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Seduced or the Inheritance

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Nce he really did seem To Have The Attitude That have the attitude that #could order people around and get what he wanted Anna didn #order people around and get what he wanted Anna didn really make much sense perhaps I could have understand her decision to not take the money better if she had a clearer idea of why she wasn t doing it The ending view spoiler where the cottage the cookbook and all of Anna s mom s things including the jewelry go up in lames and then Anna accuses Isabela Of Setting The of setting the hide spoiler Very hot and emotionally intense Loved it. Ily's estate Which Reynaldo wanted back at any cost He upped his price with every no that came rom Anna's lips Until her lips could refuse him no longe. Heir to the De Leon estate Naldo is none too pleased to #Have His Inheritance Passed #his inheritance passed him with a whole in it He wants the cottage and the amily heirloom jewels that were also gifted to Anna s mother by his Gray Bishop father who apparently loved her Anna is broke and needs the money that Naldo keeps trying to throw at her to get her to sell and go away but something keeps holding her backrom taking itsuspicion nostalgia or love or Naldo This was just okay I m not sure I liked Naldo very much si. Eon's wealthy ather gone their Clandestine Affair Exposed And Anna Who'd Secretly exposed And Anna who'd secretly the gorgeous DeLeon heir suddenly owned a piece of his am. I think the title #says it all If you have read one romance you can probably guess #it all If you have read one romance you can probably guess happens Not great but not bad At 180 pages you can t go wrong with this uick read Ok I guess Better than alot of other Harleuin novels And it served it s purpose which was yet again distraction Anna comes back to where she grew up on the De Leon estate after her mother s
Death And Learns That 
and learns that s inherited the cottage and land which were beueathed to her mother right in the middle of the estate The. How long could she deny himShe was the cook's plain Jane daughterHe was the estate owner's privileged son But now Anna's beloved mother and Reynaldo DeL.