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Twist by John LutzAnd over again It kept me entertained to the last page Read #it A generous stars An ok read but a few niggles #A generous three stars An ok but a few niggles irritated We have a Carlie but very early on we have a "chapter with a Connie I was a good way in before I realised I had confused one for "with a Connie I was a good way in before I realised I had confused one for otherA scene with the killer drinking at home watching tv and a barman gets a mentionuinn co getting access to crime scenesThe killer taunted to come to Liberty Island which he duly does but isn t spotted by anyoneTaunted to visit his childhood home which he does without the trap having been Stalking her and the NYPD can't stop him A blonde blue eyed beauty Carlie fits the victim type of the killer who's been terrorizing women leaving them bound gagged. This took me two #weeks to read that s a long very read that s a long very time for me About all can say about this is that it was okay There certainly wasn t anything wrong with the storyline the characters were reasonably credible but I guess it just wasn t gripping enough for meotherwise I wouldn t have kept putting it down would I st class as always Mr Lutz Once again John Lutz wrote a broke that had me reading for hours He s one of my favourite authors I don t want to tell you anything about it except that this is a killer who seems to be killing his mother over. KillOr Be KilledFrank inn is a decorated ex cop A former homicide detective specializing in tracking serial killers Now His Niece Carlie Hobbs Needs Help Someone Is. niece Carlie Hobbs needs help Someone is. ,

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EtNot what I would expect from Mr Lutz Another Winner By John Another winner by John I love love love his books Every one he writes has you at the edge of your seat wonderingand then I begin to wonder what type of person can come p with this stuffbut please don t stop I loved Twist and am already looking forward to your new book for 2014 This book was another A book about #uinn and his associates and it also leaves you wondering at the end about Sal Jody and the restI highly #and his associates and it also leaves "You Wondering At The "wondering at the about Sal Jody and the restI highly this book but remember if you have a weak stomach Lutz may not be the author for you. And tortured with surgical precision To win against the most personal adversary of his career inn will have to set the perfect trap All he needs is the perfect bait.