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He chest to kill Could be that he simply wasn t thinking and was a spur of the moment He simply heard oh no turned and shot
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shot the guy in the chest While the other guy he saw him and decided to in the leg although in that case he shot from the hip The massacre is told from multiple angles from several eyewitnesses for multiple chaptersConspiracy nuts would love this case because multiple witnesses even the first officer on the scene claimed that the first victim Leo s mean manager who is referred to as boss was shot in the head from behind but according to the coroner he was shot in the heart from behind Some of the murders are also described in pretty graphic detail One of the men who escorted a doctor around the building for victims said he actually asked to be put in another position because he couldn t stand the meanness of the manager The manager put him in another position at the plant then was told why and the manager got angry and told him to his face that if he had known he would of never of changed his positionIt describes the capture of Held and the aftermath and further interpretations of what happenedI didn t think it would go into too much detail about and the aftermath and further interpretations of what happenedI didn t think it would go into too much detail about s background Just very basic background information but it does give detail The 3 or 4 short end chapters basically give detail on his background and why he did it Through out the account there are hints of WHY he did it but it becomes and clear later on Leo Held is the typical mass shootermass murderer It reminded me a little of Joseph Wesbecker another favorite case of mine Although in the case of Wesbecker it was far severe Wesbecker worked at a printing company Due to illegal over time and a long history at the printing plant he was injured from the repetitive handy work Multiple managers mocked him for his mental instability He told them he had mental problems and they simply made fun of him The company was taken during the 1980 s Reagan Wall street corporate take over and the work place got even worse It was a very toxic place to work and Wesbecker wasn t the only worker who wanted to shoot p the place or blow it p many employees threatened to blow p the company He also planned a suicide pack with another coworker and during the massacre as he was shooting people one of the coworkers began to even CHEER him on Wesbecker told him stay the fck out of my way and the coworker told him he would and cheered You go for it Go for it Rocky The case resulted in producers of prozac being sued The lawsuit was total nonsense they were only able to show neglect in testing Gave ZERO evidence of any connection with the massacre In fact he was pl. Citizen who turned into a rampaging killer Reconstruction of how the killer methodically shot neighbors and coworkers Narrative. .
I ve never heard this story in it s entirety before it s a ick informative entirety before It s a ick informative astonishing read I first learned and read about Leo Held from reading Mass murder by life time booksIt didn t say too much about the case but enough to get me interestedThe books starts off with the basic facts of the case and the description of the town of Lock Haven Not too much though The mass shooting spree occurred in late October so I enjoyed the fact that the author mentions the color of the leaves changing The author states that the paper mill was the main industry of the town Unlike many other cases the place of work ie the paper mill was not a toxic place to work although of course it had problems come to find out and wasn t as happy and pleasant as I was first lead to believe The author does state that Leo Held s boss was mean and even kicked one of the employees Everyone involved in the case admitted the boss was a mean person His
Boss Was Of Course 
was of course first one to be shot The book is very straight forward Chapters mainly focus on individual people mostly survivors and witnesses and what they saw and think about the case It s very clear that this was a very close community every one had some sort of connection with each other At around page 40 it became pretty clear to me why Leo Held did what he did He never fit in in the community nor at work Now he did participate in community activities such as the local school board carpooling and hunting That in it s self does not really mean anything He most probably didn t get along on the school board A survivor said her husband was on the board and would come home angry at Leo saying he always voted no on everything this would cause conflict His driving was reckless and soon everyone refused to drive with him Him hunting I assume it would of been the same every other social interactionhe s just there Just because your physically involved doesn t mean you are emotionally and socially involved So I would say Leo Held committed the massacre due to rejection along with feeling humiliated by his boss As the book goes on it becomes even clear as to why he did what he did and the extent of the issues he was dealing with in terms of work and neighborsThere was speculation and still is apparently about who he shot and why It really doesn t make sense why he shot one guy in the leg for getting in his way while he shot another guy in the chest for getting in the way The book states these two victims are considered the accidental victim and incidental victim by many I would agree it doesn t make a lot of sense why one guy was shot in the leg to incapacitate while another he shot in New examination of the vicious crime spree of Leo Held in Lock Haven Pennsylvania on October 23 1967 Story of a La muralla verde uietpstanding. ,

Anning the massacre several months before he took prozac Without The New Competition uestion and even the victims who sued admitted after it was settled out of court that it had nothing to do with prozac and said it was the job In fact that is how pretty much everyone felt One of the investigators talking about the case years later said the company began to deterioate after the scumbag wall street take over and clearly implied that it was the company that caused Wesbecker to shoot the placep The paper mill was not that bad but Leo did have issues at work He also had issues with many people in the communitySeveral people who knew Held said they were not surprised that Leo Held was the shooterThe guy who went into the building to help the doctor heard it was some other guy named LeoHe said he instantly thought I doubt it Leo Held maybeGiven all the facts of the case it all makes sense Typical caseAfter background of Held the author gives context with the next chapter where he cites those who study mass murder and what they say about Leo Held and his similarities to other mass killers I found it interesting that my go to experts James Fox and Jack Levin werent cited They are the criminologist who first studied it and published the first study of mass murder They are my go to experts and I agree 98% with them in terms of my own research For those who haven t really studied the topic who haven t done the research it s a very welcomed chapter It always kind of bothers me when I read a modern book about a mass shooting and the author does not put the crime in context of what we know about mass killings If your gonna write a true crime book about a mass murdershooter then you should provide context in terms a true crime book about a mass murdershooter then you should provide context in terms what we know about the study of mass murdershooters Sure I own several 1970 1980 the study of mass murdershooters Sure I own several 1970 1980 about mass shooters and they don t do that but I can easily look past that because Fox and Levin didn t do their study ntil the early 80 s The research into the topic of mass murdershooters was not like it is now But if your book was written in the year 2009 or 2010 or 2019 then you sure as hell should do the research and talk you sure as hell should do the research and talk the research that has been done to provide context motive and the killer s place in terms of other cases Yes as someone who has studied it it aint gonna be news to me I ve heard it all before but for context historical and academic purposes it should be included It then moves on again to some of the aftermathA pretty good book Far better then I thought it would beNot a disappointment I actually enjoyed it and I am glad I read it during this october It was a short book so I thought why not and read it very ickly. Of how police cornered the killer and brought him down Search for the reasons behind the rage that spread death and damaged live.