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Ralia for the ARChttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom Such a fun and sexy read Can t wait for the next Boys of Summer book Nobody But Him is the first book in the A Boys of Summer series by Victoria Purman Nobody But Him is about Julia Jones who had dreams to leave the small coastal town of Middle Point to find her a better life However one summer age eighteen Julia fell in love with the twenty year old city boy Ryan Blackburn Both Julia and Ryan had different ideas and dreams so they part waysJulia fifteen years need to come home after her mother died and found out Ryan lives next door and owns the Pub Readers will follow how Julia and Ryan rekindle their loveNobody But Him is lovely easy to read romance story highlighting that you can Full Fill Your Dreams Without Denying Yourself fill your dreams without denying yourself love I enjoy the way Victoria Purman portrayed Ryan and Julia Also the way
Victoria Purman Intertwines Lizzie 
Purman intertwines Lizzie Ryan s mum into the story Readers of Nobody But Him will learn the importance of friendshipI recommend this book In small towns of Australia there are two types of people people who come and go and those who decide to stay there for the rest of their lives and grow old happily living in the same place For Julia Jones she decided that she was destined for bigger and brighter things so when she turned eighteen that was that and she high tailed out of town leaving behind her mother and her at the time love Ryan Blackburn and never looked back Now fifteen years later Julia s mother has died which has forced Julia to return to her hometown and settle p her mother s estate and then her plans are to return back home to the big smoke However as she spends time here she discovers a part of her life that she missed and maybe just maybe this may be a place for her Fate though as different options as it chucks in her past Ryan Blackburn Now grown Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator (For Speed Math, Math Tricks, Vedic Math Enthusiasts GMAT, GRE, SAT Students) (Volume 1) up he tends to be the town s hero and bachelor of the year Ryan though has a chip of his shoulder by the name of Julia Jones and when he spots her it brings in full force the anger he has towards her Can Julia and Ryan avoid each otherntil everything is done and dusted or have they been given a second chance at romance and this time realise that they will never be happy without the other Nobody but him is a rural romance chick lit and fans of Karly Lane Tricia Stringer Loretta Hill and Rachael Johns will enjoy As a beach bunny from way back the idea of coastal romance as opposed to rural romance has a lot of appeal and if Victoria Purman s debut novel Nobody But Him is an example of what we can expect from the genre I am sure will be added to my burgeoning reading list in short orderThis is the first book in Purman s The Boys of Summer trilogy a sweet and sexy romance set in a small fictional town on the coastline of South Australia s Fleurieu PeninsulaJulia Jones left Middle Point at eighteen and never looked back Now thirty three a successful career minded woman she is forced to put her life in Melbourne on hold and return to deal with her mother s estate The last person she expects to run into is Ryan Blackburn the boy she loved and left behindRy Blackburn is stunned to find Julia waitressing in his pub it s been fifteen years since she broke his heart and though the hurt and anger at her desertion *STILL LINGERS SO DOES HIS DESIRETHERE *lingers so does his desireThere plenty of heat between this couple from the first moment they reconnect and though in the way of all romances there are misunderstandings and miscommunications Julia and Ry s nresolved history gives the overwhelming attraction credibility The romance is sweet flavoured by the nostalgia of their teenage infatuation but the intimate scenes sizzleThe development of Julia s character rests on her reexamining the reasons she left Middle Point and recognising the flaws in her perception and I think Purman does this well Julia is likeable and sympathetic even with the giant chip on her shoulder Ry is perhaps a static character needi. And big city life on hold when she returns home to finalise her mother’s estate Which is exactly where she runs smack bang into the town’s hero Ry As in Ryan BlackburnThe sensible thing to do Stay the hell away from him and head back to Melbourne as fast as her stilettos can carry her But instead Julia finds his offer of a helpi. .
I ite enjoyed this romance but the book threw me for a loop with some of the plot twists so I would have to say there were three or four times where I found the plot twist telegraphed or so completely obvious Watching the romance Blanco nocturno unfold was rather interesting which sometimes led to No but that s not oh come on don t be I think I am looking forward to reading by this author NOBODY BUT HIM is a debut novel and the first of the Boys of Summer trilogy it isite a feather in a debut authors cap to be signed Jake Millers Wheel up for 3 books before the first one even hits the shelves It took me a chapter or two to settle I first heard about this book at the Romance Writers of Australia conference earlier this year as Harleuin were running through some of theirpcoming books Nobody But Him was billed as a coastal romance immediately shortened to co ro a new subgenre to take on rural romance I immediately scribbled down the details in my notebook and tweeted just in case to check this one out Luckily a copy arrived shortly after at the local post office being labelled as 2 big 4 postie Yep Postie you re right This book is way too big for ordinary delivery This book is an impressive debut by Victoria Purman not just in the coastal romance field but in contemporary romance It s well written clever amusing and steamy Plus it s set on the gorgeous Fleurieu Peninsula in South AustraliaThe premise is simple enough the protagonist Julia returns to the sleepy town of Middle Point to sell her deceased mother s house Julia left Middle Point as soon as she could heading for Melbourne and never looking back Now highly successful in Melbourne she s been called in to help her old friend Lizzie in the local pub When Julia makes her appearance she s told to get out by the owner Ryan who turns out to be Julia s teenage summer love They didn t part on the best of terms but now Ry is a presence in town as a local developer and owner of the gliest house in town Despite the years things are still fiery between them both inside and outside of the bedroom Will Julia learn to accept that she can t close the door completely on the past Is Ry worthy Of Than A FlingI Really Enjoyed