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Older both kids go through a lot of unexpected changes that will lead to their eventual divergence in path And when that separation does happen it occurs so naturally and realistic I also really loved how the moment of self discovery for each kid were executed in such a paradoxical manner Ame was born during the rainfall and he discovered his true calling in the winter and Yuki born during snowfall decidedly wanted to live among humans when spring rolled around Small details like this made this series even incredibleHana is an admirable maternal figure She handles oung motherhood without ease which is to be expected but there s never any doubt that she loves her children The sacrifices and commitments she makes are always with Yuki and Ame in mind I enjoyed her presence throughout the series immensely However my only problem was during the end of Ame s arc towards the conclusion of the series Hana makes a rash and silly decision that will lead to several conflicts that could have been easily avoided if she chose the obvious choice It was so frustrating to witness that scene because it downright contradicted her earlier character Other than that inconsistency I was so fond of Hana and her loving natureIn both the animation and manga Yuki is the narrator I found this clever decision to be very effective and efficient Yuki can subjectively describe the strains her mother encounters while raising her and her brother but she s also able to recount the struggles she and Ame face as they choose between identifying with a wolf or a human And importantly it s the reason that explains the ambiguity and obscurity of the wolf man s arc If her mother was the narrator it couldn t be justified why readers weren t given elaboration on the wolf man or the mythology on wolf people And if it was in Ame s perspective readers wouldn t get a true reflection on Yuki s birth since she s the firstborn or what earning to be part of human society would be like seeing as we get that only with Yuki in the later halfAnd I actually believe the manga is even better than the corresponding film which came as a huge shock seeing as the animation is the original work I think this was due to the fact I wasn t thoroughly enchanted by the movie s soundtrack which is a significant component that adds to

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enjoyment of any I also thought some scenes moved which is a significant component that adds to my enjoyment of any anime I also thought some scenes moved too fast to draw an emotional response from me and found other parts to drag Since the manga is divided into three volumes I was able to set my own pacingThe art in Wolf Children is also nice and crisp Yu s illustrations really captures Mamoru Hosoda s story and I loved that the manga remained close to the original film s plot it didn t miss a single scene And to my utter delight the graphic novel included so many colored pagesOverall Wolf Children is certainly not as depressing as other readers have pointed out Rather it s a lighthearted manga loaded with subtle humor and charm Its ability in including significant themes and values with simplicity should be something to commend And once again the characters are so sweet and memorable The art is breathtaking and matches with the original animation perfectly Wolf Children is a heartwarming story I really can t recommend enough More reviews at XingsingsBlog xingsings Instagram readxings Twitter xingsings This movie made me soooob so I must read this Love it Watched the animated movie loved it as wellHana a university student meets a oung man who sneaks in to the uni to get an education The pair begin to interact and before a blink of an eye they fall in love With that confession of love a secret is revealedThe two have kids Ame and Yuki rain and snow Ame a rowdy girl who loves nature struggles to fit in with human society due to her ability to change between her wolf self and human self Yuki a timid boy who prefers to be stay human struggles to fit into nature As the two grow older their standings and views of their blood lineage change it is The Most Wonderful Manga I ve Ever Read I have owned this anime for so long and one day me and dad were in Barnes and Noble several months ago and I saw the beautiful hardback on the shelf and had to get it The manga is just as wonderful as the anime Sad though Happy Reading Me. From her Life as a single mother is hard in any situation but when our children walk a fine line between man and beast the rules of parenting all but go out the window With no one to turn to how will Hana surviv. Of expression put forth in the character s expressions and actions Ame Yuki are adorable when they re little and it s interesting to see how the character designs CHANGE AS THEY GROW OLDER THIS as they grow older This for Hana as well one page has a comparison of her from the start of the series and an illustration from later on and it s interesting to see the difference small changes makeThe plot starts with Hana falling in love with the a oung man at her college Her curiosity crush on him seem to come on very suddenly but it s cute to see her reactions to him as they grow closer And while it can seem uick it obviously happens over a bit of a time period since the their relationship and the births of their children are only covered in two chapters Eventually I won t go into why Hana is left to raise their children alone with no idea how to raise two VO2 max l'preuve du temps young wolves or how to hide them from society Eventually the pressure of the city gets to be too much and they move out to the countryside and begin making a new life for themselves It s here that the majority of the story happens as the children grow up and have to make their own way in life and decide which whether they want to live in the human world or as wolvesStory wise while I really enjoyed it I don t think it ll be to everyone s tastes You can t go into it thinking it ll be like the usual manga we see it s nothing like Naruto or Pok mon for instance there aren t any fantastic battles or tantalizing mysteries The story here is a lot uieter and low key It focuses a lot on the relationships between Hana and her children the friends they make and the community they live in I didn t mind though since it s interesting to watch them grow up and learn adapting to the world around them and making their own ways in the world Hosoda did a really good job of making even the mundane day to day events interesting and creating characters that readers become attached to and want to see succeedIfou don t mind something a little slower paced Wolf Children is definitely a story I d recommend 4 Stars Completed August 7 2016Review based on the entire series Volumes 1 3 Wolf Children essentially begins as a love story between a oung university student named Hana and an enigmatic man who attends her college but isn t