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G book in my teen years I would have had hope that GOD could turn around any situation Teens need hope and courage in their lives and they need to see what happens if they just trust GOD that all things can work together for their good Homeschool moms who incorporate Bible Study in their curriculum should add GOD S GRAFFITI to their lesson plans The uestions in ach chapter can create an opportunity for your teens to learn about themselves Moms who preapprove their teens reading list will njoy reading the Bible stories from the pen of Romal TuneGOD s GRAFFITI should be read by teens GOD s GRAFFITI should also be read by Adults Who Want To Read who want to read stories written in an inspirational view The adult survivors of childhood challenges will see themselves in these stories I am praying for the destiny of this book GOD will be revealed Lives will be changed Hidden motions will be confessed to GOD Let the inspiring begin This is an xcellent book for anyone who may be struggling with religion loved this inspiring book about God s grace in Romal s life a grace that is available to all. Motionally whole and healthyRestore broken relationships and see the victory in GodBoth practical and inspirational this Bible Study Celebrates Men study celebrates men women in Scripture who left see the victory in GodBoth practical and inspirational this Bible study celebrates men and women in Scripture who left pasts behinds to claim purpose filled future. .
A wonderfully inclusive faithful heartfelt guide for people to deeply understand their value This book immediately reuired my understanding and participation Romal Tune ffortlessly articulated that God has a plan for our lives Tune demanded that we xamine our strengths for and our many doubts about personal success I believe that God uses tears to wash the pain out of your body and away from your soulremoving its power to hurt you p 43 I was acutely aware of my own joys and sorrows in his authentic xpressions and academic xamination of biblical texts I believe these lessons as and ACADEMIC EXAMINATION OF BIBLICAL TEXTS I examination of biblical texts I these lessons as as the guiding prayers to conclude them will lead to God s healing for the young and the not so young alike Melanie Mays Associate Minister First AMEC Pasadena CA Progressive Christians Uniting Board Member I ntered his writing contest in 2013 and actually got up to 2nd runners up won 50 His book God s GraffitiThis book tells about some of the hardships he dealt with as a young person and how he was able to move through them and beyond them to find success and inner peace In this book which would. No one scapes the challenges of childhood but we can conuer them Highlighting noted at risk youth in the Bible and sharing his own story of growing up in poverty amid crime and violence Rev Romal Tune details how obstacles can becom. Be a perfect tool for youth ministers who work WITH KIDS DEALING WITH DIFFICULT SITUATIONS ROMAL TUNE WALKS kids dealing with difficult situations Romal Tune walks reader through intriguing scriptural xamples of Biblical overcomers He helped me to see several familiar biblical characters stories with a fresh perspective At the nd of ach chapter about a particular inspirational biblical figure the book provides summative uestions and suggestions for the reader to contemplate for self ЯED examination andncouragement that could be done independently or in a group situation with a facilitator God s Graffit GOD S GRAFFITI is a hidden treasure Yes if you open you will be blessed Honored to read a book that is full of stories Romal Tune has written his life story alongside of great Bible Stories Readers will feel understand agree and also rejoice as the pages turn I have NEVER read about Moses the way he was written in GOD S GRAFFITI As a Sunday School Teacher I have taught children with a desire to show them how GOD can benefit and make a difference in their lives but Mr Romal Tune has taken it to a new level If only I had this inspirin. E opportunities through faith In God's Graffiti he will help you Stop past pain and failure from hindering your futureValue good and bad xperiences and use them as building blocks for successDeal with your anger and fear to become .

Gods Graffiti