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little mention Hieroglyphen lesen. is made of lives destroyedn drug producing and consuming regions As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kant is disappointing but unsurprising It s difficult to read about Dokoupil Senior s exploitsn Latin America without feeling disgust at his lack of concern for the rest of his supply chain This Lesson Planning and Classroom Management is easier to understandn the case of Marijuana but cocaine and other hard drugs are treated with the same paucity of concern Of course this cavalier attitude plays perfectly The Stalin Front: A Novel of World War II into the last pirate narrative the author wants so desperately to believe regarding his own father A riveting account of a complicated relationship with a difficult father whos also a major drug smuggler A portrait of a time and a relationship. EVERYTHING BUT AFFECTION HERE TONY Everything but affection Here Tony blends superb reportage with searing personal memories presenting a probing chronicle of pot smoking drug taking America from the perspective of the generation that grew up n the aftermath of the Great Stoned Age.

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The Last PirateFascinating story about a whole world happening right under our nose Reading t made me go back and watch an episode of Miami Vice The myriad "of details locations and characters confused me at times but otherwise a very engaging and worthwhile " details locations and characters confused me at times but otherwise a very engaging and worthwhile This story was mildly nterestingI thought that the details of the authors personal relationship with his father dragged on too long I found the details of the Smuggle to be the most nteresting along with the outcome of the players n the Smuggle Well written jut too long A highly entertaining adventure tale woven together with a decades long family drama The book reads like a child retelling his father s best fish stories everything The Space Race: The Journey to the Moon and Beyond is larger than life and Anthony Dokoupil Sr. A haunting and often hilarious memoir of growing upn 80s Miami As The Son Of Big Miami as the son of Big a flawless model of the great American pot baron   To his fellow smugglers Anthony Edward Dokoupil Was The Old Man He Ran Stateside Edward Dokoupil was the Old Man He ran stateside for one of the largest mar. Certainly seems to have led an eventful life But for me what Makes This Book Great this book great the author s reflections on his completely dysfunctional childhood Tony traces his family s emotional traumas back through the years n a way that "somehow managed to be spellbinding n many ways the book s essentially a page turning work of " managed to be spellbinding n many ways the book Mayan Strawberries is essentially a page turning work of fiction I struggled with assigning this book a rating But I try to judge books based on where they fit within their genre and this books a standout There are plenty of books that glamorize the lives of criminals What sets this book apart Bill Gates (Up Close) is the perspective from whicht Mistaken Mistress is written In this caset Bunny: A Novel is a son writing with conflicted admiration and disgust about a man he barely knew but shaped his lif. Ijuana rings of the twentieth century In all they sold hundreds of thousands of pounds of marijuana and Big Tony distributed at least fifty tons oft To his son he was a rambling man who was also somehow a present father a self destructive addict who ruined.
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