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Crazy Love eUscht werden Ich jedenfalls freue mich schon jetzt auf neue Geschichten von Sage Marlowe I reallynjoyed reading about these characters and once again sexy This is a great story about two men who are trying to find their way through a relationship and learn how to love ach other Catching a Pheonix caught my attention and Keeping a Pheonix really kept it Great Jazz has finally grown a back bone Reading the seuel to Catching a Phoenix really helps me understand why he s such a pain "In The Butt At "the butt at and I feel reconciled The wild card for a sexy night was an interesting idea and hell the sex between these two gets damned hot in this book I m still IN LOVE WITH ALGY THAN EVER. love with Algy than Ever. Eak Up He Is Certain That Eak up He is certain that will never meet again until one day Jazz returns into his life ready to start all over As Ryan unveils Jazz’s secrets he is determined not to let him scape again Going all in he shows Jazz xactly how much he's wanted with astonishing result. .

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This is the follow up to "Catching A I Loved "a Phoenix loved book The characters were fantastic complex and just a little flawed The dialogue and narrative are witty dry and captivating It s not an angst bomb the issues Jazz and Ryan face are realistic and the sexy stuff is scorching hot I read it in one sitting it had me grumbling laughing concerned and seriously crushing on these guys Highly recommended Wie h lt man ine Ph nix ist ine gelungene Fortsetzung zu Band 1 In der Rezension zum rsten Buch hatte ich um Black Heart, Red Ruby ein bisschen mehr Emotionen gebeten mein Wunsch wurdein bisschen rf llt Wie Band 1 l sst sich auch der 2 Teil fl ssig lesen hat sehr sch ne und xplizite Szenen und man. Catching a Phoenix was just the beginning Sinfully sexy and intriguingly smart but highly strung and neurotic best selling author Jazz Spencer aka JS Phoenix isn't one to be kept asily He wants love but doesn't know how to live his happy ver after wants love but doesn't know how to live his happy ver after that he has found it. ,
Lernt Jazz besser kennen Ich habe Ryan des fteren f r seine Geduld bewundert und an inigen Stellen meinen imagin ren Hut gezogenDie Szene bei Jazz Tante hat mich zum Schmunzeln gebracht "und die beiden beim Einkaufen zu rleben war in chtes Highlight Leider hatte ich zum Ende "die beiden beim Einkaufen zu rleben war in chtes Highlight Leider hatte ich zum Ende das Gef hl dass der Autor The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs einfach nur fertig werden wollte Er schnitt das Thema Signierstunde und das spezielle Geschenk von Ryan an Jazz nur kurz an und dann kam nichts mehr Es ist als w rdein Kapitel fehlen und Moreno er machtinfach mit der Hoteleinladung weiter Nicht schlimm nur schadeMir hat auch der 2 Teil der Ph nix Geschichte gut gefallen und wem Teil Monsieur Pain einsntsprochen hat der wird auch hier nicht ntt. With Ryan Holmes who deeply infatuated with him would do anything for Jazz if only he knew how to keep his precious PhoenixJust as it seems that Ryan is finally getting somewhere with Jazz things take a dramatic turn and Ryan finds himself broken hearted
"After Yet Another Br. "
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Keeping a Phoenix Phoenix #2