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There is so much hubbub about this book Access to English. Test pack 4 right now I waseally interested to ead it and before I started it I ead a few news articles and some of the dozens of 1 star Hoffnung Mensch reviews on It turns out people areeally upset with Oster primarily for the chapter on drinking alcohol during pregnancy There are other easons people are poo pooing the book too like the fact that she hardly interviewed any medical professionals about the topics she covered and instead elied almost entirely on her eading and interpretation of medical studies conducted over the past century or so This article for example takes issue with the fact that Oster who holds a PhD in Economics is eaching beyond her professional ealm and looking to interpret highly complex medical studies It also criticizes her subtle and tricky biases namely that Oster felt patronized by her OB from the first visitWell I ead the book And you know what It s not The Witch who was a princess really that scandalous The portions about alcohol are getting the most attention she found that up to 1 drink a day in the second and third trimesters and a couple of drinks a week in the first is a comfortable amount a statement that will obviously make waves But the other sections of the book contain information that probably won t be that surprising if you veead a large number of modern pregnancy books or you had a progressive OB or midwife practice during your pregnancyLet me pump the brakes for a second here though Overall I want to state how efreshing it was to ead a book about pregnancy that examined all facets from natural childbirth to epidurals to deli meats to inductions without coming from a place of obvious bias I found that unlike the Daily Beast article I cited above I thought Oster wrote the book from a mostly detached facts based place There was no preaching tone or demanding instruction you must do this She establishes herself as someone who likes to have as many facts as possible at her disposal before making a decision and nothing in the book convinced me otherwise The esearch and studies she used to draw conclusions are cited incessantly throughout and she is careful to note when there is not enough esearch to draw any meaningful conclusion Is she irresponsible Making bad Jeden výdych koňa recommendations Endangering women or fetuses Ieally don t think soI think much of the criticism of this book is mostly coming from the Pregnant Women Need to Listen To Their Doctors First and Foremost place What isn t being mentioned in these critiues is that a lot of pregnant women don t listentrustobey their doctors wholesale any If they hear something they don t like they switch providers until they get the answer they were looking for If they feel uncomfortable with their level of care they ll look for someone who can provide the care they need They crowdsource medical uestions on Babycenter They google things like mucus plug and lower back cramps trying to figure out if they e in labor or close to labor or can do anything to speed up their labor They take childbirth classes their provider may or may not be aware of them taking They write birth plans based on templates they saw on Pinterest and they may or may not discuss them with their provider before heading to the hospital or birth center Whether you believe this trend toward a medically detached pregnant woman is a positive or a negative thing IT IS A THINGSo to look at Oster s book and declare it dangerous or irresponsible is patently ignoring the fact that women have done and continue to do exactly what Oster did on a smaller scale IF OSTER IS IRRESPONSIBLE THEN SO IS EVERY MOM Oster is irresponsible then so is every mom who has ever spoken with confidence to thousands millions of eaders about something on the medical spectrum You get my pointI think Oster s book is a fantastic way to prompt uestions with an OB or midwife That s the bottom line and also one she makes clear several times over It may annoy your care provider but if going to an appointment armed with intelligent thoughtful uestions about topics that will affect you and your baby is something that annoys your care provider well that s something else entirely isn t it Since everyone from hospitals to a large number of medical doctors treat pregnancy as a medical condition are we surprised that pregnant women often look
independent esearch Most people diagnosed any sort of medical condition will do some amount of esearch on their own Depending on your point of view this may seem to be a good thing or not But in my opinion women What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game reading about pregnancyelated items and then clarifying with a care provider about whether something could be personally beneficial or not certainly doesn t strike me as an irresponsible dangerous moveAs far as Oster s individual points are concerned I think that if Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) reasonably intelligent womenead this book then Oster s Revenant research will at the most just give them a push to do things they were already considering or will further entrench them in a previously held belief If youead Oster s book and say Hey Great I was already going to have one glass of wine per week during this pregnancy and this Pumpkinflowers research shows that is okay or if you say Well interestingesearch but I m still