This Book Purman Is than a flingI really enjoyed this book Purman is afraid to spice things p there are some great argument scenes between Julia and Ry as well as some love scenes leaning towards the spicy end of the scale The language Simpsons Comics used *by the characters is excellent very realistic and the occasional swearing fits the scene than justsing the f *the characters is excellent very realistic and the occasional swearing fits the scene than just sing the f as an exclamation mark Julia is a strong woman some would say too headstrong she knows what she wants and how to get there But she s also not afraid of admitting she s wrong and apologising where necessary Ry also has a few irks to make him realistic but not a clich his impulsiveness strong work ethic and determination to succeed in business Plus from the descriptions I can say reliably that he looks very fine in running gearApart from the relationship between Julia and Ry there are a number of other things going on in Middle Point Julia s friend Lizzie is funny and a good friend who knows when chocolate and coffee is reuired I d love to know about Lizzie s time in London and what made her return to Middle Point There s also a new housing development which ruffles Discovering Your Heart with the Flag Page uite a few feathers in town Ry s friend Dan also starts off on the wrong foot in town trying to charm both Lizzie and Ry s mother simultaneously Is there a new relationship in the works Purman is also exceptionally true to the setting she describes the Fleurieu Peninsula area in such detail that I almost feel like I m there again or want to take another trip soon She makes it soundniue from other Australian coastal towns and her description of the local bakery is just deliciousI d love to see of Purman s work especially set in the same area Nobody But Him is an assured debut that is well worth the read for its interactions between characters and interesting plot Thank you to Harleuin Aust. At the age of eighteen Julia Jones left her hometown the small beachside town of Middle Point with a head full of grand plans Plans for an exciting life in a town that didn’t involve a main street with one pub or a particular boy named Ryan BlackburnBut after fifteen years and a lifetime later Julia’s forced to put her career.
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Ng only to admit that Julia is who he wants and be willing to fight for herThe setting for Purman s series is wonderful I grew Prom Kings and Drama Queens up in a beachside suburb in Western Australia and now live in a small town just minutes away from the coast in New South Wales I liked the way in which Purman brought attention to some of the issues coastal communities face like the influx of tourists each summer necessary for the economy but disruptive for the permanent residents and the way in the character of the town changes as city dwellers replace humble homes with million dollar beach housesI really enjoyed Nobody But Him it is an easy and engaging romance ideal for a summer s day reading I m looking forward to the next story from Victoria Purman I m guessing it will be Lizzie and Dan who will find love next Victoria s stories are filled with realistic characters that make you smile Julia is a small town girl who fled her past to build a new glam life in MelbourneRy is the hotshot city boy who captured her heart one summer many years agoWhen the two reunite in the town that sparked their romancea lovely romancenfoldsThoroughly enjoyed this and looking forward to reading the rest in the series After a tumultuous few months with a gorgeous twenty year old by the name of Ryan Blackburn Julia Jones decided to leave her home town of Middle Point on the south coast not too far from South Australia s capital *city of Adelaide She had plans for a big future a career which would turn her into somebody she *of Adelaide She had plans for a big future a career which would turn her into somebody she if she stayed in Middle Point she would never amount to anything So despite her longing for a future with Ryan plus leaving her mother behind she headed to the big smoke of Melbourne VictoriaFifteen years later Julia had to return to her home town as her mother had passed away and she needed to settle her affairs sell her childhood home and cut all ties to Middle Point forever But things weren t as easy as she thought they would be The lingering memories of her beloved Mum were in the house everywhere she just didn t know if she could make the decision she needed to make Plus her best friend Lizzie was a part of Middle Point always had been always would be When helping Lizzie out by waitressing in the local pub one Saturday night she was not amused by the constant heckling of a group of out of towners suddenly she froze with shock The deep sexy voice she heard was familiar was that Ryan Blackburn What was he doing here in the pub here in Middle Point And so began the torment as the air sizzled between the two of them every time Julia and Ryan happened to bump into each other Her determination to stay away from Ryan get the job done and get back to Melbourne didn t seem to be working everywhere she turned it seemed Ryan was there What would happen to Julia Would it be a repeat of the heartache of fifteen years ago I ite enjoyed this fluffy chick lit romance It was predictable and clich d in places but lightly entertaining If you re a lover of romance I would highly recommend Nobody But Him by Aussie author Victoria Purman With the passing of her mother Julia Jones returns to her childhood home in Middle Point Julia knows she has to sell the house and although she has been away from the area for fifteen years she still feels a strong connection to the placeThe last person Julia ever imagined running into whilst helping out her friend Lizzie on a Saturday night at the local pub was Ryan Blackburn Julia knows the best thing to do is to stay as far away from Ryan as possible but it appears This May Not Be As Easy As may not be as easy as thought Can Julia get what she needs to get done and head back to Melbourne without getting involved with Ryan or will the history and the feelings they once had for one another returnThis is the first book I ve read by Aussie author Victoria Purman and I must say I found it to be a delightful and a really enjoyable read If you enjoy reading romance then this one is definitely for you Recommende. Ng hand and a hot body too delicious to refuseSoon Julia’s ignoring her better judgement and diving into an ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow’ fling with Ry But what she doesn’t realise is that tomorrow has a way of sneaking p on youand that saying goodbye to her home town and to Ry is so much harder the second time around. ,