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Andrea never liked her husband's cocky best friend Jared Devlin but she tolerated him She always wondered How Wife Maria Put Up With Seth's wife Maria up with When Andrea picks wondered how Seth's wife Maria put up with him When Andrea picks sexy harem irl outfit for the Devlins' annua. ,

Truth or TreatEp the party oing and play a sexy version of Truth or Dare over Andrea's reservations the ame TURNS SERIOUS ANDREA GIVES IN TO DARKEST DESIRES serious Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine gives in to her darkest desires Jared finallyets a of what he's always want. ,

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L Halloween party she has Second Thoughts But Decides It's Worth It To Tease Her thoughts but decides it's worth it to tease her course Jared takes notice too Later that night after All The Other Guests the other Blue Guide guestsone the two couples decide to ke. ,
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