not comfortable with drinking alcohol during pregnancy then I think you would be having the mature grown up person Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life reaction to this bookPersonally I m all for women being given informationather than less about pregnancy and birth Green Eyed Envy related decision making Here are some things from the book I foundeally interesting or eye opening or funny It s not that complicated drink like a European adult not like a fraternity brother Don t worry too much about sushi and The A-List Diet Fitness Plan raw eggs they might carry bacteria but these bacteria are no worse when you are pregnant than when you are not The chapter on weight gain is especially interesting Oster found that the amount of weight you gain while pregnant is less important than the weight you are when you become pregnant in terms of being overweight or obese At a weight gain of 30 pounds we. What to Expect When You're Expecting meets Freakonomics an award winning economist disproves standardecommendations about pregnancy to empower women while they're expectingPregnancy unuestionably one of the most pro­found meaningful experiences of adulthood can The Amethyst Road reduce otherwise intelligent women to well babies We’re told to avoid cold cuts sushi alcohol and coffee but aren’t told  why these are forbidden Rules for prenatal testing are hard and fast and unexplained Are theseecommendations even correct Are all of them The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey right for every mom to be In  Expecting Better award winning economist Emily Oster prov. D expect 10 percent of women to have very small babies and 5 percent to have very large babies At a weight gain of 40 pounds these figures are 7 percent and 11 percent Yes there is an increase in very large babies but there is a decrease in very small ones But because a very small baby is worse in terms of complications is this maybe actually better In order toeally make the The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families rightecommendation for weight gain we need to think about what When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers recommendation does the best job limiting the actual complications And in this particular case that might well be an argument for increasing theecommended weight gain at least by a few pounds In terms of measuring amniotic fluid the deepest vertical pocket measure is much better It captures the same number of truly problematic situations but is much better at not identifying cases where there is nothing wrong It leads to fewer inductions and fewer C sections For babies that have fallen asleep during a non stress test in which baby s heart Sextus: Ou, Le Romain Des Maremmes: Suivi D'Essais Detaches Sur L'Italie: Par M. Me Hortense Allart de Therase rate is monitored for a set amount of time to look at the baby s heartate in Die Zarin relation to its movement clapping is a proven method of getting them to wake up and move around than having mom eat or drink something sugary I sat through two non stress tests in which Isobel fell asleep and they had me drinking this nasty sugary concoction to try and get her to move around It didn t work Nipple stimulation seems to be the MOST effective method of self inducing labor Oster looked at a study of full term women thatecorded whether they had gone into labor 3 days later Of the breast stimulation group 37 percent were in labor by 3 days versus only 6 percent of those without breast stimulation One Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History review article Oster looked at found that women who underwent continuous fetal monitoring in the hospital were 16 times as likely to have a C section Oster found that oft uoted caffeine limits for pregnant women seem to be somewhat low based on many studies she looked at Her findings are that 3 4 cups of coffee per day are okay The chapter on miscarriage has some eye opening statistics that I hadn tead before After becoming pregnant I uickly learned that there are two types of pregnant women ok there are a lot than this but keep Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll reading The first type says Show me proof that this will NOT hurt my baby and I will do it The second type says Show me proof that this WILL hurt my baby and I won t do it It turns out I am the second type which causes many of my friends and coworkers to be absolutely horrified at some of my behaviors most of which involve ingesting things Thankfully my husband and I are on the same pageAs an example a few months ago much earlier in my pregnancy I went to lunch with some ladies from work and I ordered aoast beef sandwich One lady gasps in horror and says You aren t actually going to eat that are you To which I look at her like uh der no i just ordered it so i can throw it in the trash can over there Yes of course I was planning to eat it She says Aren t you worried about listeria From the deli meat and cheeseHere s the thing about listeria Yes it would suck to get it honestly it would suck even if I weren t pregnant but no one ever seems to worry about it then And it s very Nosferatu risky during pregnancy because it can cause miscarriages even when the mother shows no symptoms But the last two US listeria outbreaks were in Ice cream bluebell and caramel apples source cdc and the biggest outbreak inecent history was in cantelope in 2011 But you don t hear anyone freaking