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He writing itself which is of course practically peerless2 The Complete Sherlock Holmes Volumes 1 4 The Heirloom Collection The Heirloom Collection isn t the absolute best compendium of SH stories but it is extremely good Most importantly it does contain all 4 novels and 56 short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle though not always in the exact same order as other editions making it a little confusing when comparing different editions to determine if all the stories are actually included and they really are Design wise the graphic presentation font choices layout etc of this heirloom edition is superb making it clearly better in that regard than perhaps any of the complete Sherlock Holmes books currently available The color illustrations aren t bad either but there really aren t all that many for such a large book filled with so many classic tales Good Kindle formatting overall but not as good as it could have been3 The Complete Sherlock Holmes Illustrated Top Five Classics Book 17 The absolute best of the three in my opinion This Top Five Classics edition includes all 4 novels and 56 short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle Kindle formatting is superb and best of all most if not all of the classic illustrations that accompanied the original first run publication of each story are included Some short stories even have up to three separate illustrations Pretty much all of the plates are reproduced in pencilpen ink drawn black and white but the uality of the artwork is vastly superior to what appears in most other SH collectionsSo for my money the Top Five Classics edition 3 is hands down the very best one currently available Wish I d known that before I purchased all three but none of these collections were much than 3 to 6 each and the Sherlock Holmes The Ultimate Collection was only 99 cents So if ou don t care about illustrations design uality or good Kindle formatting then ou can certainly save a few bucks by choosing that particular version of the Book See 1 AboveOn A Final Note The Adventure Of see 1 aboveOn a final note The Adventure of Cardboard Box IS included in the Top Five Classics book but appears in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes novel as opposed to other editions that include it in the collected short story novel His Last Bow It s a little confusing at first with so many adventures to keep track of but rest assured the Cardboard Box and all the rest really ARE there So the game s afoot no matter which edition ou choose but personally if I had to do it all over again I d probably just buy the Top Five Classics edition As a fan of the hit BBC series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman I ve enjoyed making my way through these classic stories I d read a few of them in school and such but most of them are brand new to me It s fun to see how the show s writers have adapted #Conan Doyle s tales of our favorite consulting detective into a modern setting Looking forward to reading the #Doyle s tales of our favorite consulting detective into a modern setting Looking forward to reading the of these fun and compelling mysteries Wow I m actually done This was uite the enjoyable experience and I m so glad to have read all the Holmes stories now World s longest review coming soon. E Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes The Return of Sherlock Holmes His Last Bow Additional Fan ResourcesAlso included are special features for any Holmes enthusiast including A list of films and television series starring the character Sherlock Holmes A Reading Guide to additional books about Sherlock Holmes by other authors Links to free full length audio recordings of all the novels and short stories in this collecti. ,

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EnderI first read the Holmes stories as a teenager and looking at it now it s much different I m trying to avoid comparisons to other writers but Charlie N Holmberg and the Magician books remind me of the Holmes universe I m going to have to re read Agatha Christie and see how that bounces around in my headI don t remember the stories that deal with Americans The one with the Mormons was shocking to me in the detail that he used in the description of Mormon lifestyle He seems to use less when describing the British experience and it makes sense since his readers would easily fill in the entire background of a story from a key few sentencesThe story about the KKK caught me by surprise While he throws in detail he doesn t make a moral judgement about their agenda He simply is concerned that they behave as a criminal organization and I get the impression that if the KKK members had been southern senators neither Holmes nor Doyle would have been concerned Of course then they would not have killed anyone directly but he doesn t seem to realize that their agents were financed and protected by the same kind of people Holmes would go after who ordered a murder or theft in LondonIt s not surprising as I thought about it that Europeans might know that the founder was confederate General Nathan Forrest They were a domestic terrorist 60 stories and not one ounce of character development Interesting cases but somewhat tedious to read them all FREE on today 6222020 Remember to look closely at the cover of all these complete Sherlock Holmes books With the wonders of capitalistically fueled competition each edition of all 4 novels and 56 short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is beginning to look and similar Not all are created uite as eual as