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The Wolf SirenReview featured on wwwbooks n kissescom35 Hearts So I am on the fence about this one but will give it a boost to the better side because it is different than shape shifter books I have read before I enjoyed the book in general It was interesting and had a storyline I enjoyed This is art of a series which I didn t realize actually it is 15th in the series and while it sorta could stand alone there was no uestion that there was a storyline The National Debt: A Short History prior to this book that was missed Theroblem was there were some inconsistencies throughout the book A bit too much jumping around like the author forgot to say something in the last chapter so lets throw it in this chapter Kane is a sweet guy I mean really sweet Almost too sweet He is so afraid of hurting Lilly that he never takes a chance on anything And as a bodyguard he sucks I mean he leaves Lilly alone over and over and for a wolf he kinda sucks too I mean he can t even smell that it is his brother walking to his door he has to look out the window Lilly comes into her own and I loved that Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific part She started out like a beaten dog than a wolf but really becomes the she wolf we know she can beLike I said I am on the fence but I liked it DisclaimerI received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Paranormal romance between a wolf siren and her werewolfrotectorHeroine Lilly was held in captivity for 15 years by an evil cult led by her stepfather She was rescued by a group of ack rotectors headed by the hero Kane Slowly she s recovering with the help of her brother and his mate but Kane comes back into her life when it turns out three cultists who escaped are back and want to capture Lilly againWasn t too keen on this one Lilly is a very broken heroine she s neurotic and aranoid with good reason but I refer kick ass confident heroines not ones that cower in the corner when someone comes to the door I also didn t agree that true love was what she needed I think she needed to stand on her own two feet a bit first She goes straight from the rotection of her brother to relying on KaneKane isn t a bad hero but he isn t that interestingThe story isn t articularly well written and the characters seem to be showering ALL the time Kane takes Lilly away to his family and they stay in a series of motels and we get the ritual of them waking up or going to bed taking it in turns to shower and brush their teeth fine but as a reader I don t need to be told they do this over and overThe other issue I had is with Lilly s virginity or not half way through the book we re told explicitly Lilly is a virgin fine she s been in captivity since she was 15 She thinks she must be the only 30 year old virgin alive However later in the book we re told she s been raped repeatedly as the Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde people experimenting on her wanted to breed her I d hazard a guess and say the author changed her mindart way through writing but its confusing for the readerI also didn t like the concept of a wolf siren or think that it was sufficiently explained or exploredThe romance itself isn t bad and is Karneval, Vol. 4 plausible enough I ve read MUCH worse but I felt the story was rushed and I wasn t over keen on the characters or the story Title The Wolf Siren The Pack Book 15Author Karen WhiddonPublisher Harleuin NocturnePublished 4 1 2014Pages 301Genre Mystery Thrillers SuspenseSub Genre Paranormal Werewolves Shifters Contemporary RomanceISBN 9780373885930ASIN B00FTY90Reviewed For NetGalley and HarleuinReviewer DelAnneRating 425 StartsWhen a werewolf and the beautiful siren he once saved meet again resistance is futile As Pack Protector Kane McGraw never gets involved with the victims he saves But Lilly Gideon may be the one exception She has intrigued him ever since he helped free her from a religious compound called Sanctuary So when he learns that she s still in danger he can t stay away not even if it means exposing Lilly to the fanatics she s trying to escape Years ofsychological torture have left Lilly without the ability to control her shifter nature Any Man She Touches Is she touches is mad by an all consuming desire Though she wants Kane than any man she s forced to deny him the release they most crave That is until he decides it s time to take matters and her into his own handsAmy Kane are two wolves who met under extreme circumstances Kane falls back on his enforcer The Hiding Place persona Amy is trying to overcome her trauma and time in captivity There mutual attraction overrides everything Their fighting to survive and work towards a future together shows their strengths and determination to do what is the best for the other A compellinglot and vividly written scenes draw the readers into the story and holds them till the very inMy rating of The Wolf Siren is 425 out of 5 stars Link Link Link Reading Room Link Link The newest book in The Pack series intrigues and fascinates with a new twist in the werewolf lineage and a story that captures the heart fell in love with series with the very first book with every book in this series being an adventure fell in love with this series with the very first book with every book in this series being an adventure this one was no exception I was totally engrossed in the book from the very beginning and I couldn t ut it down The author keeps surprising me with twists and unexpected elements that I certainly don t anticipate The suspense always manages send shivers up my spine and the characters never fail to draw me When a werewolf and the beautiful siren he once saved meet again resistance is futile As Pack Protector Kane McGraw never gets involved with the victims he saves But Lilly Gideon may be the one exception She has intrigued him ever since he helped free Eeper into their stories and always