly wanted to like this book but I was sorry that I did not It is not the best examplef this authors work It is a time travel romance with a storyline that was very confusing It was a great idea but how it was executed just did not make sense to me in this shadowed hourThe vision guards my faith while And Cowboy Makes Three overseaHer heart beats mine defeats eternityOversea by Julian AshfordWhen Wall Street analyst Kate Wilson attracts the attentionf Julian Laurence she Teasing Her SEAL of all people can not uite understa. Rican Julian’s never seen her before but she has information about the reconnaissance mission he’s about to embarkn Who is she And why did she track him down in AmiensNew York 2007 A young Wall Street analyst Kate Wilson learned to rely n logic an. ,

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A Valentines Wish of girly Jell O in his presence I m totally kidding I m much too cynical for that But seriously it would be all too easy to fall in love with someone like Julian And perhaps that s a drawback to this work perhaps Julian is just a bit too good That being said I almost wish somef his amazing personality could have rubbed Paixão Sem Disfarce offn Kate and made her a bit less abrasive For the most part I liked Kate but I ve never been able to stand women who Rain over analyze a situation to the pointf being In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover obnoxious I m all for being independent but there s something to be said for having the courage to let someone else help you everynce in a while Refusing the help I Met Someone of someone who cares for you is not being independent it s being scaredf that level Quantum (Captain Chase of intimacy I thought Kate was a bit dense also and I couldn t believe she couldn t put certain things together I don t want to give anything away so I ll just say that there were times when I was like Seriously get a clue he s talking about YOU There are problems with this book don t get me wrong Julian said darling about forty times too many and Kate was a bit too prudish at times with all her freaking and crap and gosh but the plot is interesting the romance sweet and there were some truly memorable scenes that I ll be replaying in my head for a long time to come This is definitely a book I ll read again Beatriz Williams is a brilliant literary genius and as her words brought me from the bloody trenchesf France in 1916 to the towers and glass The Other Islam of Manhattan today she transported me body and soul flung me through the ether to worlds I rarely reach with mere words Her narrative is a flowing prose filled mixf cultures and eras that kept me hypnotically entranced as she spun her improbable yet believable tale Her dialogue is a mixed bag f English lords with the graphic and ften sordid contemporary speak we re so used to today And as much as her words transcended me it was her characters that made me see the scenes through their eyes and their hearts these miraculous fictional people became so real to me and became friends rivals villains and lovers and culminated in an experience that I will not forget I could feel her extensive historical research shine through and not Light, Gesture, and Color only in her main bodyf work but also during her interludes in the past where she shows me a foreign and different timeThis is the best book I ve read this year and if it doesn t make the top spot Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault on my bestf list in 2012 then the world is really up for some amazing fiction as the year progressesMs Williams it was my immense pleasure to experience this work Toxic Game (A GhostWalker Novel) of amazing literary fiction and I can not wait to see where you take me ton Canada our next journey togetherIs it true that love spans ages that it s timeless It s a uestion Kate Wilson Wall Street analyst never asked herself until the fateful day she fell down the rabbit hole the day Julian Laurence Hedge Fund creatorbillionaire walked into her life After a rocky beginning at a first attempted personal relationship Julian literally crashes back into her lifene night while running in Central Park and after nly a very short while Kate is uncomfortable with not nly the slightly cosmic feelings she has for Julian but especially his almost preternatural trust in the love he professes to her It s not until Julian reveals a secret that Kate feels the rabbit hole shrinking and it forces her to look at a truth that should not be possible that will alter her life even a secret that s unbelievable and yet she has no choice but believe him It seems Julian Laurence Ashford WWI British war hero and poet did not die Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, on a lonely field in France but found himself falling down hiswn rabbit hole that brought him straight to the 21st century Even as Julian peals away the layers f himself to Kate she knows there are things he s not telling her things that Could Lead To Disaster lead to disaster that could alter the very deep love they ve nly recently found with each What You Owe Me other things that she feels she needs to knowPlease checkut my exclusive A with Author Beatriz Williams I really wanted to like this book because the premise sounded so interesting but it fell flat SPOILERS AHEA. FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF A HUNDRED SUMMERS AND THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANTAmiens France 1916 Captain Julian Ashford a British Buffalo Woman Comes Singing officer in the trenchesf the Western Front is waylaid in the town suare by Kate a beautiful young Ame. Overseas