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It is closer to 4 stars than 3 We need the option of half stars I found this really hard to start with It wasn t that I jumped pretty option of half stars I found this really hard to start with It wasn t that I jumped pretty into this trio s storyline the characters thoughtsconversations filled that in it was the writing style This is the first Doctor Who book that I really struggled to finish The idea of the plot was uite good a theme park on an alien planet badly recreating scenes from Earth history the ways in which they get it wrong are uite amusing and begs the uestion of the extent to which we int he 21st century get our own ancient history laughably wrong Unfortunately the writing just wasn t very good and the none of the characters were likable I simply cannot take to either Anji Or Fitz As Companions Not The Fault Of The Author Fitz as companions not the fault of the author of the series overseers who dreamed them and their endless neuroses up Subplots connected to the series arc just served as annoying distractions and I found the sexualisation of the adolescent villains really uite dodgy It would have been awkward in any book but especially dubious to have an adult protagonist leering at 13 year olds in a serialisation with a large child readership Special Content only on my blog Strange and Random Happenstance during I The Doctor October December 2013The Doctor is off on another adventure with Fitz Anji a survivor of their last adventure is looking for a lift home little does she now that adventure is in store They appear to land on a prehistoric planet but everything is off Soon they realize it s a theme park designed to be like ancient earth ie Anji and Fitz s lovely 20th century Though anachronisms abound in absurd and disturbing ways All they really want to do is get back to the TARDIS but with The Doctor s memory problems well will they be able to get out Separated from each other they soon hear of the deaths that have been plaguing the park The security team seems to think that it links back to a teenage terrorist organization oddly named ANJI but once they all meet the president s three teenage daughters everyone is pretty sure they re the homicidal maniacs playing their own game within the park Can a foggy Doctor one loyal companion and one inadvertent companion save the day Or will they become the triplet s newest victimsI ve seriously thought this over and come to the conclusion that all Doctor Who books could only be read by fans of the show Anyone who would pick up a random Doctor Who book would be at sea unable to I Was A Stranger know what was going on Even if you re just a fan of the current rebooted series younow a bit about the history about the past regenerations you have some basis some reason for going into a bookstore and picking up this book I think reading about the eighth Doctor must be like the uninitiated reading just a general Doctor Who book I had to actually do extensive research online just to figure out who these new companions were and what was going on with The Doctor In an interesting inverse in proportions

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Doctor with one appearance in film is the one that everyone writes about Of course this does make sense He doesn t really have a fixed mythology or character like those set in celluloid Therefore it feels like a bit of a free for all for authors Here s someone they can leave their stamp on They could mold this Doctor into their Doctor This lack of restraint has led to some very odd things Lots of amnesiatic problems latching onto a fact from the tv movie weird companions that are simulacra of the real companions that are long gone hundreds of years where The Doctor was doing nothing something Gallifrey is gone I was just so out of my depth at references and asides that I couldn t really enjoy anything A good author will help you to understand what exactly is going on especially if that author was in charge of the eighth Doctor s range of books but from this outing I have to say Jacueline Rayner isn t a good author I felt no connection to anyone in the book How can I like The Doctor if I don t now who he is I mean HE doesn t even now who he is As for the companions Fitz well him and The Doctor have tons of past history you d think he d be good to help us understand what was going on But no he ll just reference tons of adven. The first settlers of New Jupiter were a handful of humans with androids to help make the planet habitable Many generations down the New Jupitan President John E Hoover faces a challenge to his hereditary role His popularity is threatened by the Association of New Jupitan Independence – ANJI – Earthworld

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Versary book series I just think they should have maybe picked a book that was a little bit easier to get into and didn t reuire a lot of pre existing nowledge I m thinking about going back and starting this series from the beginning so I have a little bit of a conclusive picture in my head But other than that little uirk I really enjoyed the story itself and also the writing A fun book to read I felt the ending was a bit weak but I still enjoyed it The Doctor Anji "And Fitz Arrive On "Fitz arrive on future world that Has A Westworld Like a Westworld like park based on Earth However because this is the future the memories of the past are a bit distorted to comic affect The Doctor however makes a good point when Fitz complains that the details about King Arthur are all wrong He says that Fitz s idea of King Arthur is just as distorted by time as the theme park s is There are an assortment of interesting characters homicidal triplet princesses an Elvis impersonator an academic seeking a prize an advisor seeking power a dead ueen possibly and an alligator called Princess Leia Mostly it works but sometimes it gets to clever for its own good The resolution is a bit flat but it is still worth reading Anji is the last companion of the Doctor in the classic series the bridge between the old and the new Each of the main characters left something behind from their previous adventure The Doctor lost bits and pieces of his memory while Anji lost her boyfriend Dave Together with frustrated performer Fitz Fortune the two land on New Jupiter specifically the theme park called EarthWorld serving as a lengthy distraction as they traveled through an inaccurate historical depiction of planet Earth It is a place where dinosaurs roamed with cavemen and 20th century London and androids existed simultaneously I enjoyed the author s attempts to be very candid providing side commentary about the internal machinations going on in Anji and Fitz s minds The struggle for power between President John F Hoover and his chief technician Hanstrum gave another layer of drama as the President s triplet daughters ran amok the theme park with unuenchable bloodlust The e mails that Anji periodically sent