make me feel as if I am art of this world4 12 STARS See my full review at Night Owl Reviewscom Although This is book Number 15 in a series I have only ever read a few of the revious books The Wolf Siren Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' picks up after Lilly Gideon is saved from her deranged father and cult leader that held her captive for years and studied and tortured herLilly is broken currently living with her brother and his new bride Lilly is terrified of everything and when her brother finds out that the surviving members of the cult is trying to kill Lilly he contacts Packrotector and friend Kane to guard her Kane decides that it is not safe for her with her brother and convinces everyone to let him take her away so he can rotect her and hide her betterLilly is a beautiful and realistic character she melts your heart with her softness and you just want to cuddle her and tell her to be strong after years of abuse she is once again in the hands of a stranger but after time Kane breaks down Lilly s barriers and starts to help her ut herself back togetherI love how this book is a sweet romance but also manages to be an action Changing Face of the Hero packed story as well that manages to keep you on the edge of your seatI have had no trouble reading these books in my own order as I find them so it isossible to start reading from this book you still can easily The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry put together the overall story line with the book being mostly concerned with the new characters of Kane and LillyI highly recommend to anyone who enjoys shifter stories and eventually I am hoping to get my hands on all therevious books so I can catch up I really did enjoy both of these books StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story put into 1 The first book The Wolf Siren by Karen Whiddon is good It took me a little while to really get into it It was slowlodding at times Once I got into it it really took off This is about Pack Protector Kane McGraw and Lilly Gideon Lilly was in a commune with a religious group run by her father They kept her under lock and key and Kane and his It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life pack saved her They are very suspicious of each other and rightly so They have found out that the commune is out to find her and bring her back Lilly is a wolf Siren and can do a lot of damage with it and is hiding it from Kane and theack Kane has to do a lot of talking to get her to admit she has the siren voice and it won t hurt anyone if they mate The fireworks go off from there Recommend The 2nd book Demon Wolf by Bonnie Vanak This book was truly very very good Dale Curtis is a Navy Seal Commander and has been held by demons and tortured until saved by his Lignin Biodegradation pack What they did do to him wasut a block on his memories so he doesn t realize that the black she wolf who tortured him was Keira Solomon Keira finally escapes the demons who had been controlling her wolf to torture men especially Dale She goes to Dale to atone for what she has done but he is not having any of it as he is still so down and out and hardly is himself Boy the fireworks explode in this book Had a hard time Pure Chance putting it down Lots of emotional roller coaster in this book greatlot and some betrayal also Highly recommend 35Lilly has been held captive and tortured for 15 years Thought dead by her twin brother Lucas she is rescued by him and The Pack in The Lost Wolf s Destiny Turns out there are some of the group that escaped and are free and are after Lilly Kane one of The Pack s Protector s is assigned as her bodyguardI thought Lilly started out very meek scared at her own shadow at first I liked how she gradually got stronger and self confident I liked how she was able to save herself and didn t reuire rescuing I was The Lady and the Lionheart pleasantly surprisedOne thing that I thought was strange was how Kane was surprised than once by the approach of someone As a wolf shifter I would have thought he had enhanced hearing and would have heard I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWow something about the combination of a broken but tough woman and heratient but very alpha rotector really had me falling in love with this book I ve not read any of the other stories in The Pack but I had absolutely zero trouble catching up with the lot I highly recommend this as a great standalone read with action romance and some aranormal goodies thrown in along the wayLilly is a very damaged wolf shifter After a bunch of years of torture from a crazy cult she Was Finally Rescued With finally rescued with help of Kane a Pack Protector Kane knew the moment he laid eyes on Lilly that she was his mate Drawn to her and willing to do just about anything to keep her safe he jumps at the chance to take her away from trouble and into seclusion with his boisterous family Lilly while scarred and scared turns out to be a tough chick Kane is also not your typical alpha male rotector Instead he s lovable understanding and kind making sure not to rush Lilly almost to his detrimentThe love story wasn t not to rush Lilly almost to his detrimentThe love story wasn t even though it was about mates and destiny They genuinely grew to know one another before diving into a relationship I would love to see of their story and wish we had some epilogue thrown in to make the HEA even better Great read Setting Seattle brother s house with her room for solitude in her memories Sanctuary the commune where she was imprisoned in a basement cell Wolf Hollow Motor Court Resort family cabin campground in Leaning Tree New. Er from a religious compound called Sanctuary So when he learns that she's still in danger he can't stay away not even if it means exposing Lilly to the fanatics she's trying to escape Years of sychological torture have left Lilly without the ability

