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E it all was to coming down Unless "you read the book i this for "read book I read this for community organizing class and I highly recommend it to anyone It was enjoyable to read and an interesting history even if you have no interest in organizing My father worked in a general motors lant in Michigan for his entire career but labor organizing and the details of factory work were topics I had never understood in depth This book was a fantastic attempt to document the efforts of revolutionary black workers in Detroit in The Late 60s Early late 60s early It also is a owerful commentary on working conditions in the auto industry the role of the UAW in worker oppression and an insightful look at the social conditions of Detroit at the time This book made me want to learn everything I can about labor organizing Detroit and revolutionary movem. Reflections on olitical developments over the ast threee decades by Georgakas and Surki. .

Detroit I Do Mind DyingD it leaves you in awe in what dedicated folks were able to ull off IF YOU READ ONLY ONE BOOK you read only one book detroit in your lifetime make it this one november 17 2011 re reading right now because the world is on fire and we need to learnkeep learning from those who came before us One of those books that keeps you thinking and dreaming for years after The book starts with a high rofile case of the time a jury trial where the defendant is found innocent of killing his boss at the auto Brainwashing of the German Nation plant not because he didn tull the trigger but because in the eyes of the jury of Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) peers as well of the judge the boss deserved it That s likeage 3 and it never lets upMore utopian than Crimethinc could imagine but unlike them or the eually vapid revolutionaries of the day these folks had a PLAN and you ll never believe how clos. Ic along with a new foreword by Manning Marable interviews with articipants in DRUM and.

Summary Detroit I Do Mind Dying

So good Interesting and helpful assessments about tactics a wild time olitically and culturally very inspiring very apt A Marxist judge accepting boom boxes instead of cash bail An attorney arguing that Chrysler was the reason a guy shot up his workplaceand winning A Black Marxist reading group Revolutionary workers taking over a school newspaper Check check checkand check Let s fucking go i really loved this book it s a great document about a little known Let s fucking go i really loved this book it s a great document about a little known recognized black revolutionary organization that were contemporaries of and overshadowed by the sexy media savvy Black Panther PartyIt had the flow of a lot of counter cultural and revolutionary books of the late sixties and early seventies High on action engaging and real and low on theory and talk of dead hilosophers Also like the books of that erio. This new South End Press edition makes available the full text of this out of rint class.