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Im I really felt like he did verything he could verything I wouldn t So I have to say I LOVED this book If you re looking for a book involving tons of fight scenes with a dash of mystery this is a book for you If you re looking for something that s of a psychological thriller then this probably isn t a book for you Severed by Simon Kernick is a mystery novel involving a fast paced plot and new pieces of information being thrown constantly at youImagine waking up in a bed seemingly alone Everything is uiet when your yes are drawn to drops of red strewn all over the bedsheets Slowly You Turn To Your Side turn "to your side to find a body lying next to yours "your side to find a body lying next to yours decapitated body you know that once belonged to a girl you met just a few weeks ago You sit up in shock paralysed by the sight of the corpse You have no idea what happened last night A note on the TV tells you to turn on the DVD player and you do so You stand petrified at the movie playing on the screen It s one of you stabbing the girl in the bed to death You re sure #that the person in the film isn t you but who knows what the court would think Now you re #the person in the film isn t you but who knows what the court would think Now you re to head to East London if you want all traces of the DVD to be The Deepest Sin erased Knowing that you re reuired to do what th. Recently With his memory of the previous 24 hours wiped clean he's hardly out of bed before the he notices a note next to the TV telling him to press play on the room's DVD machine The film shows him stabbing someone to deathTyler is confident that the footage is fake but will a jury see things the same way The man on thend of the phone tells him that if .
I really njoyed reading this book the action starts on the first page and keeps you interested through the whole book It was asy to read and read pretty fast In the book we can find round characters they are fully formed and complex We can find many plots combined into one and it doesn t feel forced There is a Lot Of Twists Which Made of twists which made want to and it doesn t feel forced There is a lot of twists which made you want to it Some moments made me a little #bored the flashbacks they take you back and tell you stories #the flashbacks they take you back and tell you stories the past They are necessary to fully understand the story but sometimes I felt like they were a little bit too long DNF 56%I am strained my brain nough I wish i could have loved this one Not happening I don t know what to say It was mysterious it was unexpected it was really bad day But I was impressed Throughout the whole book the author took you in the knowledge that you cannot find out who is behind all the vents And I have to say There were only few moments I thought I know who is behind verything and as I found out in the nd I was really mistaken Only thing I knew was that if I were that man I would rather die than to fight like he had to that I wouldn t survive better surrender to police and be in the prison lifelong And in the nd I was really proud of Straight off I knew it was going to be a bad day The room was stifling hot; and when I did finally manage to drag open my yes all I could see was blood I thought I'd stepped into the middle of a nightmare But I was wrong The nightmare was only just beginning Ex soldier Sean Tyler wakes up in an unfamiliar room next to the headless corpse of a girl he's met.

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E man on the phone says and also knowing that you ll probably be dead at the nd of all this what do you doAs much as it sounds interesting I didn t really think it was I borrowed the book from the library after finding the summary on the back intriguing but I was surprised when my interest in the #PLOT STARTED DYING ONCE I GOT ABOUT A UARTER #started dying once I got about a uarter the way in The main character Tyler was difficult to relate to and I couldn t pinpoint any distinct ualities that made him stand out in my head I think that there was a lack of voice throughout the whole story and it just became very tiring for me to read This is a book you really need to get into to njoy and is better to read in one shot There are multiple characters with little information given about them that are introduced and it might be confusing to keep track of all of them specially since most of them only stay for about a couple of chapters Some of the dialogue kept my attention and made me want to keep reading but I couldn t find majority of the scenarios interesting I felt that the nding was rushed and for some reason a little disappointing as well This wasn t Le valeureux guerrier exactly a continuous page turner for me but the beginning started off with a bang and was uite good. E wants thevidence to disappear he must go to an address in ast London and await further instructionsTyler knows he must do as he is told He also knows that the phone caller has no intention of keeping him aliveTo survive he must recover the missing 24 hours of his life and find out who's setting him up before his time runs out for good The clock is ticki. .

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