out if I want to eat some ice cream or apples or melon don t hear anyone freaking out if I want to eat some ice cream or apples or melon you The way I figure it I take much of a Snuggle Up, Little One: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories risk driving to work every day on I 95 than I do by eating aoast beef sandwich So yeahWhen people started telling me all the things I cannot do or eat while pregnant my first uestion was always why not And 9 times out of "10 They Didn T Really Know Everyone "they didn t Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen really know Everyone you can t have coffee while pregnant Everyone knows you can t get massages while pregnant Everyone knows you can t have sushi while pregnant Says who What are theeasons for thisIf you are like me and ask these kinds of uestions this book is definitely for youOster explains the The Jive Talker reasons for all of the no no things during pregnancy as well as looking into their validity based on scientific studies And she provides all of theeferences so you can go look up the papers yourself if you want to draw your own conclusions which I did in a few cases She also looks into pre pregnancy things timing conception trying for a specific gender etc non no no pregnancy things like genetic testing and medications for non pregnancy Gargantuan related illness and labor things pros and cons of things like VBAC epidurals and episiotomies While she says she tries to be neutral and just provide the facts so theeader can make their own decisions I don t think she does a great
at this I mean she provide the facts but she also tells us exactly what she decided to do based on these facts In most cases I came to the same conclusion but there were a few things which of course I don t Wolfgang remember off hand where I made a different decision And that s okAnyway I thought this book was excellent It answered a lot of uestions both directly and indirectly through theesources I had at the beginning of this pregnancy journey and made me feel a lot comfortable with the decisions I am making Highly Publishing Women: Salons, the Presses, and the Counter-Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy recommended As heard on Planet MoneyThe New York Times appears to also have aeview but they seem to have completely missed the point102013 I m only partway through this book but I cannot contain my exuberance This is finally the book that I had just assumed other pregnancy books would be but was sadly disappointed to discover they were notFor a given Wurr 3 (Wurr risk factor such as caffeine alcohol or tobacco she lays out the studies that have been done highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each study shows what they found and then leaves theeader now armed with data to decide her own appropriate course of actionFor example caffeine There are a number of st. Es that pregnancy Кракатит rules are often misguided and sometimes flat out wrongA mom to be herself Oster debunks the myths of pregnancy using her particular mode of critical thinking economics the study of how we get what we want Oster knows that the value of anything a home an amniocentesis is in the eyes of the informed beholder and like any compli­cated endeavor pregnancy is not a one size fits all affair And yet medicine often treats it as such Are doctors working from bad data Are well meaning friends and family perpetuating false myths andaising unfounded concerns Oster’s answer is yes and oftenPregnant women. Udies linking caffeine to miscarriages which have led different doctors to give their different ecommendations some doctors say up to three cups of coffee per day is ok others say two still others say absolutely no caffeine at all The problem with most of these studies is that it turns out that nausea is actually a sign of a healthy pregnancy and the nauseous you feel the less likely you are to miscarry Of course if you e feeling nauseous you want to drink coffee less than you otherwise might So any study comparing coffee drinking to non coffee drinking women might not be studying the effects of caffeine they might actually be studying the effects of nauseaFortunately there was one study in Denmark that paradise of public health data that issued free instant coffee to a large cohort of coffee drinking pregnant women and instructed them to Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt replace the coffee they would normally drink with the free instant coffee which was either caffeinated or decaffeinated The women assigned the caffeinated coffee consumed on average 200 mg caffeine per day than the women assigned the decaffeinated coffee but when theesearchers looked at birth weight length at birth gestational age at birth or head circumference they found zero zero difference between the two groups of babies It s pretty clear that caffeine has zero impact on the outcomes measuredNow of course coffee has a lot in it than just caffeine I could have sworn I had a molecule of the day post on cafestol and kahweol but I can t find it now so after eading that study you might still decide that for your own pregnancy you might prefer to err on the side of caution and cut down on coffee anyway and that s fine But perhaps you might think twice before hassling someone else for the choice she s made for herselfLike Emily Oster I find this kind of information a lot useful for decision making than simple ules like only one