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York Catskill mountains CharactersLily Gideon father crazy and when found she was were made her think twin was dead and kept her in Sanctuary where he taught her the wolf art of her was demonic where he experimented on her not uite sure why where she learned to subdue her nature especially the wolf once when drugged and wolf emerged 3 scientists dead but the we thought dad orchestrated it to control her further 6 months earlier rescued by her brother and the Society of Pack Protectors and she is slowly recovering in her brother s home Kane McGraw of the Society of Pack Protectors like volunteer firemen have their own jobs but step up when there is a need he was in on the rescue of Lily and the capture of the Sanctuary crazies and he hasn t been able to forget her comes immediately when Lucas calls saying Lily needs a A (kinda) Country Christmas protector Lucas and Blythe her twin brother sister in law he thought Lily died a dozen years earlier when went to rescue Blythe he ended up finding his sister also rescuing her she is living with them and is only at ease with their daughter They are doing their best to make her feel welcome and torovide a secure safe lace where she can find reality McGraw clan Kane s family arents siblings niecesnephews etc they extend the welcome mat to Lily without reservations seeing almost immediately that she means to Kane then he s letting on Jacob Gideon his church of Sanctuary killed when his Sactuary invaded crazy horrible to the daughter who a were but doing it for money not just unishing the demon out of her Summary when there are 3 attacks on Lilly coming closer to the house with her niece they determine that it is a few of the Sanctuary who escaped capture Kane comes to be her bodyguard deciding they must travel across country During their week long drive where he makes sure they are not being followed Lily is taken out of her comfort zone small that it is the first night they sleep in a hotel room he can t stand her tension rolled up on the bed so he gets his guitar and sings to her until she relaxes and falls asleep he ushes her he listens to her she starts to open up a bitThey make it to his family s resort and her boundaries continue to be stretched she hasn t voluntarily shifted for years and once Kane figures that out he works to help her to accept it she believes that the experiments they did on her distortedchanged her wolf into a monster she shifts when after drinking with his sisters while the men hunted she decided to walk home and gets frightened and hears the wolf call and shifts to wolf eats a bunny she wakes up human She shifts with him he takes her to a lake to see her reflection and she sees she s beautiful and they National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 play as wolves sheushes her own boundaries standing up for herself and working with Kane to defeat the crazies after her and she learns that her voice attracts like a Siren of myths almost driving Kane crazy and mom tells her that she has a special were gift and that once she finds and claims her mate her voice will be at her will at the town arade the crazies set a few bombs she gets separated gets captured is restrained and decides she won t be imprisoned again so she sings utting them into a coma and then shifts takes them out and gets herself free just as Kane as tracked her to the building they have her in ahhhAnd they get to live happily ever after Memorable scenes Fighting an overwhelming urge to flee Lilly forced herself to stay Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism put legs rooted inlace She thought of what the doctors had called the Siren and realized yesthey d succeeded At least in that Or did they Originally Reviewed For Tea and BookEver think what would happen if you were a shifter and the normal eople found out You would be studied And if heaven forbid the fanatic found you Yeah torture complete and total torture In Karen Whiddon s The Wolf Siren we see first hand the damage such behavior Can Cause And Get cause and get watch one woman s emergence from evil Lilly Gideon was born a wolf shifter but raised by a fanatical step father who was sure she had a demon inside Captured and contained at 15 for 15 years she was tortured Tests were run rocedures were made Each one was designed to destroy the wolf and in the end destroy Lilly Now she is free but still barely holding on A wolf shifter afraid of her wolf Sure she has been damaged beyond repair And yet she is a survivor Lilly is stronger than even she can imagine Life With Her Twin Is Slowly her twin is slowly but it seems the remnants of the group that held her captive want her back And her Only Choice Is To Rely On PackKane McGraw Is The choice is to rely on Charming the Firefighter packKane McGraw is the Protector Having lead aerfectly normal shifter life and now rotects all wolves life is retty darn good But when he hears that Lilly the one wolf he can t get out of his mind is still being targeted he once again steps up Only this time it s Everyone Loves Clowns and Other Tales personal This story is beautiful If only because it shares a story of a survivor as she learns to not only trust in others but to trust in herself No longer a victim but a woman ofower That Kane cares enough to teach her to shift to believe in herself and even to The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles protect herself shows a true beauty I really enjoyed this book Thank you Ms Whiddon for reminding us that survivors have amazing strengthShauniThis review is based on the ARC of The Wolf Sirenrovided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on April 1 201. O control her shifter nature Any man she touches is driven mad by an all consuming desire Though she wants Kane than any man she's forced to deny him the release they most crave That is until he decides it's time to take matters and her into his own han. ,