one would think however all are created uite as eual as one would think however Holmes The Ultimate Collection is than adeuate if The Piper in the Wind you just want to read every one of the stories but it s definitely not the best of the bunch Read on to find out In my uest to find the holy grail of Sherlock Holmes literature aka THE definitive collection of original Conan Doyle penned stories I actually ended up buying and reading and rereading 3 different versions My assessment of all 3 is as follows1 Sherlock Holmes The Ultimate Collection the one being reviewed here This is a perfectly adeuate collection It DOES include all 4 novels and 56 short stories but the book is all text with no real illustrations to speak of When I first purchased it as an ebook it did NOT include all the stories but before I was even finished reading it a simple Kindle update added all the rest making it certifiably complete So ifou see a review of The Ultimate Collection that says it isn t complete it s probably just an old review At any rate the Film and Television Adaptations and Beyond the Canon synopsis sections at the end of the book are #also included but do not appear in the other Sherlock Holmes collections Kindle #included but do not appear in the other Sherlock Holmes collections Kindle isn t so good in this one however unfortunately Individual storychapters aren t easily accessible from the drop down menu as they are in other collected SH books My five star rating is for Ndividual active Table of Contents for each book accessible from the Kindle go to feature Perfect formatting in rich text compatible with Kindle's Text to Speech features A low can't say no price Forty Eight Complete WorksFour novels and forty four short stories starring Sherlock Holmes in order and unabridged Books includedNovels A Study in Scarlet The Sign of the Four The Hound of the Baskervilles The Valley of Fear Short Story Collections Th. ,
Such a Rewarding ReadI absolutely adore these writings You cannot go wrong reading this every single story of Sherlock HolmesIt s a shame there aren t authors that write like this nowadaysThis entire collection was spot on and entertaining from the first word to the lastI feel like I m saying goodbye to a wonderful friend now that I ve finished reading it allThis is enjoyable for any age Even though I marked this as finished I ll be honest I stopped about 20% in These tales are of course classics and Sherlock Holmes deserves his position as the most famous detective of all crime fiction But I stopped reading for one reason I discovered I do not like Sherlock Holmes At all It s #NOT EVEN HIS DRYNESS THAT BOTHERS #even his dryness that bothers It s his incredible condensation toward everyone especially Watson who is not the bumbling idiot that many of the films and TV series make him out to be he just has a different approach to a crime He is also a misogynist It s not that he doesn t trust women not even the best of them It s that he hates them period Think about it who but a misogynist would take a man who is married especially a newlywed into his adventures without even a mention of the wife and a total disregard for his Watson s in this case domestic life I also found most of the stories uite frankly a little simplistic I ll take the humane and colorful Hercule Poirot thank The Proposal you very much4 stars because it s Sherlock Holmes andou can t give Holmes less than 4 stars can ou What an amazing collection I didn t want it to end I feel like I have really accomplished something in finishing this entire collection It was uite long but totally worth it At first I wasn t sure that I was going to enjoy the person of Sherlock Holmes but as time went on that changed It is really a story of a friendship between Holmes and Watson It was so interesting to see how it evolved and changed I thoroughly enjoyed this collection and highly recommend it My son and I have been watching the Jeremy Brett version of the Sherlock Holmes series on television It is by far the best of all the ones I have seen and definitely the most accurate Interesting for historical insightI haven t finished the entire collection but I do have some insights that I need to jot down for myself The stories showcase misogyny well beyond the lack of legal status and rights accorded women at the time The working class characters are props and when occasionally one is fully developed Doyle drops them off the page as if he doesn t know what to do with them The non English European if lacking a million pounds a crown a title or Scotland Yard level authority detective doesn t exist It s not as bad as American science fiction with regards to non Americans but it s very close Across hundreds of pages there are four non whites mentioned One
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an opium den bouncer are Sikh soldiers in a military prison So the racism uotient is not surprisingly very very high Doyle much like his Holmes and the lovable Dr Watson are sociopaths That s just my opinion Please no hate comments It won t change my feelings and it wouldn t reflect well on the There's no mystery about it here before ou is the ultimate Kindle collection of master sleuth Sherlock HolmesIncluded in Sherlock Holmes The Ultimate Collection are The complete text of all four novels and forty four short stories starring Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle each elegantly formatted for ease of use and enjoyment on our Kindle reader Links to free full length audio recordings of the novels and stories in this collection An .

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