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Hold Tight The Embrace Series #2Hold Tight by Cherie ColyerBook 2 The Embrace SeriesSource AuthorOmnific PublishingRating 4 5 starsRound two of Cherie Colyer s Embrace series opens with a very stressed out Madison trying to figure out how she is ever going to balance everything in her life The house is a mess her dad is working later and later all the time her school work is seriously lacking and her younger brother is always in need of supervision Add to all of this the fact that Madison and Isaac can t kiss for than twenty three seconds at a time because she can t hold back her owers well enough to keep from zapping Isaac and you sort of have a recipe for disaster What is a young witch to doIsaac still the leader of the Fearsome Four coven has spent countless hours helping Madison learn how to Apoplexia, Toxic Shock, and Toilet Bowl Some Notes On Why I Write properly and safely use and control herowers After all getting zapped every time you kiss your girlfriend is so not cool More importantly as Isaac has explained time and time again for some witches giving into the darkness and abusing ones owers is just easier than learning roper control and restraint While Madison completely understand staying away from the darkness she needs help and one little spell can t cause that much trouble right More importantly what Isaac doesn t know can t hurt him right And so after a What the Wood Whispers To Itself particularly funny conversation around the dinner table at Isaac s house Madison determines that it is in her best interest to summon a fairy to help her manage the house and her chores Shortly after completing her spell Brea a beautiful fairy from the Seelie court appears and the house has never looked better Further Madison s dad finally admits to needing help with the business and hires not one but two new employees For the first time in ages Madison feels like she has a bit of breathing room It s time to be aroper teenagerExcept The big news around town is the story of a missing teenage girl a girl who just happens to be friends with Madison and the rest of the Fearsome Four All anyone knows is that she had a secret admirer and was not seen again after dropping her best friend off at home after a Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization party Searches turn up nothing but an abandoned car and understandably everyone is freaking out As the FF delve deeper into the disappearance of their friend they discover that magic most certainly was involved but even Isaac can t understand how That is until Madison fesses up to having summoned a fairy At thisoint all Hell breaks loose and Madison finally begins to truly understand how critical it is that she understands and controls her use of magic Not only has Madison irrevocably harmed herself in the summoning of the fairy but also her family and her friends No spoilers you ll just have to read this one for yourselves The Bottom Line Hold Tight is even better than Embrace with character development the addition of new and slightly surprising characters seriously cool magic a intense Allerhand Fragliches plot line and aace that really doesn t slow down from beginning to end There is absolutely no sopho slump here and by the end of the read I was absolutely ready to dive into book number three yep the one that doesn t exist yet Colyer has hit a homerun with both this book and this series and I am excited to see what kind of mayhem the Fearsome Four get into the next time around In a word A story full of intriguing supernatural creatures with a delicious blend of conjuring romance and secrets snappy dialog and characters that will make you smileMild spoilers if you haven t read the first bookI was so looking forward to reading Cherie s follow up to Embrace and I wasn t disappointed Hold Tight continues the story of Madison and her friends right after she has discovered she has Yolanda's Genius powers and when the story opens she s still learning how to use and control them I love the sense of family and friendship in Cherie s stories Not only do Madison and her close friends help and support each other but they also form a coven and combine theirowers when they use magic Cherie adds a sense of fun to her stories that just makes me smile Yes there is danger and tension and bad guys but the overall flavor of Hold Tight is one of joyfulness The author takes things further with this installment by introducing some slightly unsavory magical characters who Fettan put our leading lady Madison in somewhat of aickleMadison is overwhelmed with school friends and family life Since her father s been working overtime she s been charged with caring for her six year old brother and doing housework She decides to try summoning a fairy to help her clean the house and that s when the trouble begins Even though Madison changes her mind and doesn t finish the spell something manages to slip through anyway a seemingly benevolent and charming fairy named Brea But when Madison s friend Natalie suddenly goes missing she begins to wonder exactly what got in when she read that spell Now it s up to Madison her boyfriend Isaac and friends Kaylee and Josh to find Natalie before someone else disappears And it