out to Dave provided a bird s eye view of the direction the story was taking in the big picture I got this book because the Eighth Doctor is one of my favourite Doctors but I ended up pretty disappointed with it so I think this merits a lengthy review S xD Here goes ANJI 1 Anji A successful Indian stockbroker in her second adventure with the Eighth Doctor is pretty proactive in this adventure even though she has to deal with constrictive high heels the relentless sexism of companion Fitz which ranges from patronizing attitudes to creepy leering and teenaged Nice Guys there s one who crushes on her big time This was an extremely poor Dr Who book In fact this is the only Dr Who book that I have been unable to complete because of how poor it wasThe characters were poorly developed taking till over halfway into the book to even now the ethnicity of the characters The Dr Who lacks his Time Lordness and can not even figure out how to work his sonic screwdriver There are a lot of off handed remarks that also make the story extremely poor like his one companion being replaced with a duplicate that neither the Dr or the TARDIS realize and the original suffered for many centuries in a dungeon on another many centuries in a dungeon on another before dying Overall a HUGE disappointment The Doctor with Fitz and Anji land on a world where they have recreated different Earth eras for a theme park They are all historically wrong and that brings amusing moments People are wanting to stop the theme park and others are using it as their own private murder world This is a fun adventure romp with some very disturbing moments A very good read Reading books from the wilderness years of Doctor Who can be like catching a random episode of a soap opera In the absence of any new TV episodes there were books after books after books with long and complex plots ongoing throughout them So you can sometimes pick up these books and find that even though it s an individual adventure you re high up on the cusp of an epic and seemingly unfathomable story arc Of cours. Ing Earthworld who are mysteriously never seen againMeanwhile the president has triplet daughters to succeed him in his hereditary role Unbeknownst to him they have been tampering with Earthworld's androids – but why And can the Doctor find out before the problems of New Jupiter get out of control. .
Tures that you have no idea about and will therefore Make You Want To Join The Triplets In Killing Him you want to join the triplets in illing him for Anji well let s put a pin in that rant for a second why don t we Yet I will say Anji should have been our entry into this adventure being the new id of the block but well it failed miserably Getting to the actual story well I have to uote Patrick Stewart on Extras I ve seen it all There was so much unoriginality in this story it was mind boggling I don t mean to always go hey in this episode of Red Dwarf you re ripping off but well she did rip off Red Dwarf a lot and it was funny and fresh in Red Dwarf A book should not make me want to go and watch Red Dwarf instead of reading it right The way Fitz comes to terms with being not the original because he can play wicked guitar because in the original Fitz s mind he could well that s the end of the Red Dwarf episode Psirens As for Earthworld itself yeah not that original and I now Red Dwarf didn t create the Idea With The Episode Meltdown with the episode Meltdown all the Elvis stuff Red Dwarf again The medieval stuff I ind of liked and in fact that s what brought it up a full star because in those instances there was a uniue story with just The Doctor helping this 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts kingdom It was contained it was simple it didn t rely on me having these vast pools ofnowledge from other sources If this little section had been the book sigh what a good book it would have been But instead I will just be left uoting Patrick StewartThough all this pales to Anji and what she represents Anji the new companion having just gotten into the TARDIS to get a lift home after her boyfriend was Moonrise (Snowfall, killed in the previous adventure an adventure that might have made a better selection for this fiftieth anniversary perhaps I don tnow But also you don t ever ask for a lift from The Doctor you won t be home for awhile but then Anji has issues Anji s internal monologue is just so misogynistic and sets women s lib back years I was SHOCKED that this book was written by a woman All Anji does is think about herself in a couple with the dear dead Dave think about her shoes of course she s wearing high heels think about how she was wanted by all the other men at her office yet she was faithful to Dave and then in her final email to Dave she actually says What s a step up from a man XY chromosome that is none of this mankind stuff women are definitely a step down officially EXCUSE ME If the previous hundred some pages hadn t been a slap in the face for any smart independent woman you have to state it as clear as possible We are less Well obviously you are You have some issues Also the fact that Fitz is having inappropriate thoughts about teenagers really young teenagers I think someone needs some therapy Perhaps it s me for actually finishing this book The 8th Doctor is my third favorite Doctor being beaten by the 3rd and the 10th of course Even though many Whovians would probably not agree with me I adored the movie he was in I am also a huge fan of the Big Finish audio drama cds starring the 8th Doctor And since this was my first novel I was reading featuring him so I was very excited Unfortunately I think maybe my expectations were a little too high because I ended up being not as impressed with it as I was expecting And don t get me wrong I loved the book and the story and the writing I thought the story involving a planet of entertainment based on ancient Earth history was just absolutely fascinating I thought the portrayal of the Doctor was accurate and just about perfect One of the reasons why I love the 8th Doctor so much is because of his whimsical nature and that came across very well I think The problem I struggled with was actually with the companions Fitz and Anji Since this was my first book experience with this Doctor I was basically staring with a blank slate when it came to them and it felt like I was dropped into the middle of a series and had no idea who these two were It was a little confusing and disconcerting and sort of threw me out of the story for a bit as I struggled to learn who these two characters were and what they were like while also trying to enjoy the story I chose to read this book because it was part of the 50th Anni. Ho want to establish New Jupitan Independence So Hoover has set up an Earth Theme Park – Earthworld It is nearly complete and will enormously boost the planet's income from off worlders – and thus the President's popularity So Hoover has no intention of telling anyone that there are people enter. ,