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N one without a clear cut plot but this meanders without purpose a bit to much for me I believe this is intended to serve as an introduction to Ruby and her world That s the way it reads Her world is one I definitely want to spend time in and there were pieces of this that made me want to know Why does she live with her grandma Where does she go on her tub adventures Tell me about those curious chickens My hope is that the further books in This Series Delve Into series delve into specific part "Of Ruby Or Her " Ruby or her That paired with the author s lyrical style and lovely illustrations would be perfection I rather wish I was just like Ruby Red "SHOES RUBY RED SHOES A VERY "Ruby Red Shoes A Very Hare by Kate Knapp 48 pages PICTURE BOOK Doubleday Penguin Random House 2018 10 9780593123461BUYING ADVISORY EL K 3 OPTIONAL AUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGE Ruby Red Shoes is a hare who lives with her grandmother in a very colorful caravan she cares for animals loves the fresh fruits vegetables and herbs in the garden and all the cozy things about her worldKate Knapp s illustrations are so cute Every page is visually nchanting Ruby is so sweet and the whimsical illustrations are fun The story falls short with just an xplanation of all the stuff she does perhaps some conflictLisa Librarianhttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20 I first heard about Ruby Red Shoes when I was wrapping up the 2014 Readings Children s Book Prize where its seuel was shortlisted It certainly looked beautiful but at the time neither the original or its seuel were asily found in my local bookshops or department stores so I filed it away in the nice to read it if I ver find it part of my mindThankfully a month or so ago I did find both the books at my local Target of all places and my son then pulled them out of one of my many to read piles and insisted on them So we cuddled together on the couch and were introduced to the lovely world of Ruby and her Red ShoesThere s really no plot to this book Instead it s an xtended introduction to Ruby and her world and the philosophy her grandmother is using to bring he. Le and kind and cares for all living things including plants and trees animal. This was a short and sweet book I loved how it told about verything that Ruby liked and what her most cherished place was her garden Ruby teaches her chickens to speak French and she sings to her plants She grows flowers vegetables fruit and herbs This is a beautiful little book "ruby has the best life living with her "has "the best life living with her in a caravan tending to her garden and teaching her chickens french The " best life living with her in a caravan tending to her garden and teaching her chickens french The a so lovely and there are so many small detail in ach page to Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography explore This book is perfect to pick up and read on a day you re feeling a little down You can t help but smile when reading this book Beautfiully written story of the life of a rabbit whose love of red shoes is just one of many things she celebrates in the world in which she lives It is a story of a character that shows kindness and respect to others It shows a character finding joy in the world that surrounds her Good mentor text for writing showing powerful word choice and phrasing in using fairly minimal text to present a positive character and her life This isn t so much a story but somendearing musings from a self proclaimed aware hare Ruby Red Shoes Really this is all about the illustrations they are absolutely adorable Reading about Ruby and her sweet idyllic life feels like the literary The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, euivalent of comfort food Plus her grandmother s name is Babushka Galina Galushka which is so much fun to say I would delightvery time it showed up on the page This book is perfect for my 4 year old daughter a sensitive petal who finds any kind of conflict stressful and likes to hear about verything being happy and lovely But I actually really like it too It is full of good things that I like described with joy and interesting adjectives Sweet happy mint Brightly painted caravans Generous tea cups Jazzy chickens And the pictures are super cute The illustrations are adorable I want to hang them on my walls or send them on darling cards to all of my friends The words are also lovely They do not however convey nough of a story for me I njoy a uiet story ve. Ruby Red Shoes lives in a colourful caravan with her grandmother Ruby is gent. R up Ruby is a white hare who lives in a beautiful caravan with her grandmother who wants her to be an aware hare to treat the feelings of others with great care We learn about her garden and her Francophile chickens who prefer croissants and baguettes to breadcrumbs and cheat at passionfruit soccerThis is an incredibly calming book The illustrations are soft and pretty with lots of gentle curves and the text is full of comforting words and phrases like warm and cosy and places to drift off and snooze My "particular favourite paragraph talks about the caravan Ruby and her grandmother share "favourite paragraph talks about the caravan Ruby and her grandmother share how it s full of things they love There are generous teacups for hot drinks feathery uilts to snuggle up in jars of colourful buttons and posies of flowers in pots and jugs This reminded me of so many friends and the way they fill their homes with warmth and beauty To share this with a child is like sharing an ideal of a warm and cosy home while reminding them that things we cherish aren t necessarily the big and xpensiveAs soon as we finished reading it well around the time my son was insisting we read it again I knew I wanted to share this little gem of a book with other people With the friends who create little nests for their families for my mother in law who would just fall absolutely in love with the chickens with my mother who would fall in love with the art throughout and with other children who d just like to step into such a beautiful worldThis would also be a wonderful book to in the classroom when about settings and feelings of a story I think there could also be a particularly interesting conversation about books and stories without plots and of course it would be brilliant for a uiet readaloud during a hectic day Read this out loud to a very nthusiastic three year old who knew the story back to front and found the illustrations laugh out loud amusingI was a little less impressed than the child but then I suppose I m not the target audience It s a sweet little book anyway though I would hardly call it a story. S and peopleRuby is also particularly fond of strawberry jam and peppermint ,

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