s not going to be easy as Madison struggles to keep her family safe and herself from falling Die Kunst Des Zeichnens: Die grosse Zeichenschule: Praxisorientiert und gut erklärt prey to a mysterious boy named ReedLet s talk about the characters first Madison is just the type ofrotagonist I can relate to she s a mostly happy go lucky girl with an adorable boyfriend a hard working father and loyal friends But she s not erfect She s just begun to figure out her owers and she makes mistakes all the time Madison reminds me a lot of Willow from Joss Whedon s Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Season One and Two when Willow has just started The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans practicing witchcraft and all her spells are going wrong And even though she s happy with Isaac and their growing relationship she s intrigued and even tempted by the arrival of two mysterious boys in town Reed and CadenMadison and Isaac have a very uniueroblem whenever they try to kiss Madison s owers go haywire and she winds up shocking him Which makes make out sessions very challenging I loved that twist to their relationship and how they handle itMy other favorite character is Caden a new and mysterious boy in town When he first appears at school he s ractically stalking Madison Plus he smokes so she s immediately turned off by that habit But I loved Caden s role in the story and little by little Madison realizes that Caden can offer her something that no one else can This event hopefully sets up some ossible scenarios for the next bookCherie adds something that no one else can This event hopefully sets up some ossible scenarios for "THE NEXT BOOKCHERIE ADDS OF FAIRY " next bookCherie adds of fairy to her story and if you ve ever read anything about fairies you will know right away where she s going with her lot I thought the mixture of witchcraft and fairy lore was so well done and the author weaves the two together seamlessly And just wait until you find out what Caden is and no I won t spill the beansThe only thing I thought could have used development was the relationship between Madison and Brea the fairy I felt Madison let Brea into her life way too easily and trusted her way too readily since Brea comes and goes whenever she wants wears Madison s clothes and sleeps in her bed I did love the friendship they seemed to have but it was just a little too sudden for meThe story resolves almost everything at the end and leaves just enough wiggle room for another book in the series I ve really come to love these characters and I look forward to reading about Madison and her friends And as for Cherie Colyer I will read anything she writesMany thanks to the author and ublisher for supplying a review copy Great seuel to Embrace thanks to the author and Times of Bede publisher for supplying a review copy Great seuel to Embrace of YA sweetness sexyness and supernatural fun Well as fun as vindictive faeries clashing witchowers and ambiguously evil demons can be Also The Catechism of the Council of Trent posted on Rally the Readers A copy wasrovided for review for a blog tourI really enjoyed reading Cherie Colyer s Embrace last year and I was thrilled when I heard that there was going to be a seuel Embrace was such a fresh take. What’s one little spellWhen you’re new to magic one spell can be the difference between getting what you wantand ruining the lives of everyone you loveSixteen year old Madison has just embraced her magical City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York powers The trick now is learning how to control them She and her boyfriend and fellow witch can’t even enjoy a simple kiss without getting shocked when theirowe. ,
On witches and magic and I loved how the book slowly revealed what sort of aranormal activity was going on The mystery element was so much fun and I looked forward to seeing what kinds of surprises awaited me in Hold TightMadison Isaac Kaylee and Josh are all back and I really love the friendship between the four of them Just as Embrace did Hold Tight resents a balanced ortrait of these characters sure the supernatural is very real for them but we get to see them as regular teenagers too It s the latter side of her life that ends up causing trouble for Madison When juggling school helping out at home and dating Isaac start becoming overwhelming she secretly borrows Isaac s fae book and summons a faery to help her around the house At first the arrangement with Brea the faery who appears seems fine but all too soon Madison learns that one has to exercise extreme caution when dealing with these creaturesThe faeries depicted here are the type who ll trick you into abandoning the human world for theirs than the kind who grant wishes with no expectation of something in return One faery in Davids Sling particular has an ax to grind with Isaac and is determined to exact revenge The fae are a welcome addition to the series as adversaries andretty formidable ones at that yet they don t steal the book away from the witches There s still Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields plenty of spell casting and other witchcraft and it s a thrill watching it go up against fae magicI d hoped that there would be a twist in Hold Tight la finding