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Campfire eVerdone in the context of the rest of the bookI didn t feel that any of the characters were particularly well drawn and some were just walking stereotypes The 19th century female characters just felt like modern women dropped into thatra they didn t behave as I would xpect from my readings of novels of the time and this had the result of roding my trust in the author to know what she was doingThere was also an irritating uirk of placing small almost subliminal clues the author to know what she was doingThere was also an irritating uirk of placing small almost subliminal clues the modern part of the book to trigger recognition in the reader that we re in contemporary London A couple of Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars examples of this was the inclusion of The Shard and ads on the side of taxis for The Book of Mormon musical which hasn t yet opened at the time I write this I found this unnecessary and annoying rather than helpful so it just made me crossIn the same way that many current films are too long I felt this novel went on and on and on It would have been a sharper involving read had it been shorter More is not necessarily better and a comprehensive cull of much of the sitting round discussing time travel would have made itnjoyableThere s also the issue of the presumably forthcoming seuel and having to leave Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life enough loosends to facilitate this Does very novel now have *To Be Part Of *be part of trilogy Can we not have stand alone books complete worlds in themselves which we can read and put down totally satisfied without having to wait for the next adventures of the characters Trilogies are getting out of hand now for the love of God please stop itI felt like there was a good shorter book trying to fight its way out of The River Of No Return but sadly it failed leaving me with a novel that had some good ideas but that I didn t njoy as much as I hoped I would I almost gave this a fiveand then I hesitated It was wholeheartedly a five until the last 40 or so pages when I realized that the book would soon be over and yet so much was left unresolved and it started feeling like someone was taking her time to craft a beautiful lyrical novel and her ditor said Bee Wrap it up in 40 pages and turn it in NOW and so she didNow that I have Bee Wrap it up in 40 pages and turn it in NOW and so she didNow that I have to her website I have realized that a seuel is planned but only by xploring some very veiled hints but the book doesn t really make you feel like a seuel is xpected but rather that the author decided to just let some things go and say they lived happily ver after which of course if all those things were left dangling would be impossible So I felt puzzled and frustrated when I turned the last page but not in the way one would if one were xpecting a seuel and impatient for its xecution but rather because it felt unfinishedAll that set asidethe writing is wonderful the premise fascinating the details rich the characters compelling and I will now that I am reassured that this isn t the only one Black Heart, Red Ruby eagerly look forward to the seuel I don t know how one subtly wraps up a book so as to let the reader know the story s not over but this one didn t do that for me and it cost her a star But not through any fault of the rest of the boo. Their hearts against the rules of time itself  Rich in romance and historical detail Bee Ridgway’s debut is a thrilling fast paced narrativevocative of Deborah Harkness’s time bending bestseller. ,

Day back to 1815 where Nick is dispatched by The Guild to hunt down the Ofan Or so he thinksTHE RIVER OF NO RETURN takes genres throws them in a blender and pours out a giant delicious smoothie of flavors times characters and sensations The characters are mostly well constructed and portrayed ven if there are a few clunkers such as the underuse of Nick s mother and stereotypical use of Nick s sister and Julia s best friend Bella And of course there are characters with secret agendas hidden identities and realities that are uncovered with ach pageTWISTS AND TURNSOne of the best things about THE RIVER with New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood each pageTWISTS AND TURNSOne of the best things about THE RIVER NO RETURN is the fact that when you think you ve figured the story out you realize that you were very very wrong I still have theories about what will happen in book two and theories that were soundly debunked in book one Sometimes that character you think is the bad guy all along isn t the bad guy after all Or is he Really I still don t know But thatnding Trust me you will be salivating over the very idea that book two and Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey eventually book three will be coming to you complete with twists and turns and romanceVERDICT One of my favorite novels of 2013 so far THE RIVER OF NO RETURN is a sensational mix of historical romance and action packed science fiction that will appeal to fans of literary fiction and genre delights A definite must read At the point of death on a Napoleonic battlefield Nicholas Falcott finds himself jumping forward in time nearly 200 years and in the care of an organisation called The Guild He doesn t know how he got there just that he can never go back However after 10 years in the modern world he is told that he must do just that and that the future of the world depends on itThe cover blurb of The River of No Return compares it to The Time Traveller s Wife but as I m the only person in the Western hemisphere who hasn t read that it didn t give me any clue to what this novel might be about I m not really a reader of fantasy or sci fi ie anything with time travel in it though I m always happy toxpand the genres I read but I m a huge fan of Doctor Who so I m obviously not against a bit a lot of time travelling in fiction Again on the Doctor