cup of coffee per day102013 later that day updateMy best estimate based on the data was that avoiding ham sandwiches would have lowered my Ivy Vines Visions risk of Listeria infection from 1 in 8255 to 1 in 8333 Would you want to do this Maybe Someone certainly could make a case for doing so However this change iseally eally small For me it wasn t worth itI LOVE THIS BOOK I m astounded that an economist who is not a maternal newborn health care professional decided that being pregnant eading an obstetrics textbook and Home: The Story of Everyone Who Ever Lived in Our House reviewing some studies makes her ualified to decide she can tell women to ignoreeputable health organizations guidelines For instance the esearchers physicians midwives and other health care professionals are eviewing the SAME esearch information as Emily Oster is and have concluded that there is not enough uality or conclusive evidence to say that drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe I m not saying that new esearch doesn t come out guidelines aren t Mindfulness for Black Dogs Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression reevaluated andecommendations don t change but I am saying that a non medical professional like Emily Oster is NOT ualified to speak with such authority on these issues This puts women and newborns at serious Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia riskFor instance theisks and inconvenience of avoiding deli meat and alcohol are tiny compared to the conseuences if one contracts listeria during pregnancy or if it turns out that low dose alcohol does cause FASD or other health problems for newborns The major health organizations like the World Health Organization
the American Society of Obstetricians Gynecologists say that there is not enough uality The Deadly Art of Love and Murder research to ensure that drinking of any amount during pregnancy is safe so why would we uestion that until theesearch is clearerTL DRLONG STORY SHORTPLEASE if you are a pregnant woman or know someone who is be smart and don t listen to an economist who is NOT a woman or know someone who is be smart and don t listen to an economist who is NOT a care professional and thinks her interpretation of the esearch is somehow superior to large groups of maternal newborn health care professionals and esearchers looking at the same data It is better to be safe than sorry I picked this one up after The London Marathon reading severaleviews describe it as if you RSPB Pocket Garden Birdwatch read a single book about pregnancy this is the one you shouldead And I completely agree THERE ARE SOURCES I swear it never Occurred To Me That The Vast Majority Of Pregnancy Books to me that the vast majority of pregnancy books cite no sources whatsoever I don t care if you The Courtship Maneuver (The Alpha Billionaire Club - Book 2) re a doctor Lots of people call themselves doctors and I m not going to take their advice On top of that the books often say things like Ask your doctor I meading pregnancy books so I can go to my doctor s appointments informed about all the different pros and cons and possible issues with things So that I can then talk to my doctor in an informed way Don t just tell me to talk to my doctor Why bother eading a book thenAnyway Expecting Better is written by an economist Seem odd Sure But she was similarly frustrated by the lack of evidence given in pregnancy advice books or even by her doctors So she decided to esearch all the main uestions so she could make informed decisions In each chapter she presents multiple case studies and weighs all the different decisions new parents can make Her premise is that parents need to make informed decisions She doesn t tell you whether you should or shouldn t get on epidural or drink coffee etc but ather what esearch shows so parents can make their own decision She argues that there s no ight or wrong answer only informed decisions Thus based on her esearch she decided against an epidural Based on the same Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey research I m going with an epidural Neither of us are wrong in our decisions wee making the choices that are best for us after Lithic Illustration: Drawing Flaked Stone Artifacts for Publication researching the effects of that choiceI wish everyone did this with everything waited to make an opinion about something until they desearched multiple scenarios So far this is the only pregnancy book I ve Buying the Night Flight: The Autobiography of a Woman Foreign Correspondent (Updated Edition) read wortheading She didn t esearch all my uestions about pregnancy but thankfully I have access to medical esearch journals through the university I teach at so I m conducting my own Adam und Eva im Paradies. Für die fröhlichen Nachkommen aufgezeichnet research455. Face an endless stream of decisions from the casual Can I eat this to the frightening Is it worthisking a miscarriage to test for genetic defects  Expecting Better presents the hard facts and eal world advice you’ll never get at the doctor’s office or in the existing literature Oster’s evelatory work identifies everything from the eal effects of caffeine and tobacco to the surprising dangers of gardeningAny expectant mother knows that the health of her baby is paramount but she will be less anxious and better able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy if she is informed and can have the occasional glass of wine.