out that Isaac was a witch in Embrace and Hold Tight didn t disappoint in delivering one A certain character totally caught me off guard it was apparent that this individual was hiding something very important but I never would have guessed what it was I did try touzzle it out but I wasn t all that upset over my lack of sleuthing skills because I really liked being surprisedThe tone of Hold Tight grows uite serious in Learner Strategies in Language Learning places and Madison faces some of her biggest challenges to date Her trials and she does undergo a lot here only strengthen her though That srecisely the sort of character development I like to see with a series and this series moves forward very nicely Hold Tight is the second book in the Embrace Series by Cherie Colyer Things are finally settling down after the events that occurred in book Embrace Book 1 or at least as much as things can settle down when you are a witch Isaac is helping Madison develop her Dangerously Placed powers and they are working really hard on trying to help Madison be able to reel in herower so they can kiss without shocking the daylights out of one another After reading one of Isaac s book Madison decides she is going to cast a little spell to get some help around the house with her chores since she is busy watching her little brother Chase so much Well she ends up getting a lot than she bargains for to say the least Little does Madison know but her actions set have off a seuence of events that results in the disappearance of her friend and Just Destiny puts her as well as those she loves in danger Meanwhile there are two new hotties on the scene Caden and Reed whorove to both be far than ordinary humans Isaac also has a history with Reed that doesn t help things one bit As Madison tries to resist the Paradise Run power that she is slowly losing herself to Isaac and her friends Josh and Kaylee are doing everything that can torevent it Then things really begin to get nasty and Madison finds herself in recarious and dangerous osition having to make a decision on how much she is willing to sacrifice in order to safe someone she loves What remains to be seen is just how much this decision will cost her in the long runI really enjoyed Embrace and have been looking forward to reading Hold Tight Cherie Colyer takes us on another suspenseful journey with Madison Isaac and their friends into the world of the supernatural where magic is abundant and supernatural beings walk and live among humans seemingly normal yet far from it I like Madison s character She is still learning about magic and her owers "She messes up but she is also determined to correct her mistakes " messes up but she is also determined to correct her mistakes rogresses to being uite the heroine Isaac is the hottie boyfriend who is also the most Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen powerful in their coven He cares for Madison deeply and is willing to do whatever it takes torotect her We are introduced to a couple of new characters in Hold Tight Caden and Reed who are really hot themselves but both are also very different and very dangerous in their own right The romance between Isaac and Madison is continuing to grow and The Book of Mordred progress to the next level bothhysically and emotionally and I enjoyed seeing where the author took them and their relationship Then there is the matter of Caden and Reed the mysterious and dangerous hotties who Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide pose a threat to Isaac and Madison s relationship as well as to Madison s future Cherie Colyer has delivered a great seuel that is filled with action suspense and romance and is both thrilling and entertaining If you are aaranormal romance fan then this is a fun series that you may want to check outuotes Lip locking with a supernatural hottie to save your little brother doesn t count as kissing You sure you re not just trying to get into my Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert pants I joked but I was already trying to figure out what one wears to a detox session in her boyfriend s dungeon like bedroom Oh my god Madison what is with you and non human guys Three stupidieces of chocolate can t mean a lifetime away from the Hidden Boundaries people I love Tears streamed down my face and my body trembled I don t want to forget what I have here I won t let that happen to youI want it The candy I whispered ashamed to admit it out loud and scared to death because the ache in my stomach was a hunger I d never felt before Even though I know what it is I can t stop thinking about it CAUTION This review contains some spoilersWitches and Faeries and Demons oh myHOLD TIGHT a fastaced YA aranormal romance runs the gamut from steamy romance to chilling suspense Cherie Colyer s seuel to EMBRACE makes one oint clear Gods Callgirl paranormal male leads have got it going on As a new witch Madison needs to learn how to control herowersEvery time she kisses Isaac the magic within her strikes out Bam And folks electro shocked lips are NOT attractiveUnfortunately with schoolwork household chores and caring for her younger brother Chase while dad works Madison s Forever I'm Yours practice time is next to nil And she d like to really