"Who Theme I M Always "
theme I m always for a bit of reuited or unreuited love across the ons I also read a lot of chick lit although I don t really like calling it that so have nothing against a good love storyAll this meant I was keen to read this doorstop of a book and I njoyed the first few chapters but found that my interest waned after that The ideas were interesting but I didn t feel that the characters drew me in sufficiently and I thought pacing was a problem Some sections felt like wading through treacle with ndless passages of people sitting round discussing the ins and outs of time travel and what time travellers can and can t do I understand that sometimes a writer has to do this kind of thing when trying to convey complex concepts but there was just too much of it to be interesting The longueurs are interspersed with periods of feverish action which can seem There is no return But Nick yearns for the beautiful Julia Percy who remains in 1815 As fate and the fraying fabric of time draw Nick and Julia together once again the lovers must match wits and gamble.

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My rating 25 of 5 starsA copy of The River of No Return was provided to me by Dutton Adult for review purposesTime travel is a tricky subject It has to make at least a modicum of sense no matter how outlandish you wish the concept to be River of No Return handled this aspect of the story uite well and managed to create a different form of time travel that I had not personally ncountered in novels before While I believe it to of been managed well it was still one Of The Unbelievable Versions the unbelievable versions resonant motions linking individuals to the past allowing them to access those moments in time I m not them to access those moments in time I m not I was really sold on the whole conceptThe story definitely went on far longer than necessary I can t help but think I would have njoyed it far if it was condensed down because parts of the story felt long and drawn out The story had a slow but steady build up in the beginning but still took forever to really get going I read about 13 of this novel before setting it aside for a short time and then coming back to it all in all it took me about a month to read which is pretty much unheard of for meIt definitely had a distinct Outlander feel to it and it was also reminiscent of A Discovery of Witches minus the supernatural creatures and despite the fact that I love both of those books I just failed to connect with this one The characters were well drawn but didn t generate any interest for me Add to that the characters in the past didn t act like characters in the past should Julia was xtremely modern sounding and certainly didn T ACT LIKE A NORMAL WOMAN OF HER TIME act like a normal woman of her time how progressive she may be I was under the impression that this was a stand alone novel yay for that xtremely rare beastie however it appears that this is only the first installment of a new series trilogy not sure While I Moreno enjoyed parts of this I m not sure I m interestednough to continue I ll definitely keep an Monsieur Pain eye out for additional works by this author as it s obvious she s uite talented this story and I just weren t meant to be unfortunately It s always fun to be surprised by a book you neverxpected to land on your lap THE RIVER OF NO RETURN was not a book on my radar until one day I received an A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author email that brightened myyes and made me determined to read this debut by author Bee Ridgway It s a book that blends genres to the point where the word genre no longer makes sense it s science fiction historical romance action adventure mystery and so much And trust me it might be close to 500 pages but it gripped me and refused to let me go until the very last wordGENRE BENDING FUNWhile THE RIVER OF NO RETURN is a hard book to peg to any genre it s a book that takes the best of things from different categories of fiction and creates a mind bending What If experience Following Nick an English maruess taken from a Spanish battlefield and sent to the year 2000 as he is about to die and Julia a young spinster who is one of the most powerful manipulators of timever ven if she doesn t realize it THE RIVER OF NO RETURN takes place at multiple times from current. Two hundred years after he was about to die on a Napoleonic battlefield Lord Nicholas Falcott wakes up in twenty first century London The Guild a secretive fraternity of time travellers informs him that. ,
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