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Hed marked defiled and humiliated by the Tiger Lords sheawaits the return of Veraine Although all live in terror of theblood thirsty shape shifting demons MYRNA KNOWS THAT VERAINE CAN DEFEATTHEM knows that Veraine can defeatthem indeed he does though just barely Together they bring downthe inhuman reign of the Harimau and find a new home after theirexile Genre novels ntertain partially because the reader knows what toexpect BURNING BRIGHT fi What an odd book I went into this completely cold I d never heard of Black Lace I didn t know

This Was Erotica I Knew 
was The Game of Love erotica I knew of the storyline I simply needed a book that was written by an author whose last name started with an A to fulfill a challenge categoryThe book opens with our hero regaining consciousness after having someone bash in the back of his skull He was left for dead and had most of his things taken Those things he misses most at the beginning are all of his memories and his shoes He staggers for a way looking for water and sees a beautiful young woman getting water He loses consciousness again When he comes to the second time he is feverish and tied to a bed The young woman appears to be a healing apprentice The old witch is instructing her apprentice how to suck the scorpion spirit which is making our hero sick out through his dick with his seed It s about this point that you realize that the book has taken a turn from mainstream fictionOur hero does realize that he was travelling with someone and he needs to find her to make his soul complete Along the way he has sex A lot of sex If he doesn t fight it he fucks it He leaves a trail of blood and semen a mile wide andight inches deep as he gets back to his goddessAnd speaking of his goddess what is she up to Mostly just being a sex slave to a bunch of incestuous shape shifting tigers And she really is a goddessSo final verdict It reminded me of the old Conan books if Conan was played by John Holmes So we wil. And are separated Veraine is left for dead Myrna is taken as a slave to the city of the Tiger Lords; inhuman tyrants with a taste for human flesh There she must learn the tricks of survival in a cruel and Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition exotic court whererotic desire is not the only animal passionMyrna still has faith that Verai. Erotica in any form provides an lement of fantasy an scapefrom
The Mundane An Expansion Beyond 
mundane an xpansion beyond boundaries of verydayReading The Lady in Pink erotica we can lose ourselves in the intoxication ofdesire We can forget the overbearing boss the traffic jam thebills waiting to be paid not to mention our own physical weaknessesand imperfections For a few hours we are free to become someoneelse toxperience intense Eyes exotic outrageous sexual adventuresthat most of us are unlikely toncounter in the real world Paranormal or fantasy rotica provides an ven completeescape Not only are sexual rules and restrictions suspended the verylaws of physics are subject to change At its best this subgenre cansteal you physics are subject to change At its best this subgenre cansteal you to a totally new world where the inhabitants havepowers and lusts stronger than those of mere mortalsJanine Ashbless Black Lace volume BURNING BRIGHT is a fineexample Though the heroine Myrna appears little older than a girlshe is in fact the reincarnation of Malia Shah a terrible goddess ofdestruction and despair reminiscent of the Hindu Kali Trained frombirth by the priests in her desert temple to ignore and transmutepain she is hardly daunted when she is captured by vicious slaverswho serve the Tiger Demons However she fears for her lover Verainebeaten and left for dead by her captorsVeraine meanwhile is barely alive and has completely lost hismemory He wanders through strange realms seeking his past followingthe ghostly shards of memory that he retains of a woman with dark skinand coppery hair Somehow he knows that this is his true love butthis does not prevent the lusty warrior from ravishing very otherwoman that crosses his pathMyrna is chosen as personal pleasure slave by the Harimau ueenShinsawbu a magnificent and capricious creature who is truly felinein her cunning and cruelty The goddessslave becomes a pawn in thedangerous games played by Shinsawbu s brother Dhammazhedi As Myrna ispunis. Erotic paranormal romance Two lovers brought together by a forbidden passion are on the run from their pasts Veraine was once a commander in the Imperial army Myrna was the divine priestess he seduced and stole from her desert temple But travelling through a jungle kingdom they fall prey to slavers. ,

L refer to this new hero as Gonad the Barbonian with an mphasis on the second syllable In other words I actually liked it than I thought I would I ll probably come back and give it four stars after I see if it sticks with me a whileCaution This book is not for veryone It contains oral anal vaginal sex with another man s wife MFM FF domsub sex with the undead spanking creampie play urine play rape tattooing of a woman s labia sex urine play rape tattooing of a woman s labia sex non humans a half snake half woman Naga masturbation and probably a few other things that some may find offensive that I ve forgotten Like I said in some may find offensive that I ve forgotten Like I said in review a little off the beaten path This was my second book by Ms Ashbless and the first full length story and I wasn t disappointedThis full length story kept to a similar theme to her short stories Black Lace has them in their Paranormal section but I would suggest that Erotic Magical Realism would be a better description The story takes place in an arthly world we understand and the paranormal Spirit of the Wolf element refers to magical creaturesgods and goddessesghoststcI found myself uickly pulled into the story which follows the somewhat sensual journeys of Veraine who on coming round in a dried up river bed following a head injury A Vineyard Christmas embarks on a journey to find something he knows is missing from his life and Myrna who following her capture by slavers finds herself as personal sexualslave to the tyranical Tiger Lords Injoyed this story which by it s nature allowed for alot of unusual Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose eroticncounters which fitted into the story beautifully I njoyed Ms Ashbless style of writing and her story telling I will definately look for of her books which are strangly captivating and very originalWarning not for veryone contains scenes which could be interpreted as bestiality and necromancy and incest albeit between non human ntities who have human form There is also anal sexMF MFM FF intimate tattooing plus a lovely HEA. Ne will find her But Veraine badly injured has forgotten verything his past his lover ven his own identity As he undertakes a journey through a fevered landscape of lush promise and supernatural danger he knows only one thing that he must somehow find the unknown woman who holds the key to his sou. ,

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