kiss Isaacreferably without the painful burnsso she steals a spell from isaac burnsSo she steals a spell from Isaac book Just a small one To summon a helper faerieThis simple selfish act unleashes the biggest karmic butt kicking Madison could have ever imaginedPoor MadisonAt first she thinks all is okay A beautiful faerie arrives and cleans her house Madison even befriends Brea lending her clothes so she can explore the human realm But Brea didn t arrive alone Her brother Reed came too And Reed wants Madison badly See getting Madison to choose him over Isaac would be Reed s ultimate revenge after their stand off months beforeReed s lan is simple trick Madison into consuming addictive Fae food and then yank her off to the Faery courtforever Fighting off Reed s advances reuires all of Madison s strength and Isaac s ingenuity But Reed didn t settle for a single front attack he s tempting Chase as well Madison realizes this just before crashing the family car and injuring Chase In desperation Madison enlists the aid of a crossroads demon to save her brother s lifeReed s seduction of Madison escalates and her coven s attempts to expel him are fruitless Will Madison have no choice except to leave her family and love behindBy holding tight to those she loves Madison develops the strength to defeat ReedI just love how Colyer keeps the story turning There s a missing girl two new hunks and a love suarethat s gotta be twice as hot as a love triangle And yet Madison control. Rs collide Instead of mastering her new skills though Madison is stuck watching her kid brother and doing choresBut being a witch does have its benefits With a simple spell Madison instantly conjures the help she needs around the house Or so she thinks Her idea of “help” invites trouble of its own as a air of dangerous yet enticing beings enter her life When a classm. ,
S her own fate throughout Oh my goodness this is going to sound so bad coming from me but I may have liked the evil guy better in this one Well both evil guys I looked back at View the original review on my blog 45Absolutely brilliant Completely engaging and thrilling until the very last age Perfect follow up to Embrace that makes you fall in love with this witchy worldThere is not much about this book that isn t entertaining From start to finish you re acuaint yourself with Madison and everything witchy Starting from where Embrace left off it s been a while since I have read the first in the series Needless to say I wasn t confused one bit as we get caught up with everything that has happened to lead us into Hold TightNot that this really matters much but I knew this series as the old Embrace cover Now seeing these new covers I am in love I especially love the Hold Tight cover with the magic spark thereBack to the book all the characters are entertaining and we instantly connectre connect with them all With Madison we follow her through the journey of trying to further her relationship with Issac as well as trying to maintain her Nebular Sammelband 5 - Galaxis in Panik powers and control them With Issac we feel just asrotective as he does to Madison as well as love his compassionate and sweet sideWe uickly get suspicious of Caden when we first meet him just as Madison does and when we find out exactly who he is we are completely shocked I really didn t expect that It also brings forth a new element to what we thought was only Witches Turns out now Demons and Fey get thrown into the mix as well and it is brought in in a way that isn t too overwhelming as most of what happens is unexpected and we don t realize it until it s happening and we try to get a grip on this new realityI wasn t really too sure about Brea the fae that Madison summoned from a book that Issac banned her from I wasn t really that committed to her character as the others it was kinda hazed for me when she stepped into the scene But she does stand out a bit in the end as she ends up helping Madison and we understand her true side as well as her intentionsThis was the same with Reed I didn t think that he was that big of a character until we realise who he truly is At first we just think that he s a character who is actually who he says he is but of course we re wrong again haha Another character surprise that takes a turn for the worst for Madison and also for her friends as wellI love the action in this book it s a good Nightwing: On the Razor's Edge pace change from her learning and doing just girly things with Kaylee as well as let us get of a handle on things It was brought in at theerfect time any longer and it would have felt like the book was dragging on and on until something completely hooked us As we follow the action until all the way until the end of the book I couldn t guess what was going to happen Thinking that the gang will go with the Bakunin: The Creative Passion plan until it turns back on them I didn t even think of their truelan until it was unleashedMadison and Issac s relationship continues to grow her family is trying the best they can to cope and Chase is as cute as ever The choices that Madison has to make in this book The Donegal Woman push her to the edge and we really can see her developing to all the changes in her life as well as the challenges that she now has to