exactly a student there As they begin to fall deeply in love he reveals that he s not human and transforms into a wolf Unwavering Hana still accepts the wolf man into her life They happily get married and have two healthy children Yuki born on a snowy day and Ame during heavy rain All is well until Hana s husband is tragically taken away from the family this is not a spoiler I checked and it was in the book s cover flap as well as Goodreads synopsis and subseuently she becomes a single mother Unable to keep her wild and expressive children away from the prying eyes of the people in a densely populated city she soon makes the decision to move to the countryside And there she and her family will have to face other plights but also many joys as wellIt seems like Hosoda had two goals in mind with this series readers get a coming of age story with Yuki and Ame but they also witness the troubles and hardships Hana endures as a single mother of two wolf children This type of dual storytelling was achieved splendidly Wolf Children also has such a touching narrative because at its heart are themes like the power of love and the perseverance and strength an individual can gain after experiencing loss Further it manages to include other important motifs such as change and self discovery as wellAlso Hosoda uses a completely uniue take on oung parenting by using a dash of fantasy without overwhelming the very simplistic storyline There s no mythology or background shared very simplistic storyline There s no mythology or background shared wolf people and absolutely no world building Instead Wolf Children remains as a lighthearted slice of life series throughout And I found that taking this approach worked in the series favor mainly because Wolf Children takes a very character driven courseI adore Yuki and Ame so much Like most siblings they re totally different from each other It was also refreshing that they didn t follow usual gender stereotypes Yuki grew up as a rowdy tomboy and Ame a delicate and sensitive child And as they grew. Him with open arms Soon the couple is expecting their first child and a cozy picture of family life unfolds But after what seems like a mere moment of bliss to Hana the father of her children is tragically taken.

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おおかみこどもの雨と雪A wonderful story of two wolf children growing up and deciding whether they want to live their lives as a human or as a wild wolf Ame Why is the wolf always the bad guyIn this manga we follow the story of Hana who is a normal university student one day and a mom to two wolf children the other day Ame Yuki litrain and snow are both wolf children They are human beings with the ability to transform into a wolf Raising her two children is very difficult for her because Hana has to help her children decide Should I be human or wolfOur family is a bit different from othersHanaHana is Ame Yuki s mother During one of her university lessons she falls in love with a wolf man She is always smiling trying to get the best for her children Hana wants them to make their own decisions living their life to the fullest A caring mother and friendYukiHana s daughter and Ame s 1 Un Protecteur Pour Caroline (Forces Trs Spciales t. 1) year older sister Very energetic Transforming into a wolf very often as a child Always hungry We get to know the story from her perspective which suprised me because I was 100% sure that it would be Hana who tells this storyview spoilerYuki choosing to live her life as a human really suprised me because she was always the one who loved transforming Great Plot twist hide spoiler Overview This should be read immediately before or after watching the anime They should be experienced together not separately No one should read the manga without experiencing the beauty of the anime A truly wonderful story about family and what it means Strong resilient characters thatou instantly feel a connection to Keep the tissues near by This story makes Profession Slasheur: Cumuler les jobs un mtier d'avenir you feel the uintessential all the feels Plot Hana is a normal girl that falls in love with a not so normal boy They fall in love and have two beautiful children together Ame and Yuki When tragedy strikes Hana is left to raise their children all on her own The only problem is their children turn into wolves at the drop of a hatLeaving the city Hana takes her children to the country and strives to provide a safe happy life for them The family grows over theears and the children eventually make their own paths in the world This is a gentle soft story It s full of touching uiet moments and the emotion is palpable A beautiful story that should be savored and appreciated While it does contain Supernatural Elements In Never Feels Like It Really Crosses Into elements in never feels like it really crosses into territory At its heart this story is about a oung mother doing her best to raise her children all on her own Dialogue To me this story almost could have been told without words It s so impactful based solely on the artwork But the dialogue is easy and swift and it keeps the manga going right along at a pleasant pace Cast Even though the title specifies Ame and Yuki for me this story was about Hana There is such a uiet resilience to her that just touched my heart Her willingness to do what needs done with no complaint was a breath of fresh air Her easy acceptance of the bizarre humans with wolves inside them in the face of love was tender and heartbreaking Hana puts aside everything in her life to raise her children and in the end she even has the strength to let them go I don t think I ve read about a heroine so strong in a very very long time Art Typical manga style which is to say beautiful and delicate I will always love manga for
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it is Wolf really shines when it comes to life in animation however A soft color palette flooded with greenery just suits this story so perfectly I will also say the way they ve published this one is just stunning Half of what made me want to read it is the hardcover packaging is so beautiful It needs to sit on a shelf and be admired freuently Seriously read this No words will really do it any kind of justice 3 what an absolutely beautiful movie and manga i recommend it to everyone Manga Always an adventureMesmerizingAlways fascinates me reading such books You soar into their worlds due to the stunning artworkI can t wait to watch the movie Once upon a time a oung woman fell in love with a wolf Soon after the two of them decided to start a family togetherThis manga is really really cute I really enjoyed reading it and studying the illustrations as I went along the art is amazing with the amount. When Hana falls in love with a oung interloper she encounters in her college class the last thing she expects to learn is that he is part wolf Instead of rejecting her lover upon learning his secret she accepts. .