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Lism and how it super exploits the people of the peripheries to sustain prosperity of the mother countryIt graphically portrays the way a political and economic *order and the dominant social relations it creates dehumanizes the ruled as it makes monsters of *and the dominant social relations it creates dehumanizes the ruled as it makes monsters of rulersTold through streams of consciousness and fragments of memories that poetically jumps back and forth through time the novel s form mirrors the falling apart of their personal ives their once wealthy family along with the colonial society they were accustomed toAt once dark ironic and poetic the novel gives much needed insights into the extremely class conscious and racialized psychology of the brutal and hedonistic colonial elites Under the iron fist of the dictator Salazar Portugal tried to hang on to its African colonies Angola and Mozambiue through the mid 1970 s way past the time when other European powers granted independence to former colonies This novel is set in the mid 1990 s when the three children of former Portuguese colonists in *Angola have been evacuated to Lisbon The dark tone of the novel is illustrated by their grandmother *have been evacuated to Lisbon The dark tone of the novel is illustrated by their grandmother called her grandchildren two boys and a girl the mulatto the epileptic and the whore Their mother stayed behind to try to save the old plantation but she was ost in Angola s civil war involving multiple factions and outside powers including Cuba the USSR and South Africa The war for independence disintegrated into chaotic violence terror and random butchery This violence and social disint What we came in search of in Africa wasn t money or power it was my son Carlos the oldest the mulattothat slut that slut ClarissaRui the epileptic boy busy torturing everybodyMaria da Boa Morte what can one say about Maria of the good death The children and the servant of You ook so pretty Isilda the matriarch and her drunk husband if it were for Africa and whiskey I wouldn t ive hereA family A farm in Ang. Nda y Lisboa de 1977 a 1995 a o argo de dieciocho anos de historia Mediante una estructura coral de distintos monologos ue se acercan y se alejan Lobo Antunes nos conduce con su particular maestria al interior de unos personajes ue habiendo perdido ya su ugar esperan en vano ese sitio en donde Bel mundo redescub. Another intimate view of portuguese colonial war The inner and iterpersonal effects exposed as only Antonio Lobo antunes can make it I must confess I m reading the English version of this Even so I find it heavy going One of Antunes s best a fascinating book all stream of conscience style by 4 narrators 3 now in Lisbon after being raised in Angola their mother still there full of the horrors of the kind of war that took place there in the 80 s and 90 s not to mention the brutality of the white *Settlers To The Natives *to the natives other words not an easy book to read worth at east a 35 First et me confess I read this in English Even so it was heavy going Lobo Antunes clearly does not believe in giving the reader meaning on a plate Instead he gives you buelele a ot of stream of consciousness eaving you to work out whose consciousness he is streaming He has also made heavy use of copy and paste so much so that the continual repetition becomes soporificI d never have believed that such a highly regarded writer could produce a novel set in Angola and Portugal and make it boring It s ong too On the plus side he does a splendid myth busting hatchet job on colonialism and its aftermath The title of course is ironic Mindblowing I was almost chocked by reading a book where such a political subject is turned into such a personal matter In the end it is easy to say what is wrong but very hard to say who is guilty And the criticism of colonialism is fierce describing it as a system of oppression on all evels also between those who consider themselves privileged A splendid novel dealing with the ugliness of the Portuguese colonial enterprise in Angola This is The Story Family Of story family of colonialists owning a slave plantation in Angola has fallen from their former glory in the wake of the Angolan War of IndependeceA searing and anguished ook into the real heart of darkness the book is an indictment of imperia. La ironia del titulo frase tomada de una estrofa del himno nacional ya anuncia o ue sera el desarrollo y el proposito de esta novela de Lobo Antunes mostrar el otro ado de ese BesplendorB; desvelar sin paliativos a verdad a uno y otro ado del espectro politico a traves de dos espacios narrativos alternantes Lua.

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O Esplendor de PortugalOla A civil war The outcomeGritty harsh and *tough tender beautiful and poignant His style and poetical anguage is not a typical book It was ike *tender beautiful and poignant His style and poetical anguage is not a typical book It was ike four people tell me their sides of the story using memories voices images from the past and present in a POETICAL ALMOST LIKE A GREEK CHORUS THAT ENHANCED THE almost ike a Greek chorus that enhanced the It reminds me of Cort zar s Rayuela Challenging the senses to tell a non Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy linear story It s about memory or what we perceive as memory It s about morality or nothing is moral It s about history truthsies and everything in between It s about a family holding on to the past trying to forget the past but all wrapped into what really happened What really happened What really WhatThis is my first read of Ant nio Lobo Antunes and this book amazed me No Mesmerized me I had those ittle sayings run through my head I read entire pages and sometimes had to reread it because I was ost in the beauty of the words The translation was very good but I am very curious to read in PortugueseWithout a doubt this is one of the best books I have read despite the sombre subject matter in a very ong time I seem to be on a theme recently A while back I wrote a review of Coetzee s Waiting for the Barbarians The theme there is basically the horror of empire and its need for a them to dominate to fight to fear Ant nio Lobo Antunes has presented a similar theme in The Splendor of Portugal This is not his only book to deal with this theme but I cannot imagine how he could do it better Put simply Lobo Antunes wants his readers to know the absolute horror and misery generated by empire and colonialism Whereas Coetzee gives us a "Short Succinct Allegory That "succinct allegory that us through reference and notion Lobo Antunes drags us through the blood and the gore He takes into the depths of hurt created by racism and cruelty two of humanity s most pervasive creations Homo sapient be damned We are Homo crudelis What other spec. Ra su antiguo ordenB; Un ugar irremediablemente perdido ue Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival los personajes resucitan artificialmente rememorando su infancia Binventada como todasas infanciasB; sin ue por ello puedan eludir Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, la vejez ni dejar de vivir entre un pasado en ruinas y un futuro ue cuando no se posterga permaneceatente en The Fix la invencion.