face as she embraces her witchy sideKind of vague yes but there are too many things that I really want to give away Having not read Embrace I was slightly hesitant to read Hold Tight first as I always am when I read book 2 before book 1 However the author did a wonderful job of keeping you up to date on therevious goings on without being obvious I really appreciated that I loved the Martha's Chickens and the Pirates portrayal of witches in this book Madison was a fun and engaging character and I enjoyed reading some of her story I thought the romance between her and her boyfriend was very nice and well done It wasn t over the top but it didn t take a total back seat either Iersonally would have liked to see a touch of it but only because I m a huge fan of all the kissing scenes The The Necromancer, or The Tale of the Black Forest plot had a fewredictable moments here and there but overall I didn t know what was going to happen I liked being on the journey with the main characters and finding out what the deal was about fairies If you enjoy fantasy mixed with contemporary YA books I would recommend this I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review This review and on My Book AddictionHold Tight icks up a month after Embrace ends Things are finally back to normal in Madison s life Well as normal as can Be Expected After Learning She expected after learning she a natural witch With their coven four strong Isaac Josh Kaylee and Madison spend their days racticing their craft Madison s biggest roblem is that she can t kiss Isaac without sparks flying literally She must learn to reign in her owers to keep them from colliding with Isaac s or she s never going to get than a feather soft A Diary of Darkness: The Wartime Diary of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi peck on the lips Oh such is the life of a teenage witch Ha But herroblems grow exponentially when she decides to cast a little spell on her own She was stuck doing everything ever since her dad became overloaded with work constantly babysitting her younger brother Chase and always getting behind on her chores not to mention the need to still Hiam pass high school She just wanted a little magical assistance What could itossibly hurt Oh if she only knew the world of We Give a Squid a Wedgie (An Accidental Adventure, pain she was bringing down on not only herself but her friends and family as well With everything uickly spiraling out of control can Madisonossibly repair the all the damage she s doneDo you want to know how I know this is one helluva good book Because I feel like a twelve year old girl dying to tell you every single thing that happened Like you re my best friend in whole wide world and it s killing me to keep my mouth from running a million miles er minute until I ve revealed every last juicy detail Sigh But I can t So how do I go about reviewing this book without spilling the goods That is the uestionWhile I really liked Embrace this second installment blows it away From the connection I now feel with the characters to the incredible witty charm of our main character Madison that makes me smile and chuckle The intense storyline that kept me constantly guessing in this one as opposed to having it mostly figured out in the first book I could actually feel the difference in the authors writing how it has matured and developed Not that it wasn t great in book one but it was exceptional this time around And because I was fortunate enough to read these back to back I was able to feel the magic

alive I even got goosebumps Maybe but I m not ashamedSo much happens in Hold Tight I don t even know where to start I guess the beginning would be a good lace Madison casts what she feels is a simple spell but the devastation that follows is staggering How could one little spell do all of that Don t mess around with magic my friends When a magical door opens you better know what you re inviting in There are loads of magical creatures and Kropotkin: 'The Conquest of Bread' and Other Writings paranormal characters in this tale It s amazing that so much detail and action could beacked into one story and so flawlesslyI ll be honest I m really finicky when it comes to stories with faeries Maybe because it s so easy to become confused by too much folklore I ve come across books that have an overabundance of information that makes it difficult to Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading process That was not the case with Hold Tight It was smooth sailing the whole wayCherie Colyer is a master of her own craft making it simple to become enchanted by her story She had me giggling biting my nails feeling chills run down my spine tears running down my cheeks goosebumps exploding across my arms and my heart bursting with joy What could anyone ask forI don t think I can say any without spilling my guts so let me just say START THIS SERIES NO. Ate disappears soon afterwards Madison discovers she's the next victim of a threat she'sowerless to resistand there’s nothing it won’t kill to make her surrender Caught in the crossfire between two dashing but deadly creatures Madison must figure out which one to trust and how to rid her world of the other before one of them destroys her and everyone she cares about.